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u23 and u18 career starters


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In some countries it is possible to start your career as manager of B teams or Jong PSV etc. 


I'd love to be able to start unemployed and apply to become the manager of Watford u18s/Watford u23s for example. Where you have meetings with the manager who requests players to promote to the u23s or first team when they need players. 


Great for developing 'working with young players' and 'judging player potential/ability' stats.


Do a great job with the u23s and the first team manager is sacked. They offer you the caretaker job for 3 games... will you get an interview or will they move you back to the u23s? How long are you happy to continue to manage at this level before you leave and go off and get a job in the EFL as a first team manager.


Think it would be a great idea to add more depth to career journeyman saves.



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