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Add option to stop touchline tablet transparency


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It would be very useful to add an option that stopped the touchline tablet from becoming transparent whenever the ball is behind it.

This should have two ways to activate:

1. In the match settings drop-down, an option to permanently set it to never become transparent

2. a tick-box on the bottom-right of the touchline tablet itself to toggle transparency on/off

This would allow you to bring up the touchline tablet, pause the game and actually read what it says

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I was just about to add this one myself, but I did a search because I couldn't believe that I'm the only one who finds this incredibly annoying. In fact I find it astonishing that we're the only two to raise it unless it's happening to others and they just don't know why. (I found out why via a Google search.)

I have the game paused, go to look up some information and get... this:



What am I supposed to do with that? How am I supposed to use it in any constructive way? If I look really, really hard, if I STARE at the thing, then maybe, perhaps I can see enough of the opposition player's name to be able to click through on it to their details page. But that's it. If I want to see any of the other data on the tablet, I'm out of luck. It is flat out unusable.

I just don't understand what the point of implementing this was, unless it's just "transparency is kewl". If I click on the tablet then I. Want. To. See. The. Tablet.

And if I have the game paused I cannot for the life of me understand what earthly advantage I get from having the tablet transparent so that I can see where the ball is frozen in mid flight.

I completely agree with the proposals in the earlier post.

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