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[FM22][SKIN] Pink Panther Skin - V2.6


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Hi everyone, after a brief teasing on twitter, it's time for me to present you "my" skin.

Note that this is a first for me, I had never touched a skin before the beta launch of FM22.

The initial objective with my friend Akasha was not to distort the initial skin of the game that we liked, but to bring consistency to it by adding touches of pink in the management of attributes and the player polygon.

Finally, I modified a lot of screens by adding elements that I could appreciate in other creations of the community. And also did proper creation.


Pink Panther Skin Features

Modification of the player Overview screen (Attention panel fixes)
Modification of the Staff/Non Player screen (new)
Changing the Human Trainer screen (new)
Modification of the panels of the matches and summary screens
Modification of the tactics screen with the addition of player faces
Changing the club overview screen
Addition of the instant Result
Added feature "Last 11" in club view.
Replacement of icons by "GrootIcons"
Changing tactical terrains
Harmonization of the colors of the game around pink


Mac: Exhaustive possibility (skin developed on mac)
- 1920x1080: windows zoom 100% - FM zoom 95% -100%
- 4K: windows zoom 125% - FM zoom 95% -100%






THANKS / Credits

I would like to credit and thank the following creators who clearly inspired me:

  • michaelmurray (for his helpful tweaks and guides)
  • DF11 for the specific panel
  • Tracisloo - Tangfu Skin
  • Krysler76 - Heffem Skin
  • OPZ - OPZ Skin
  • FMEnhanced - FMESkin
  • i_am_the_shark - SSD skin
  • GzSkin
  • wozzie
  • bluestillidie00 - TCS (for all his help and without whom this skin would not exist)

PS : If you saw your job is probably because its your so in this case i missed thanks you, PM me i'm just an human

Thanks Stam for the thumbnail <31f0b15f704bcc760c.png


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il y a 28 minutes, bluestillidie00 a dit :

Excellent work Groot! Amazing to see how far this skin has come in a short period of time 

you help me a lot to get this result :)

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