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Just want to showcase the amazing September we had (though I did lose my first game) but after two convincing wins over Gremio , I've beaten Atletico Mineiro 5-1 and thanks to a Kenedy header am through to the final of the Copa Libertadores.


So unless I have an absolute horror show against Mineiro away I'm into two cup finals this season.

In terms of the league Sao Paulo are starting to slip away and I can see them again barring a horror show picking up the league title, they are also in the Copa Sudamericana finally against my former team Fluminense, I btw play Corinthians in the Libertadores final and most likely RB Bragantino who are 3-0 up in their semi final against America (MG) in the Copa Do Brasil



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1 hour ago, edgar555 said:

Great thread and great career! 
I’m feeling inspired by this!

It's great fun I'd highly recommend it, 

I'll be honest my first few years I relied heavily on the near post corners routine, especially with Curico.


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End of league season


As predicted Sao Paolo were victorious, and despite winning the Copa Sudamericana my former team (who sacked me) Fluminense got relegated .

I finished 6th, but I think I can challenge next season if I can keep hold of some of my big players, Yuri for example has been immense scoring 31 goals this season, Brenner scored 28. 

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First 1/4 of the league down (well 9.5 games would be 1/4 but you almost there), I'm doing quite well


Here is all my results in the league so far


As for the Copa Libertadores 4 wins and 2 draws seen me top the group



My reward for it...a trip back to one of my old teams and where it all started as I play Nacional


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New Year same results, 

Halfway through the season and it's 19 wins from 19 and an amazing 20 point gap...I'm calling it now unless I collapse like a wet toilet paper castle I think I'll complete the 2nd part of Brazil this season 


In terms of my game with my old team Nacional


7-2 on aggregate, and as you'll see some of the league wins have been dramatic last minute goals...

I meant in the last post to showcase my signings for this season, then I thought I may as well leave it to upload on the player joining on August 1st too

4 players in total

1st in a young man who I had at Millionarios my first proper newgen and to help cover rightback Fernando Cordoba, comfortable on both sides two footed still plenty of potential there too I paid 1.6m (his release clause)



 2nd I wanted to add some cover and potentially competition for McAlister in the ball winning position so for 2.5M in came Walace from Fiorentina



This next one I wasn't really planning, but looking through my team I thought I could probably do with 1 more CF, so I brought in another of my old players John Kennedy from Sport (previously at Fluminense) for 750k (I could have got him for free in December but had other targets which didn't materialize and he went to Sport who then of course needed to sell him to avoid debt so I decided sure why not he's a good 4th choice 



Next in one who will join before my next game, on a free transfer, some nice cover for the right hand side from Man City Kayky, not a big fan of his workrate but I'm hoping at only 24 he can probably grow that a bit, if not well as I said I may be leaving Internacional come December and then that will be someone else's problem :-)




I also had 3 friendlies with Brazil during this time, 1 win, 1 draw and 1 loss, nothing scheduled for September but in October the WC journey begins


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Tis going quite well


Here be the league


I'm doing a Bayern/PSG with the league 30 points clear!!!

The treble is also very much still on , I face my former team Fluminense (who sacked me and were relegated last season remember) in the Copa Libertadores Semi Final


As for the Copa Do Brasil, I'm also in the semi final and will play RB Bragantino


Here is my remaining fixtures 


So if my math is correct I could potentially win the league against Flamengo on the 3rd October (or perhaps earlier should they drop anymore points)

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Given my previous update , I think this is expected ......

Brazilian league champions!!!


And with 10 games left to go too


I'm also into the Final of the Copa Do Brasil and lead 2-1 in the semi final of the Libertadores so a treble (quintuple if you include the State Championship and the Recopa) is still on for this season.


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A 5-3 aggregate win over Sao Paolo  , means back to Back Copa do Brasil titles


Now it's just the final of the Copa Libertadores against a bit of a surprise with America De Cali beating Corinthians to become the first non Brazilian or Argentine finalist since the 2016 when Atletico Nacional of Colombia beat Independiente de Valle of Ecuador.

Just to point out since I've now won the Brazilian league title, I be looking to move back to Argentina for next season, hopefully looking for a team in the Copa Sudamericana so I can tick that of the list before trying to topple Boca Juniors, as you see below have won 4 titles from the last 6 and are on course for a 5th.


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Back to back Copa Libertadores


I'll now finish off the last 3 league games and then tender my resignation and look to move back to Argentina.

I am btw  on for an undefeated league season having already beaten the record points total and record number of wins in a season record and we're two goals away from record number of goals scored in a campaign, so it would be nice to get those records.

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End of the league season and it's an undefeated league campaign!! 

Record Points and record number of goals scored!!!


Just waiting for the end of season awards and then I'm resigning

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National Team Update Here,


A tough draw in the Group Stage of the Copa America with hosts Argentina, Colombia ,Mexico and a dangerous Ecuador team who I actually lost to as part of World Cup Qualifying back in October.

I'll be honest I really don't like the new format CONMEBOL has gone with with the two groups of 6 and the top 4 going through, basically you could just pick up 4 points and still go through. The tournament will kick off on June 9th and the expectation is for me to win it.

As for World Cup Qualifying as mentioned I did lose to Ecuador but i've picked up wins in the other 3 games and sit nicely in 2nd, again with the top 6 teams qualifying I expect to get to the World Cup quite easily, and I really do think CONMEBOL should in the future change up the process of qualifying, I've always said perhaps merging with CONCACAF would make sense.


Here is my results so far with the National Team


And fixtures to come this year (Hopefully there will be more knockout round Copa games in June/July)


On the club job front, nothing yet, here is the list of jobs in Argentina which aren't secure


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An interesting prospect just came up..

The  question is :

Would you take a step back to potentially move forward?? 

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1 hour ago, lblanc said:

An interesting prospect just came up..

The  question is :

Would you take a step back to potentially move forward?? 

Of course, adds to the challenge and makes the achievement feel even better once you have moved forward :) 

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21 hours ago, corinthiano said:

Of course, adds to the challenge and makes the achievement feel even better once you have moved forward :) 

Just to point by Step back I mean the below....



Three years since I left them and it does look like the financial mess they were in has been recovered.


They still have a few players I remember from my first reign here but looks like they relied heavily on the youth system and sold off some of the big earners. The wage budget is still over but not as much as it was 3 years ago.

I felt bad leaving them last time but I couldn't turn down and of course neither could they probably compensation wise my move to Fluminense .

Hopefully I'll be able to build something here over the next few years and again maybe attract interest from the bigger teams.

As said the Copa America comes this summer so there may some manager musical chairs in the summer too could a Boca or River Plate come available?? 

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So it's back to Velez and here is the position I start in.

In the league we currently sit 11th with 8 games left to play, 10 points between both Copa Libertadores qualification and relegation, I think we will have enough to stay up and if i'm honest I think i'd prefer to finish between 7th and 12th to qualify for next seasons Sudamericana as that's a trophy I still have left to win, 


Another trophy I still have to win of course is the Argentinian Cup and the schedule for that is a bit odd as it's played in the calendar year rather then the Season year. We play Belgrano in the 5th round.




In terms of the squad



I'm happy enough with the two keepers, there was a very nice Ecuadorian newgen I seen floating around who I was tempted to get if I had remained at Internacional so I might look to bring him during the summer window.



Some good options here, a few newgens who were part of the U20's when I was here last time are now in the first team picture (Thommes ,Alacron and Perez) the rest as far I know all arrived after I left.



Again a few names I recognise from my previous spell, Sabella and Cabrera being two.



Again a few of the younger players from the reserves have come of age to help out the team

Overall I'm quite happy with the squad. I'll play to the end of the season and see where we end up, next update will be the end of season and a Copa America preview.

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So first up the end of the Argentinian League Season, I had 8 league games and a 5th Round Copa Argentina game to play. 

6 wins, 1 loss and a draw in the league and a 2-1 win in the Cup 


So what did that mean for the final table???


The board wanted a Mid-Table Finish slap bang in the middle is where I finished.

The next round of the cup will happen as part of  next season.(I was drawn against Club Atlético Colón )


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Of Course I did say the next big update would be in Prep of the Copa America, as mentioned previously I've been drawn into a tough group with Argentina, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

Here is the fixture list


And here is the squad I hope can be victorious come July 9th


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Only dropped points to Argentina who lost to Mexico in the Semi Final. (I'll point out again how much I dislike the format of the Copa America, I'll also point out that FM really needs to revolutionize International Management, you need to be able to rest players in between games )

I'll also say while I'm very happy with Brazil and feel I could probably continue on to the lift the World Cup , there have been some International sackings after the summer tournaments


Would leaving Brazil to go to Argentina be a controversial move??? 


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