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Moneyballing My Way To A Champions League Title in Every European Nation: Scotland (Part VIII)


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nice work on Europe again. was a minimum im sure..

Ricardinho getting player of season tells its own story, hopefully there is a bit more consistency for you next season. but good progress all the same

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2029 Preseason




It's been another busy preseason, highlighted by the huge sale of Seydou Kouame to Leverkusen for 27.5m. The board went over my head to sell him, but I would've accepted that bid anyway given he was no longer going to be a starter. More on that now...



Centre Back




After a season in Switzerland Paulo is back for a lesser fee than when we picked him up the first time. We got plenty of it back with the sell-on clause. He still looks top notch and is our first choice CB by a distance.




Wing Backs






The trend of inventing WBs continues, with Matenko pushing Kouame out of LWB.








Dabo is a excellent player already at 17, and the only way we could get him was on loan as he wanted to continue developing at Koln. I'm shocked they let him join, as he's got all the qualities to feature for us in the first team.






This is a preseason that has gotten me very excited. A lot of the matches on the Swiss tour were against lesser opponents, but the APOEL game is very promising.






Finally being recognised, and predicted up in 13th.

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On 22/02/2022 at 21:31, vara said:

nice work on Europe again. was a minimum im sure..

Ricardinho getting player of season tells its own story, hopefully there is a bit more consistency for you next season. but good progress all the same

Thank! Funnily enough, Ricardinho has been pushed out of the first team thanks to the new signings, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to that.

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August 2029






A decent start, as a 96th minute own goal costs us points. But we followed up with a 5-1 drubbing of Koln, where Dabo scores a hatty.







This is a very favourable group, I can definitely see us getting 2nd here.




Transfers (Out)




Yet another backup player taken by Bayer for a profit.

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October 2029








A good month in the league, flattening Freiburg, and we also beat Monaco in the Europa League. Frustratingly, we gave Union their first points in the league. We were resting our players after a disappointing loss to Slavia, but we really should be winning that. We're through to the last 16 of the cup too as our reserve side came back from 3-0 down to defeat 2nd division Schalke. 

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December 2029






A lot of draws, including our first ever point against Bayern Munich, and we're set for a tight second half of the season.






The reserves dealt handily with Qarabag in the final game with qualification already secured. We won't know who we're playing in the last 16 until a little later.






An excellent intake, but I'm still not convinced.

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January 2030






A great start to the year, but it could've been the opposite. We needed two goals in stoppage time to stop an FMing by Hertha, but then ticked off a huge milestone by beating Dortmund for the second time.

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February 2030






Lose our first two games this month, but we're up into 2nd. 






Wow, there are some great teams here. We somehow lucked out and received probably the best draw possible.

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2030 Youth Intake




Jens Dismer 9A  -  Tomasz Dobrowolski 9B*  -  Edmond Dauti 9C*




This is an excellent intake, as Dismer comes in as a highly rated WB despite never having played there. Finally get a Model Citizen in an intake, and he also looks real good. Nice new nationalities too.













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March 2030






Another great month, but the highlight was the win at Leverkusen. Everyone was too tired to play so I had to field a team of essentially youngsters and therefore braced for a flogging. Imagine my surprise when we won, and two youth prospects scored the goals!






Our reward for getting past Sturm Graz is a date with reigning La Liga champs Barcelona, who dropped down to the Europa League after finishing behind Ajax in their CL group. I have absolutely no expectations, but who knows at this point.

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April 2030






We didn't lose to Bayern this season, and we're playing Champions League football next season!






We got past Barcelona with two great performances, and we play Conference League champs Southampton.

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Out at the semi final stage of the Europa League, but we gave Southampton a real scare. In more positive news we secured 2nd place at the new head of the chasing pack to catch Bayern.




Best XI




Paulo Teixeira  -  Józef Mateńko  -  Romain Matthys













Record Breakers






Award Winners











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2030 Preseason




As expected there were some more players brought in as we look to consolidate our position in the league and look ahead to our first season of Champions League football. As a result of first XI reshuffling Acosta (CM) and Jorgensen (GK) will not be shown here, but they will definitely feature throughout the season. As for the outs, Thogersen leaves for Premier League newcomers Hull, Ceci and Sundermann drop down to the 2. Bundesliga, and our oldest remaining academy product departs for non-league Germany.





Wing Backs






A new set of wingbacks this season, and they'll both be learning on the job. Both are probably underrated, but they're going to have great seasons, especially Pietra.










Our new look strike pairing has a familiar face, as we meet Sidy Dabo's relegation release clause to bring him in permanently. He's joined by former Ajax product Thier on loan from Dortmund. These guys have got the potential to score a LOT of goals.






Plenty of big scores, with a slight dip in form against Bilbao. But they're just friendlies and everyone got some minutes in.






Predicted 7th, a big jump as we're now expected to have European football.

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August 2030






A worrying start to the league, as we blow leads against Freiburg and Mainz.




Transfers (Out)




Two more guys not in my plans leave. Dervishi could make something of himself though, and we have a sellon clause for him just in case.






We definitely have one of the easiest groups in terms of how even it can be.

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September 2030








It's been a weird month, getting our first and only win in the Bundesliga against Bayern Munich in a flogging. Followed that up with a debut Champions League win over Lyon, before losing our remaining Bundesliga games. What is going on?




Transfers (Out)




David Fischer leaves Champions League football for a Norwich team that hasn't finished above 14th this save.

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December 2030








We end the first half of the season in a strong position, as Bayern's position of dominance is threatened. We also failed against Lyon with a team of reserves, going into the knockout draw as the lower seeded team.






It's a very favourable draw, as we come up against 2030 Europa League and 2029 Conference League champions Southampton. They narrowly defeated us in the Europa semis last season and are having a horrible domestic run, sitting 16th in the Premier League. It's the perfect time to play them.






Another excellent one.







We also have an 18 year old Golden Boy :D

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January 2031






A perfect month as our strikers continue to fire. We start February away to Bayern, and a win for either of us puts us 5 points away from top. It's starting to get interesting.

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February 2031






A busy month, and we're fighting with 4 other teams for 2nd place at this stage. Gladbach are catchable, but we need to be perfect. We also head to England with the knowledge that our Champions League adventure is likely coming to an abrupt halt.

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March 2031






Gladbach have pulled slightly away and the chase isn't getting any easier, with anyone from 2nd to 5th in contention. The loss to Hoffenheim hurts, but it was a necessary loss, resting our entire first team for a crack at Southampton, a move that paid off as we defeat them on penalties.






This was just the draw I wanted, as Lazio are historically the weakest of the remaining teams. They did win the Serie A in 2027 but have finished 5th, 4th and 4th in the last 3 editions. They reached the same stage of the Champions League last year, falling to eventual champions Inter.






We have the world best wonderkid! At still only 18, Union Berlin really did not know what they had when we found him and took him.

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Posted (edited)

April 2031






The race for the title hasn't gotten any less tighter, but Bayern are beginning to put the pressure on in a remarkable comeback from 6th place in the first half of the season. We also have one foot out of the Champions League, but to make the last 4 in our debut is an incredible achievement, and an unexpected one at that.

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Part V: France















It's off to the south of France to port city Sète, a club that last won the French top division almost a century ago. So they're a club with history, and I look forward to returning them to the success of the early 1930s before the dark times.






It's an okay starting XI, slightly better than what we had at Havelse. With only 25 players in the squad the depth may not be great, but let's just hope for no injuries.






France has plenty of bordering countries with players of quality, so progress might be quick. The downside is that they'll probably demand a ridiculous amount of money coming from these big countries. Bit of a double-edged sword.

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Congrats on completing Germany - bet you thought that it wasnt your day when Real Madrid scored the second, amazing you managed to get a winner with 10 men in extra time!

Good luck in France!

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20 hours ago, zethani said:

Now that you have done this with four different teams, which one do you think was the strongest? And the poorest?

I've just had a look at the season reviews and came across the best XIs for our best seasons, as well as collating an all time Best XI:







Every team has managed to get at least one player in the side. There are some asterisks with this as there were different roles and formations included over the saves but I think it'll stay pretty consistent from here on out. Funnily enough, our Curzon Ashton side appeared the strongest by some distance, but the most fun I had I think was definitely in Germany. You get big money early and you ride the wave to success that way.

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16 hours ago, corinthiano said:

Congrats on completing Germany - bet you thought that it wasnt your day when Real Madrid scored the second, amazing you managed to get a winner with 10 men in extra time!

Good luck in France!

Thanks! I was ready to just walk out once they hit back twice in the last 10. It seems to happen all the time, but of all times this was the worst.

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2021 Preseason




It's good to see some green here, because some of our players have no idea how to play their assigned position. No transfers, as our wage budget is at capacity so we'll look to the January transfer window to try and get some off contract players.






I don't know what's changed, but we aren't predicted last. I think we need to finish 14th to avoid relegation, so that's the aim.

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October 2021






We're now the only undefeated team in the league, and we sit top, but it's still quite close. The reserves have done a pretty good job in the cup games too, dealing with non-league teams comfortably enough.

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November 2021






We've finally lost in the league, twice in fact, and we've lost a bunch of ground as a result. The reserves continue to power through the cup which is a lone positive this month though.

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December 2021






An unbeaten end to the year, but we've dropped out of the promotion places.






This is to be expected, considering we only have 25 players or so.

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April 2022






An unbeaten month, and we have secured a playoff spot. A win against 12th placed Sedan could secure promotion, but we need to win that because we have top team Chateauroux in the final game. 

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Promotion! I did not expect this, especially with a squad I couldn't make any additions to. But we stormed through all season, and we're into Ligue 2. Professional status is on the way as well, on top of a huge increase in the wage budget.




Best XI




Christian Koffi  -  Elyes Hakkar  -  Yamcouba Seydi














Record Breakers





Award Winners









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2022 Preseason




Understandably, it was a busy preseason as we released a whole lot of players to make way for the new ones. We still have a surplus of wage expenditure but it will be used for contract expiry transfers in January. 








Pascal joins us from now non-league side Kriens in Switzerland, and he's a huge improvement on our previous keeper.




Centre Backs






Two Italians bolster our back line, both of whom have no idea how to play their position. But they'll learn.




Wing Backs






In a rare situation where we sign two wing backs who know how to play there already. They're quality too, with Borges having stints at Bayern and Milan and Bueno currently playing for Wolves.




Defensive Midfielder




Sadiki is a huge pickup, a current Belgian U18 international and formerly of Anderlecht.




Central Midfielders






Mendez is a great pickup from an amateur club in the Canary Islands, and his name told me to Loan Dupont so I did. The "promising" tag is encouraging as well.










Two guys who have no idea how to play striker are expected to be our top scorers this season, but I trust in their attributes.




Transfers (Out)




One of our main contributors last season heads to Tunisia.






I won't read too much into this, as we were still recruiting for the majority of the preseason and have not played a match with our ideal lineup.






This, however, is a problem. Finishing outside the bottom four is again the aim.

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