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Spanish Federation 2 Observations

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I have started a campaign as Toledo in Spanish Federation 2 Group 5. It has been fun so far and in my second season I have succeeded in winning the leage title (by 1 point) and won promotion. A few observations and experiences in this career this far:

1. In my first season, I played in the Spanish Federation Cup and made it to the quarter finals. I finished 12th in my division in that first season. In the second season, I was not in the Spanish Federation Cup. Was that because of my low league finish?

2. I have had a couple instances of an error that occurs when I go to start a match. I don't know what happened, but I just started the match again and it worked fine.

3. A few times on my home screen in the second season, I saw a random assortment of teams listed in the standings excerpt.

4. I had a fairly big squad, so I mostly ignored the medical centre because I was rotating plenty. However, when I get to higher levels I could see this being useful.

5. I like the scouting changes.

6. There is a weird phenomenon where players on other clubs seem to have no contract, but they still have a transfer value.

7. Since I started with no "B" team, I assume I will not get one in the future, regardless of how high I climb up the Spanish pyramid. Is this correct?

8. Following my second season, when I hit continue the game seems to think that my next season will not start until 2024 (ie more than a year away). Has anyone else ever seen this?

So far, this career has been a lot of fun. Let's see how far I can take it.

As far as FM22 goes, I quite like it. I am sure there will be bug fixes coming in the future to smooth out some of the current wrinkles. I am playing with five leagues and the extra variety has added to the fun. Nice work SI!

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Update from the 2023-24 season. We (Toledo) are in the Spanish Federation 1B division and safely in the middle pack early in the season. Since my team is still in a pretty low division I send my scouts on a worldwide search for players each season in all positions. They have been turning up plenty of interesting kids for me to sign. Funny enough, they have found all kinds of goalkeepers that they strongly recommend. According to my coaching staff, centre back is our biggest need. Obviously, I could put my scouts focus on that with the new scouting controls, but for now I just want to turn up lots of interesting players.

The issue 8 above cleared up as soon as the new season started. Strangely, for a second season I am not entered in the Spanish Federation Cup again this season. Maybe I will eventually get far enough the pyramid to be in entered in the Copa del Rey.

I am not that far into my career, but my "Domestic Player Bias" is down to "1". I don't have a particularly good youth setup yet, so I have mostly been signing young free transfters from France and Italy. I don't know why those countries seem to be producing more recruits for me than Spain, but so far that is how it has gone.

This is my first go-round starting my career in Spain and it has been fun, so far. Having access to all the talent in the EU is certainly a big advantage. Are there no foreign player limits at this level of Spanish football? Or are EU footballers just considered as domestic players?

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