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[FM22] City of Skies | Bray Wanderers


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City of Skies | Introduction
Bray Wanderers label Wicklow 'the North Korea of Ireland' in bizarre  statement on club future

Got bored of another save. We actually did well in Moscow but I just couldn't find any enjoyment. However this should hope to help me a bit, as I am taking my sights to my actual country of heritage in Ireland! I live away from Ireland nowadays but my Irish roots are vast and I hope to live there one day when I become old enough. For once however I will be playing the game slightly differently. I'll be making Ireland into a powerhouse in a Build a Nation save, but will also be using key concepts of Moneyball as well. See like the Athletics of baseball and the Brentfords of English football our team is small. Small partially because of our stature as a 2nd Division team, but mainly the fact we are placed in Ireland giving us little footballing power or influence. Our strategy will be to build up our youth setup and search for potential youngsters to snatch up even if they are from other regions like Africa for cheap and build them up to be legends. I am starting in January of 2022 so the game should start producing regens for other nations midway through our initial campaign in charge of the Seagulls. Dundalk and Shamrock Rovers have full control of the top division whilst we haven't won a single title, let's change that!

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City of Skies | February 2022

Happy February everyone! We started the season this month and we are unbeaten! 2 draws and a win but we haven't lost yet and the draws we did have were easily winnable, we just got to improve on ourselves for the future and I got to keep a steady play despite the opponent being able to equalize instead of siding with the pressure and quickly setting everything to very defensive. That is only the overview however, Let's go slightly more in-depth about all of the games that happened this month in our quest to be on top of Irish football!


Another thing you may notice now is that we haven't had a clean sheet in any of these games letting 1 goal in on two occasions and letting 2 in on the others. This I believe half was due to us starting a weaker CD before the addition of Brighton loaned defender Leigh Kavanagh. However Leigh was there for the Athlone game which might make my point useless at first. However that I attribute to my poor management skills when holding a lead and I will be hopefully adjusting things in the near future when I see fit. One positive of our game however is our ability to score the ball, ESPECIALLY from headers. I tell my players to focus on the right side of the pitch when approaching their opponent's side. This lets whatever player there are the time take a corner, giving the ball enough height to where either Joe Doyle or master Target-Forward Gary Shaw will jump high and slot it right in the net with a nasty header. I can only hope for slight improvement in our game next month with us not dropping as much chances so we can make a great promotion campaign!

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City of Skies | March-April 2022

We're top of the league! The early season rut of draws may have discouraged me to keep going but the recent results of our team have made me so overjoyed that the actual league table is the poster image! Now this might be a bit too soon to celebrate but for these two months to be over and we are top of the league I say we can celebrate all we want until May comes around. You all know what time is is though, and we have to do a quick overview of the results. And oh boy... am I ready to go over the results we have had this month.


Remember that clean sheet problem I had at the start of the year. Well starting with the game after our loss to Longford in the Leinster Senior Cup, I changed things in the tactic up and immediately received a 2-1 win to the same team that beat us in a smashing 2-4 loss. Our only other two losses were to a U.C.D team who smashed our spirits after an own goal from one of our players made it 2-0 in the 27th minute. The other was a respectful 0-2 loss to Bohemians, one of the better teams in the Irish first division. Speaking of cups, all we can hope now is for a good cup run in the Senior Challenge Cup, that will be the one that determines who will get into Europe. We won't be playing in that until mid fall however and I am way more focused on the league. Other then that all of our wins except at Athlone Town have been convincing 1-0 wins focusing on our impressive defensive effort and that has shown with an expected goals against per game at 0.72, better then the average of the league. One last thing to point out is that our game against Wexford on March 7th got their boss fired. Weird since we only played 5 games, but they only got 1 point out of said 5 games and drooped into potential relegation spaces. 


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3 hours ago, LHurlz said:

Always interested in a LOI save.

could you make a post introducing us to some of the squad and your tactical approach?

best of luck!

Certainly will do that at the end of the year! I think I might also go in-depth also about how much we strive off heading the ball for goals.

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City of Skies | May-June-July 2022

We're going to win the league! We're going to win the league! That's right, as long as we clinch 2 wins in the last 5 games of the season this last 3 month's unbeaten streak will be all worth it as we take home the Irish First Division title! I think our team has finally formatted into by far the best force in the 2nd division partially in thanks to a penalty maestro showing himself up to play. Other then that we have been playing excellent and our start of the season woes have mostly been relieved. I think this has just been another example of when you play a consistent system you will eventually have your players excel and break it. As long as it is the right tactic of course. Now let's see the results of this collection of months and see how good we have done.


These last few games have shown me how good we are or could be. The only teams we have drawn against however are two of the worst teams... well and Longford. It's interesting since we can beat the teams more at the top normally but struggle at times against the worse teams. It's alright though as we haven't been shunned from a goal in a long time throughout this run and I could not be more happy. I'd say we are now averaging around a goal per game. That is huge since it shows that we can always make at least one good chance from playing in the 2nd division. However when I look at these results I need to humble myself for when we take on the big dogs in the Premier Division. We can be confident but we can also always look for improvement. Now, let's finish off the season! I will see you all in the next post which may just be the last of these for the 2022 season!

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City of Skies | End of Season: 2022
Meet the Swedish fans that fell in love with Bray Wanderers after the great  escape of 2010 against Monaghan

We have done it folks. We have won the league. The next save update will be about our tactics and signings that helped make this all possible, but right now I just want to be in the moment. We had an unforgettable season in the 2nd division, only losing one game. Though I find this part a sort of prologue to what will come. We won the 2nd Division (named the First Division aha) but now I have to deal with the fact that unless we get relegated we will never see the 2nd Tier again, always sticking towards the 1st tier. However that's a good thing! We will be dealing with way harder competition, and we will improve our team to beat them just like we did the foes here. A cheer to everyone we faced, especially Longford and U.C.D who couldn't make it to the next tier with us.


Not much to ramble about in terms of the league. The last month went a bit worse then expected drawing to Cabinteely but it was the last game of the season and we were just happy to be there. The cup however was extremely interesting. We beat both U.C.D and Cabinteely before heading to St. Pat's Athletic, a mid table side in the Premier Division! The best part is the first game was a draw. The second bout however wouldn't be as lucky for us as we missed a wing-back and loss by a narrow margin to the squad. The Cobh Ramblers game was all we needed to secure the title however, and that is all I would ever want in this save.



Except this. This is the best thing I could ever ask for in this save. Now... let's go to the Premier Division.

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