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Buying FM 22 in a foreign country


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Hello guys

I have a question and wanna be sure, my steam I guess is european because I always bought games in France and lived in France.

But right now im outside of Europe and want to buy FM 22 on instant gaming (I had 0 problems before with them)  the thing is before buying they put me a message saying that this version of the game (european) won’t be compatible in my country

So do you know if I still can buy the game or should avoid ? 

thanks in advance

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Is it a Steam code? If so then it should be fine as long as your Steam account is still set to France. Just don't try to buy anything on Steam since that would switch the country over to wherever you are now. Should work fine for just activating something though.

After it's registered with Steam the country doesn't matter anymore, even if you change your Steam store country after that it will still work.

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