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In need of assistance with making a purchasing decision


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Hey there,

I hope that someone can help me out with a bit of a specific question, as I did not have any luck with finding an answer.
I would like to bring an entire nation (including the national teams, leagues & clubs) to the top of the football elite in a save and I've been pursuing this within FM 20 (the Epic version without the pre-game editor). A couple of years in with a lot of help from the in-game editor (I just wanted to see if this is possible so I've kinda taken the speedrun route) I've managed to bring the nation of Serbia into top 5 nations of the world, the 2nd leaguer Sindjelic to the most reputable club in the world and the first league to the top 10 leagues in the world. From there I've resigned from Sindjelic and taken another low reputable club in hopes of making the process faster, but tragedy struck as the AI's leadership of my previous club was abysmal, went on a selling spree and sold all the wonderkids for around ~10M even though they were all 140 CA+ / 190 PA+. On top of this, I've left them with literal billions in the bank. To make maters even worse their signings were awful as well, and at best those players would  be rotation players for a club that's playing EURO II qualifications, not a club that aims to win the ECL. In the 2nd season I've used the in-game editor to send world-class head coaches to most of the Serbian 1st league teams, gave them some money to work with and gave them world-class staff each, but of course to no avail.
With this save I've noticed how poorly the game adjusts to the new rankings/expectations of a certain club/league/nation as time goes on, and the nation (even though they literally have over 50 players that I've generated through the in-game editor which became world-wide superstars) can't win any major nation competitions, peaking at semi/quarter finals.
I would like to re-build the nation from the ground-up in FM22 (hopefully without the use of any editors) but I was wondering if I'm going to hit the same wall, as in FM 20. or if the AI actually adjusts to the current status of the club/league/nation they're handling?
Essentially, I would like to pick up FM22 if this is possible from within the game or give it a pass if it's not so I'm wondering if anyone has any input on this.

Any insight would be much appreciated! :)

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I think the game should now be better suited to what you are doing as the changes in country fortunes are more dynamic. I have seen for instance Bulgaria, Romania and Belarus have very good runs in the game, so there is more variation and more respons to changing circumstances.

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