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Moneyballing My Way To A Champions League Title in Every European Nation Part VI: Portugal


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2023 Preseason




An excellent preseason, buoyed by the numerous signings we've made.


Transfers (In)




Another busy preseason, with pretty much everyone of our match squad from last season replaced with these guys.












Our back 3 for next season. Palancha and Dias both spent time in prestigious academies, Sporting Lisbon and Porto respectively.








Costa and Fougeras both spent time in the Portuguese and French lower leagues before being convinced to play in the Spanish leagues. They'll be playing wing back.






Saenz might be young, but his attributes as a DLP are outstanding for us. The crucial thing will be convincing Calahorra that he should be playing DM, not CAM where they've requested.








A couple Spanish and Portuguese lower league journeymen will play as our Mezzalas.








Our two strikers for this season. Martin's actually played for Sporting Gijon's B side.






We've a massive jump in expectations now. With the side I've put together I don't see why we can't get promoted.

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Promoted! And we are professional next season. Astounding that we managed to get promoted as one of the few semi-pro teams in the entire plyable pyramid.




Best XI





Saúl Rodrigo  -  Afonso Caetano  -  Ayub













Record Breakers











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14 hours ago, corinthiano said:

Great second half of the season, you really carried good momentum into the playoffs! Are you looking to just avoid relegation next season or do you think you can already aim higher?


Thanks! I think the second half form picking up is due to cohesion and the players learning their new roles/positions by that time. As for next season, I do think we can avoid relegation but I think that'll be all we can do at this point, I'm not sure what the difference in quality is between the Spanish 3rd and 4th divisions.


11 hours ago, Shadaza said:

Love your style really enjoyable read.

I think it's a shame you went back to 2022 rather than continue the save file but I understand how melty this game is on computers!


Thanks for reading! I know what you mean, but I think it is better to start low in the nation and then work my way up, which is why I went back to 21/22. Theoretically I could've gone from Curzon Ashton to Barcelona and then won the CL immediately and that wouldn't have been satisfying I think. I'd prefer to build a small club up and begin to challenge gradually if that makes sense.

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2024 Preseason




A strong preseason.




Transfers (In)




There were plenty of players available as we turn pro and move up a division. The only problem was, they all wanted ridiculous wages more than 5 times what I wanted to pay. Still, these guys will be fine additions to the squad.






A lower league journeyman is our new keeper.





6 seasons ago, Eric was a part of La Masia. He hasn't done much since, but he's one of our back 3.






Half Portuguese Semedo is another lower league journeyman and our new RWB.






Former Racing Santander man Javi Cobo will try his hand at DM this season.






The final new member of our starting XI is the very young Jorge. He was released by an U19 team that is pretty strong, but they don't seem to have a first team. A quick Google search shows that they're a primary developer of Basque talent before they join senior teams. Pretty cool!






Not predicted to be a relegation candidate, which is encouraging.

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We didn't do enough to make the playoffs, but I'm not too fussed. Given the start we had I thought we'd be in for a long season, but we gelled and the results quickly followed.




Best XI




Ayub  -  Ugo Fougeras  -  Gil Dias















Record Breakers









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2025 Preseason



Merry Christmas everyone! 

Another strong preseason, but we can't read too much into that given our opposition.




Transfers (In)








Carvalho has some big league experience, appearing a few times in goal for Braga.










Our back 3 for this season. Batista is a solid loan option and Carnier's experience with Hoffenheim should serve him well.








Juan and Lopes are our new WBs. Juan is apparently a newgen out of the Mallorca academy, and Tiago played for Porto academy and we picked him up from a team in the Spanish 2nd division.





Roberto is our second Mezzala, loaned for absolutely nothing.






Despite having a serious lack of finishing, Saenz will be our Deep Lying Forward. He joins from a non-league side.






Our odds are worse than last season, which is weird, but I think we can push for the playoffs with our new and improved squad.

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December 2025






We dropped a result to top place Sociedad B, and we immediately lose touch at the top. On a more positive note we finally won our first ever Copa del Rey match, and against a team in La Liga B!






Another excellent preview.

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January 2026






We've had quite the run in the cup, with an impressive win over Villarreal before getting flogged by Real Madrid. Unfortunately as a result of the cup run our league form has suffered, and we lose some serious ground.

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For the second time in 4 seasons, we are promoted! Once we beat Barcelona B I had utmost confidence we could win the final, and they went and did it. I'm hoping the move to La Liga B will give us a steady source of income, because we're drowning in debt and the board aren't happy with my financial management, completely disregarding the fact that the only way we can make money is to basically pay nobody in the team. Building strong team quickly and losing money go hand-in-hand, and it's all about winning the race to profiting before it's too late.




Best XI




Agustín Alonso  -  Juan  -  Jorge Esnaola













Record Breakers









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I have some bad news to report regarding the Spanish leg of the save.


It's not save ending, just super frustrating.


The La Liga B rules state that every player has to be on at least 1.3k a week to be eligible for registration. This pretty much makes all of my players ineligible, despite the hard work I put in to bring them into the club for cheap. I don't even understand why this rule is even a thing, it completely defeats the purpose of success with a small budget. My new look first team would've had only 4 or 5 eligible players. So I was faced with a decision. Do I sell all the players unregistered, and form a new team from the funds, crippling our depth? Or do I offer new contracts to everyone, making sure they're above the minimum wage, retaining the players but crippling the finances of a club already financially crippled?


In the end, it was an easy decision.




This is more a resignation in protest of the rule rather than me just "giving up". I hope everyone understands. 


I'm not done in Spain, my next job will be with the first manager that gets the sack in either La Liga or a club that can afford to register decent players in la Liga B.. Full disclosure, I've now bought the in game editor, because I thought I could register everyone I wanted in the squad if I did (wrong). So I'll be using the IGE to immediately instate me as the new manager of whichever club it will be. I acknowledge that it may be cheating a bit, but I don't want to be out of a job too long and the progression I've made with a lowly club could be enough for a lower La Liga side to throw me a bone. We'll see what happens.

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After a couple of in-game months, heads started to roll. The first two clubs to sack their managers in La Liga were Sevilla and Atletico Madrid. Both are teams I was extremely reluctant to take over, as the rise to the Champions League would probably have been too easy, so I didn't forcibly take charge of either. The third team to sack their manager was a more interesting one. A club that has always been mid to low table, but has recently finished 6th in back to back seasons, and as a result are in Europe. This season however, a slow start has seen them drop to 14th, and an apparently trigger happy board resulted in the manager's demise.


So who is it?












It's definitely a step up in quality and expectations, but the Moneyball approach should work well enough here. I can only hope the board aren't so trigger happy with me!






This a massive increase in quality, and they even have a homegrown wonderkid! He's a striker, but he'll play in midfield for me:




I'll be selling everyone who doesn't fit the border rules, apart from those that came through the academy. Let's try and salvage this!

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December 2026






A change in tactics after the Sociedad game gave us an unbeaten month, but the 3 home draws aren't great.






We have a tough knockout draw, as Zenit are always strong.






That's a lot of A's :eek:

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January 2027






We started the year off amazingly, thrashing Valencia, but the two away losses hurt us. Still, We're within touching distance of the top 10.




Transfers (Out)




I've begun my purge. Players not in my first team plans and/or not being from a bordering country have got to go.

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