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Wages are a real problem, SI needs to fix this.

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I have a Wrexham implemented a max of 50k a week, anyone wanting higher wages simply is sold or released. The amount of "considered championship" standard players wanting vast amounts in wages for a "fringe status" move is ridiculous, there are examples you could take from real life to sort of justify single examples where teams have an overpaid squad which relegates, I remember QPR being one of them, they were however not even remotely close to the example in the picture, that´s taking inflation into account.


I can´t sign reserves at Wrexham as I have also implemented a hierarchical system from Star player to Emergency backup as it should be, I mean, look at the wages the current Brentford team are receiving and they have far better facilities than I currently do: https://salarysport.com/football/sky-bet-championship/brentford/


Real life Brentford is about three times as cheap in wages with a far better squad than mine, if only I could get someone like Ivan Tony for those wages.

I have had plenty of opportunities to pay a 100 grand a week for players but unlike in other FM versions I havnt been tempted, it´s my 5th season in the PL and I am still heavily restricted by peripheral factors. Sheffield United are bankrupting themselves and so is Leeds and Bournemouth, all the 3 teams paying wages  three times higher than their current real life budget. All 3 teams in a relegation battle, they aren´t however the only ones.


My "considered championship" striker wants 78K for a renewal, he can frankly just sod off and end his days on the free transfer market, he just isn´t that good. My reputation hasn´t grown that much and so I am heavily restricted with signings, that´s quite okay and I am happy with it but the wage demands are simply out of this world.


I havn´t managed any of the  top sides, so I really havn´t checked their finances. I do know they hoard players like there is no tomorrow, good players who will never play football as they are demoted to the U 23 squads and rot there.



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