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File protection for the Pre-Game Editor

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Every year we have issues with people claiming that someone else has stolen their file or copied their work etc. At the moment, unless there is something blatantly obvious or we start comparing at an .xml level (which still isn't 100% reliable) it is rather hard to validate these claims. This could be resolved by implementing one of these things:

- Being able to make editor files read-only. This could be done by exporting a separate read-only file to the original, or by having a password-protected toggle on the original. Naturally the password should be salted and hashed with input validation checks too so that you can't just get at it in a hex editor or in the .xml or dump the hash out with an injection attack. No-one but the creator (or someone with the password) should be able to make that file editable again. 

- Some kind of digital signing system that would provide non-repudiation and identify the original creator of a file, regardless of whether someone else has taken that file after and edited it themselves. This needs to be a simple process for the end user rather than having to go and manually generate certificates or signatures elsewhere and import them. 

- Being able to hardcode the author field in a way that it can't be manipulated at an .xml level or with a hex editor. Maybe have it tied in some way to the user's editor install and upon the first file creation you have to specify an author. If you reinstall the editor or have multiple machines with it installed then you should have to go through that process again. 

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