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FM 22 Xbox Edition - PC - Game pass - Cloud storage too low

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I echo the above also 👆

Today I encountered the same situation. Hopefully we might see a cloud storage upgrade in the near future or a workaround. IF SiGames in the future OPT to adapt to use Storage Containers instead of Storage Space within ("X Game Save") then it might be possible to workaround the 256MB limitation as set out by Microsoft XBOX.

XGameSave Concepts

To properly understand the API, some useful concepts are as follows.

Storage space: A storage space represents all the save data for a user. By default, this is limited to 256 MB per user TitleID/SCID.

Storage container: Storage spaces can be made up of multiple storage containers. Each storage container could represent a save game for the user or any other logical block that might make sense to the game. Each storage container has a name.

Storage blob: Each storage container is made up of blobs. Each blob has a name. The blobs are the data that make up a particular storage container.

As you can see from the above snippet taken from the X Game Save supporting documentation in theory it is easily possible to workaround the 256MB storage limitation. Ultimately, it's at Si's discretion IF they choose to implement the possible workaround solution.


Have a look at the following link above to Microsoft (Si Games Platform Provider)

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18 hours ago, EdL said:

The size is dictated by Microsoft, we cannot alter it ourselves. (I know the API, I wrote the implementation in FM!). We are speaking with Micrsosft about this though.

How big can an individual save grow over time? In less than 1 season I had to go from 10 save files to 5. At this rate it seems like I'll be limited to 1 eventually.

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Em 25/11/2021 em 19:42, Ripamaru disse:

Go to save as and it will show the total space. It's been upgraded to 1GB.


Mine is still with 256. But I'm using PC version.


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sorry to revive this thread but I am on PC Game Pass and there is only 256mb of cloud storage,  I can only have one save in the cloud (play between my pc and then cloud when on the road, the same game).  Sometimes I play on my main PC downstairs and then use the cloud save upstairs on my laptop, switch between the two. My save is taking 177mb so far and I wanted to start another, with only 78mb available it's impossible.  Surely MS can up this like discussed earlier in this thread, I know consoles have got a boost but 256mb??? come on, what is it, 2002?

Thanks to anyone listening

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