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How to win the ball back more and be reliable in possession

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Im currently in my 5th season with Newcastle, so far its going great, im on top of the league, have alot of goals made and least goals conceded - according to data hub i have a strong defense.  But when i check data hub i also see that im not good at actually winning the ball back and im not reliable in possession and i make very few tackles eventho i have players with good tackling ability. How do i improve this? 









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Hmm. I run the same shape, with similar roles, and similar tactical instructions. On the pressing front, the only real difference is that I drop the line of engagement to lower or much lower to give more space for attack to do its work, but that's about it. I usually get into the "frequently wins the ball, reliable in possession" territory. This might be more of a case of player stats. If their aggression is low, or your captain is a bit on the timid side, that might account for it.

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Maybe I'm misunderstanding your question, but it looks like you are second best in 'possession lost' (?)  And your tactic has some features which are not possession-friendly:  'wide', with normal passing and four attack duties.

Your tackling and 'possession won' numbers are low.  For tackling, do your players have low aggression or bravery?  Good ant/pos/acc are important for players to be in the right place to try tackles.  You could try the team instruction 'get stuck in', assign particular players to tackle harder, and/or in opposition instructions, instruct your players to hard tackle certain opponents.  For interceptions, obviously you need players who read the game well (ant/dec) and can get into the right positions (pos/acc).

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