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Inspired by Doctor Benjy's Glory Hunter 



The top 5 nations in South America

Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia and Uruguay

The Goal win the League and Cup in each nation* and The World Cup and Copa America at International level

*Uruguayan and Colombian league is separated into two sections The Apertura and The Finalizacion, so I will include both as competition to win.

Uruguay also doesn't have a National Cup.

So in total the trophies up for grabs are

Club Level



Brazilian  SERIE A - 2027 - Internacional

COPA DO BRASIL 2026 - Internacional ,  2027 - Internacional

Chilean PRIMERA  DIVISION - 2024- Curico Unido

COPA CHILE  - 2024- Curico Unido

Colombian PRIMERA  A- Apertura - 2022- Millonarios 

Colombian PRIMERA  A- Finalización - 2022- Millonarios 

COPA COLOMBIA-  2022- Millonarios 

TORNEO URUGUAYO (Uruguayan Premier League)- 2021 - Nacional 

COPA LIBERTADORES   2026  - Internacional, 2027 Internacional


International Level

COPA AMERICA - 2028 Brazil


*The world cup doesn't necessarily have to be won by a South American country but I will try.



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Escudo actual bolso.png


I've decided to start the adventure in Uruguay with Nacional.

As one of Uruguay's big two alongside fierce rivals Penarol they are one the key suppliers of Uruguayan talent over the years including Luis Suarez.

As you can see from the pre-season odds, it's Penarol who are favorites but only just.


As you can see I'm also part of the Libertadores too and from the starting point of the save we currently sit top of our group having played 4 games


Though the next two games I play both of the Brazilian teams who will be looking to qualify ahead of me.

In terms of the squad, I haven't settled on a formation just yet but I'm pleased with the squad



Rochet is the clear number 1 but Rodriquez is a good backup.



In defense there is a good mix of experience and youth probably a little light on cover, I'll be checking out the youth team for perhaps a little cover if needed.



There's some great talent in the centre of the park, Diego Rodriquez and Carbello with perhaps the lynch pin of the 39 year old still going strong Andres D'Alessandro seems a good starting block. Candido and Zunino out wide too might be a plan.



though saying that Brian Ocampo is a star in the making so he might fill one the wide roles. at CF Leanro Fernandez is unfortunately out with Cruciate ligament Damage so won't be availble this season, so it will be the 36 year old Bergessio and the 22  year old Thiago Vecino who will be lead the line. Again I may look to the youth team to see if there are any gems who could make the step up.

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  • lblanc changed the title to [FM22] CAZADOR DE GLORIA SUDAMÉRICA

Well it's certainly started well


Despite losing toPalmeiras , a win over Fluminense and Palmeiras drawing with Olimpia seen us finish top of the Libertadores Group it's also 100% in the league so far

Bergessio has been been immense with 11 goals in 7 games 



The draw for the 2nd round of the Libertadores has seen me drawn against Independiente Santa Fe. 

Here is the full draw



The next two months see me finish off the Opening Stage of the League and the above Libertadores game. With how the first two months have gone I think the important game will be that August 1st game against Penarol



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And the Opening stage of the league is over and I was undefeated I also made easy work of Santa Fe but Gremio just about done enough to go through to the Semi Final,  if I'm honest I didn't expect to compete for the Libertadores with Nacional I expect it won't be until I manage an Argentinian or Brazilian team will I come close.

Here is how the league finished up after the opening stage 13 wins and 2 draws.


Here is the results for the second half of the opening stage.


Bergessio was the hero in the derby game against Penarol with a hat trick and he finished up the first half of the season with 19 league goals, I'll be hoping for more of the same in the 2nd half.

He will though leave the club next January when his contract expires after agreeing a move to Dinamo Moscow. Though I'm hoping to win the Championship and leave for pastures new myself by that time, having already qualified for the Championship playoff having won the Opening stage.

We'll have a short break and then back in to the reverse fixtures



Can I go a full season unbeaten??

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Job Done


After winning the Closing Stage too, there is no need for the playoffs and I've ticked the Uruguayan league off the list, Also an unbeaten season


Bergessio finished the season with 34 league goals which was key to the league title.

Now onto the next challenge (well the first challenge as I'll be honest that wasn't really one)

Here are the available jobs



A trip to Colombia perhaps? 

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Colombia it is

Escudo de Millonarios temporada 2017.png

The second stage of my quest for South American glory brings me to Millonarios F.C. 

After interviews I had 3 offers on the table Atlético Nacional, Independiente Santa Fe and Millonarios.

All 3 were super ambitious but I've decided to go for Millonarios  as they'll play in the Copa Sudamericana next season and it would be my first chance to compete for that competition.

Based in Colombia's capital city of Bogota, Millonarios is one of only three teams that have played every first division tournament in the country, along with  Santa Fe and Atlético Nacional.

Looking at their squad, their is possibly a few areas I'll look to improve



I'm quite happy with this area Christian Vargas is the undisputed number 1 while Juan Esteban Moreno and Camillo Romero are young prospects, Esteban Ruiz might be moved on.



Again an area I'm quite happy with possibly another right back is needed for cover but a good mix of experience in there



I probably lack some depth here but in Stiven Vega and Daniel Giraldo I have some key players, Mackalister Silva can also possibly play in the number 10 role if I decide to replicate my Nacional tactics



The only area I'm wary of is Centre Forward, while the 3 CF on the books have good potential are they good enough to spear head (hopefully) a title challenge??

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So just about to jump into the Colombian league, first I thought I'd give an overview of the format.

There are two chances each year to win the Colombian Title both the Apertura (Called First Phase League) and the Finalización (Called the Second Phase League).

Both tournaments are conducted according to an identical three-stage format. 

The 1st stage is a simply league format were each team plays each other once (Derbies are played twice so for example I play Santa Fe the other Bogota team twice). After the 20 games the top 8 qualify for the 2nd stage.

The 2nd Stage the top 8 teams are drawn into two groups of 4 and play each other home and away. The winners of these groups then qualify for the 3rd stage which is the Final which determines the Colombian Champion.

I initially thought it was similar to Uruguay were both winners of each section play in each to decide the overall winner but it doesn't seem to be the case. So I suppose I have a decision to make if I add in both the Apertura and Finalización as trophies to win meaning I'll have potentially 3 to win in Colombia including the Cup. (I think tbh it's only fair though as it does separate them)

But now back to Millonarios 


As I said I did want to make some transfers

As mentioned I wanted to bring in an some experience up front, I'm not going to lie I almost prepared to splash all my budget on Radamel Falcao but an injury put a stop to that, he might though be one I do look to revisit as he out of contract in the summer, so I still needed an experienced striker up front so I went for another Colombian Striker 

Welcome to Millonarios


Teofilo Gutierrez 

As you will see from his statistics below, he is a vastly experienced striker, even at 36 he is a country mile my best player and he'll spearhead my attack 



One more addition has been a right winger


Actually returning to the club Oscar Barreto.

As you'll see from his stats he brings some good flair, work rate and crossing ability which I'm hoping will be key



I'm also on the lookout for a backup right back though I did get two great wing backs in the youth intake at the start of the season , one of them initially a left back is two footed and only 15 I think might be a great prospect




Tactics wise I've decided to go with a similar setup to that which I had with Nacional, there might be little tweaks here a there though.


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Just a small update here after the transfer window closed

3 new names have come in (didn't bring in a rb as I'm quite happy with that newgen)

First in to backup Silva


Sebastian Cristancho, only 20, he's one my scouts brought me to, definitely some areas he needs to improve but I do like that dribbling and flair stat, potential for the future 



Next in 


Cristian Dario Barrios, capable on both wings, he adds good cover to the team arrives on a free




Next in as said I wanted perhaps some cover for Teo up front and on deadline day arriving from Bogota for a potential 120k (I perhaps overspent)


Jairo Molina, as shown stats wise he's quite good for this level will definitely do a job when I have to rest Teo 




Talking of Teo well he has started like a house on fire 5 goals in 4 games


4 wins from 4 have me sitting pretty 2nd with a game in hand




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Halfway point of (for me anyway) the Colombia Apertura.


And I sit nicely in second place, a loss to America de Cali being my only loss  and even that was unlucky


Literally the last kick of the game, and as you can see from the stats I deserved so much more.


In terms of the Copa Sudamericana, well that went very well


The first leg seen us score 6, so I knew unless I lost 5-0 in the second leg I was through, so I did have the chance to rest a few players.

My reward...


I'm happy enough , I didn't know that only the top team goes through so that's a bit tough, but as I said I'm happy enough Defensa will be tough but I'm hopeful.

Here is all our results for the first half of the Apertura


Games will now come thick and fast though with the Copa Sud in there too, but I'm hopeful by the time I reach the games against Defensa I'll have secured a top 8 finish and be already qualified for the Semi Final Group Stage of the Apertura


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First phase of the Apertura in Colombia done,


Thanks in part to America de Cali dropping 6 points in the last two games and me having a 5 match winning run


I was able to overtake them on the last match day.

The draw for the semi final stage


pits me against Nacional, Quindio and Pasto (my record in the regular season against was D,W,L). We'll now play each home and away for a chance to qualify for the final.

In Sudamericana I'm well placed having got 4 points from Defensa 


An away win and a 0-0 at home. Given my goal difference 1 more win should be enough to secure passage to the second round.

Here is the full list of results. A 5-0 win over Santa Fe being the major highlight


Schedule for the Semi final stage and rest of Suda is as follows


I have a feeling the two Atletico Nacional games will be key. I'm also a little thankful of that 3 game home run, as travel to Bolivia in between those would have been a killer.

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3 wins, 2 draws and a loss and I'm through to the Apertura final


Where I will face 


America de Cali , who pipped Tolima on goal difference

In the Copa Sudamericana


I picked up two easy wins against Oriente and Nacional to finish top of the group without conceding a goal.

My reward in the Second round.


A nice trip to Peru to face Cristal.

Once again though I think it may be one of the many Brazilian teams who might eventually win it.

Here is all the results


Those two games against Cali are all that stand against me and another trophy.

One more thing to add, when I bought him I said I perhaps overspent on Jairo Molina but he has banged them in scoring 16 and becoming my number CF.

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Two wins in the final 


A 3-1 away win followed by an impressive 4-0 win gives us the Apertura title

No rest for the wicked though as the Finalización kicks off in 7 days..

Can I go back to back??

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Halfway point of the Finalización and similar to the halfway point of the Apertura I sit 2nd



As you will see from results so far, a small blip near the end of June and the start of July were I lost 1 and drew 3 .


As you will also see a 1-1 away and a 0-0 at home was enough to get through to the quarter final stage of the Copa Sudamericana.


I face of against Bahia (1 of 6 Brazilian teams left ), if I manage to get by them I'll face another Brazilian team as for the Semi i've been drawn against the winner of Cuiaba or Gremio.

One more thing to add, as you may see from the goal scorers from the above games I've added one player to my ranks, coming in on a free transfer


Oscar Estupinan 

I've moved Teo back to help fill in the number 10 role (plus given his age he'll most likely retire come the end of the year), so needed another body up front, Oscar ticked all the boxes I was looking for, young, good pace, strength, decent in the air.




The second half of the season, will also see the Colombian Cup start adding another trophy up for grabs.


I have of course been looking at the job market, Corinthians in Brazil did come available, I was tempted but given the fact I'm still in the running for 3 trophies here and they had just been knocked out of both the Brazilian Cup and Copa Sudamericana I believed it was a better decision to stay at Millonarios for at least until the end of the season, when perhaps better offers my come up. Also the World Cup happening in the winter might just leave a few International jobs on the agenda too.

Here is the draw for the World Cup



Looking at the South American teams , Argentina should get through that group but it could be a potential banana skin, Brazil should be comfortably going through their group (both of these jobs might be a little ambitious this early on though), Uruguay should be able to get through in at least 2nd but who knows.

Colombia and Chile look the two most likely to drop out in the Group Stage and perhaps might become available, both would be a good shout to compete for the Copa America in 2024 should they become available.

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Here we are again...

After finishing only 2nd this time (only due to a last minute Deportivo Cali goal mind) I'm in the semi final of the Finalización 


Finishing 2nd does I suppose give me a trickier group


Atletico Hulia, Atletico Nacional and Patriotas Boyaca stand in my way of a potential final.

Talking of finals I have one foot in the Colombian Cup final after beating  Atletico Nacional  2-1 away from home, so I'm still very much on course to potentially sweep up the 3 Colombian trophies in my first season here. 

In terms of the Copa Sudamericana, well it was heartbreak in the semi final against Gremio 


Who would then go on to lose to RB Bragantino in the final.

The schedule for the rest of the season is as follows


Hopefully there will be 4 more games after the 2nd November.

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2 hours ago, DefinitelyTaylor said:

It has certainly been a very good start to achieving all you have to win thus far!

Thanks, tbh I think it's just been a mixture of managing decent teams and a bit of luck...which my next post will certainly showcase 

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As it says above that bit of luck...


But here we are 4 games left in the season with the chance to win it all again in the first season at a club.


Despite losing twice to Hulia and Boyaca I managed to get through to face America de Cali (again) in the final.


That bit of luck, well that 1-0 away win against Atletico Nacional came after I lost to Boyaca and my team was absolutely shattered, I had to rest a few but Bertel scrapped a goal and Teo was sent off in the 62 minute so I had to play the last 30+ with ten men and my back against the walls, but I held out. After then destroying Nacional in the cup I slipped to another loss.

But I was then lucky that my remaining 3 games were at home and when Nacional done me a massive favour by beating Hulia I knew 3 wins would do it for me. Cue 10 goals and 0 conceded.

One thing I'll also say is I've really benefitted from near post corners being an almost guaranteed goal as you see both Jairo Molina and Juan Pablo Vargas feature a lot in my goals.

Molina has really been worth the investment with a total of 29 league goals and 39 overall. Vargas has hit 12 goals in the league and another 5 in cup games. 


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Finalización champions after winning the first leg 3-1, Cali were able to pull it back to to 2-0 but I prevailed in penalties, made extra special as my first choice keeper missed the game due to the flu. But Juan Esteban Moreno saved two and won the league title



As for the Colombian Cup


Well that was another heart in mouth

1-1 from the first leg, it was 2-2 going into stoppage time (after a crazy first 20 minutes) I thought it was another penalty shootout beckoning but Christian Barrios had other ideas finishing off a great move in the 92nd minute.



And sadly after one season (As I've really enjoyed this team) Colombia is done


So the adventure continues,

Looking at the job market nothing major stands out


But that could of course change after the World Cup

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The World Cup is over and it's back to back trophies for the Azzurri as Italy lift the trophy.

The big news is that Argentina failed to get out of their group, finishing 3rd


Colombia also crashed out


As did Chile


Brazil and Uruguay fell at the last 16 stage


That meant all those jobs became available...but I didn't get any of them...I have joined a new team though...more news tomorrow

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So here we are team 3 and this may be my most challenging team yet. We've moved to Curico Unido in Chile.

I held off a much as I could in terms of applying and accepting this role to see what came up post World Cup and the merry-go-round that comes with that.  To be honest nothing major bar the Palmeiras job coming up their manager Roger Machado took the Brazil job but nothing much of note in Argentina and Brazil, so Chile is were I go.

The team I've joined Curico finished 11th last season, season preview wise they were expected to finish 7th, I'd be interested to see when the season ticks over where they're expected to finish, they did win the Chile Cup during year one of this save so they are capable.

Squad Wise



Two very solid keepers but Perafan is the clear number 1 but Cerda is able backup if needed.



In defence again they're well covered, especially for right back.. Nadruz is a centre back as is Lara. Do I really need 4 right backs though, probably not.



In midfield you'll see a bit of overlap here which I always like in a team especially good to cover any injuries or suspensions



Up front it's a mixture of youth and experience, stats wise Benegas is probably my most likely starter but this may be one area I look to improve.

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Game day one is upon us


The Season Preview has us 10th and 50-1.

Here is the schedule for the first half of the season


I'm actually quite happy with the set of fixtures. I don't think I can win the league at least not in the first season but it's a foot in the Chilean door , I'll keep an eye on any of the bigger teams for dips and if jobs come available there i'll look to pounce.

In terms of signings, only the two

First in to play upfront


Bruno Barticciotto 

While he has areas he needs to improve I think he can do a job for me upfront on wide on the left if needed



Next in I needed one more centre back 

In came Jonathan Turra

At 20 he is one for the future, and one for the U21 rule




In other news, Oscar Tabarez has retired from Management so the Uruguay national job is free, I've applied now whether or not I'll get in I'm not so sure. Shall update next time.

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First 8 games of the season played and I'm not doing too badly


Two losses which were fairly annoying especially the Everton one


Considering I played against 10 men for 85 minutes and had 2.87 xG....

The league is very tight at the moment I sit 4th but only 2 points behind the leader


I'm also very much ahead of the U21 player rule



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Halfway through the season


And I sit 4th on goal difference., tbh I've been fairly disappointed as I should be higher bar for a run in April were I picked up 3 points from 12


As you see though Bruno has been my main man and is currently top scorer in the league.

I'll face O'Higgins in the 2nd round of the cup.

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So the cup didn't go to plan as I went out on penalties to O'Higgins, in terms of the league well I don't think I'm going to win it this year but I'm still in the hunt for the Continental places.


Again though I could be higher if it wasn't for frustrating draws, also that loss to Santiago Morning was terrible I did everything but score and they scored with a ridiculous long shot they had no right to score with. 


Though I did bounce back with that 4-1 win over Palestino.

The rest of the season  looks like this


Definitely some big games there which will determine where we finish.


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So end of the season in Chile, and with a little added help from other teams breaching the U21 rule I've finished 3rd


For my efforts I won Manager of the Year too, so I'm quite happy with the season as a whole despite crashing out of the Cup early.

Here is my results for that last half of the season


Barticciotto finished top scorer in the league with 19 goals and was my main man really.

Of course at the end of season it's always a chance to see what might be available job wise elsewhere


Some big jobs in Argentina and Brazil are available (coincidently the Millionarios job is also available in Colombia )

Tbh I'm at the moment swaying towards staying for another year at Curico Unido as I think I can definitely build something here, but that Flamengo job is a great opportunity to add continental silverware, even some of those Argentinian teams who give a good shot at the Copa Sudamericana so I might apply and see what happens. 

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Start of a new season with Curico, 2 leagues game played and it's 1 win and 1 draw. Despite our best efforts though we fell to my old adversary Atletico Nacional in the 3rd Qualifying round of the Copa Libertadores (which is enough to enter the Copa Sudamericana).

I did have two epic games against MC Torque though 4-0 away and a 4-4 draw at home


In terms of transfers.

I wanted to bring in a new keeper and with Perafan deciding to retire I needed one.

For 210K I brought in  Maximiliano Velazco from Cobreloa . I'm hoping that he can be the difference and help us push up the table



Another player I brought in to provide cover for right wing is Ruben Farfan



I've also boosted the U21 ranks with the signing of a young Argentinian  newgen Leonardo Wagner



 In terms of the job front as said in previous post the Flamengo job was a step to far didn't even get an interview but I was offered the Huracan job but decided to stay with Curico.

I will of course keep an eye on the job market to see what may come up but I'm happy to stay at Curico and build

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So just before a 3rd of the way through the Chilean Season and it looks like the takeover might be happening


In terms of results from the last update


Only one defeat which was a last minute goal, the draw has also been made for the Copa Sudamericana


Tough draw, I do expect Fluminense to top the group and go through but I'll give it my best.

The league currently lies like so after 9 played.



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As expected in the Copa Sudamericana it was Fluminense who topped the group. But I did draw with them at home and finish 2nd in the group which I'm quite proud of.

Elsewhere I've made it to the Semi-Final of the Chile Cup and will play the winner of Santiago Morning and Deportes Antofagasta.

As for the league well here we are at the halfway point, Universidad Catolica have just been immense and I think they'll be tough to catch...maybe they might lose points due to the U21 rule though so I want to keep close to them.


Here is all my results from late April until now, unbeaten 


Of course there was the little matter of the Copa America this summer and there was a very surprising winner


Massive congrats to Venezuela.

There was also a Euros which France won beating Italy in the final.

That means there is a collection of International jobs available with the World Cup coming up in two years time I'd love get a chance with one of the big boys and you can see I've applied for a few



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10 games left to go in the league


And as you see it is on Catolica picked up 1 point from their last 4 games making the title race very interesting. Their manager has also just left so the job is available, I'm strongly considering going for it, as they are obviously still favorites for the title plus are also in Semi-Final of Cup and have one foot in the Semi Final of the Copa Libertadores.

Though saying that bar the Copa Libertadores I've a great chance to tick Chile off with Curico as I do have that game in hand plus one foot in the Chile Cup final after a convincing 3-0 win away to Santiago Morning



Looking at my run in if I can get through that trio of O'Higgins, Colo Colo and Catolica without dropping many points I could be in a very good place.

Also I didn't get any of the International jobs which was slightly disappointing  

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Tick another Trophy of the list

Copa Chile!!!


A 1-0 win over Colo-Colo sees us crowned the Cup champions..

Now though a decision to make..

Here is the league


and here is my run in


I'm 8 games away from glory, though this has also happened...


They have offered me a two year though, with my contract up and the end of the season at Curico I'm really thinking of staying put, hopefully winning the title and moving on, as said if I can avoid defeat in the Late September-Early October period I think I can win the title here, momentum is with me.

Even if I do fail, I can of course always come back to Chile later.

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Well I stayed with Curico and.....

Two games left to go


It's mine to lose 1 point is all I need.


Even though I did lose to Universidad Catolica they then went and dropped 4 points in their next two against Audax and Universidad de Chile.

1 point and Chile is done..

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New Team...


Club Atlético Vélez Sarsfield


So a little background to the club, based in Liniers, Buenos Aires, Velez have won 10 league titles in their history and the Copa Libertadores in 1994.

Their Stadium José Amalfitani Stadium is also home to the Argentine National Rugby Team. 

In terms of the Current Squad. (I have 6 games left in the season)



Espinola is clear number 1.



Defence well covered, Emilio Velasco is an extremely fruity new gen (he is out of contract at the end of the season and wants to wait until end of the season before negotiating with Chelsea, Roma and Napoli interested in him though I think he might leave.



Again well covered here and a good mix of Experience and youth.



CF could probably do with an upgrade but still happy enough.

In terms of what I've walked into here is the league as it stands


In terms of Average points 0.5 points ahead of the relegation zone. 


Even though I think we should be safe I'll want to pick up at least 2 wins from the final 6 games which are as follows


The Supercup in there too for good measure, a chance to win a trophy albeit one not on my list.

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The 2024/25 season is over and i've managed to get 12th


4 wins and two losses was my record, Boca also very much outclassed me in the Super Cup


As you see I do technically have one game left for the season as the Copa Argentina starts in April.

Talking of next season the format is going to change massively

22 teams playing each other twice meaning 42 games.


As shown above the club finances aren't in a great place so I may have to continue with the squad in hand, unfortunately it might mean Velasco will leave.

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Well here we are 6 months after I took the job at Velez


Unable to keep any players whose contract expired unable to offer new contracts to any of the players out of contract next season, majority of the staff on rolling contracts...

This comes along Time to jump ship.


If I can make it work in Brazil I can always come back to Argentina.

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So here we are Brazil and Fluminense, having actually twice being turned down for the job, it comes during a period when I probably need it the most. Even though I am happy to leave the financial abyss of Velez behind me, I am a little sad I have left Argentina so soon, but as said above I can always go back.

In terms of the squad here



Jean is number one but Marcos Felipe if good backup if needed



Some decent cover in the team here.



Midfield is a little messy tbh, but some good talent to work with



Forward wise again it's OK but nothing special.

It's clear to see why Fluminense find themselves in 16th, but it's early days


They are still in the Copa Libertadores but have been knocked out of the Brazilian Cup





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It's not going very well of late


I've already had both the dreaded vote of confidence and the board meeting, one more loss and I think I might be doomed.

Funny thing is it didn't actually start that badly


But after 9 points from my opening 3 games I've only picked up one more win and drew way too many games, many of which I was leading and failed to hold on.

Here is the league as it stands


And here is the next few games



I've a feeling if I don't pick points from the next 4 before the International break I may be gone.

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So here we are after nearly a year out, back in Brazil and in charge of Internacional.

In terms of where I start with them well it's not that bad

League wise, we seat in 12th just behind my previous employers Fluminense, though city rivals Gremio currently lead the pack .


In terms of the Cup competitions, 

Currently I'm still in both the Brazilian Cup, were I play Gremio Novorizontino


And in the Copa Libertadores,

Well I have a tougher task here as I'll play defending champions Boca Juniors


In terms of the squad



Daniel is my number one but Pablo Vinicius is a good youngster just waiting in the wings I think.



The first thing I noticed was a familiar face at Centre Back with my Velez Captain Lautaro Giannetti there, I'm quite happy with the options here.



Midfielder isn't too bad either some very good options in there



Up front I have some great options, but the club is also in talks with a genuine Brazil legend to bolster this area, hopefully it can be finalized  

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And here he is, OK he may be 34 but technically and mentally he is still a beast


Also an update on the 2026 World Cup


Congrats to Croatia who won to deny Italy back to back titles.

As you see none of the South American teams reached the Quarter Final stage

Brazil reached the Second Round were they were knocked out by the surprise 4th place team Senegal

Argentina also exited in the Second Round losing Belgium

Ecuador would lose to Spain in the second round

Colombia would exit in the third round to Spain

As would Uruguay who lost to that surprise package Senegal again

And Venezuela would exit to Ghana in the third round

That does mean there are a few International roles available


As you see I've applied for the one's which will take part in the 2028 Copa America (I think USA will compete in it)

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I was not expecting this...which one to go for???


The 2028 Copa America is going to be held in Argentina, so it is a chance to win it at home (and become the outright record winners with 16) or a chance to win it in your biggest rivals backyard and get some revenge for them doing so back in 2021.


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I had to go with Brazil

Looking at the Squad who just competed at the World Cup and who could potentially still around for the 2030 World Cup



Both Alisson and Ederson are still both at an age that they could both still be in contention for 2030, but I may start to bring in a test a few younger keepers, if some come through the system.



Again majority of the defenders will most likely still be around, Marquinhos who is captain might bow out after the Copa America but Kaiky is poised to take his place in the team. Fabinho too may be coming towards the tail end of his national service



In midfield Casemiro will more than likely not make it to the Copa in 2 years but the rest will be in and around the squad.



Forwards again the 3 listed here (Roberto Firminho was part of the squad but has now retired) could all still be around come 2030.

There is of course a few players still around who didn't make the final 23 who could still play a part in a successful future

Gabriel Jesus , Rodrygo, Martinelli, Richarlison, Gabriel Menino, Sandry, Douglas Luiz, Gabriel Santos, Renan, Khellven, Mathues Cunha, Wendel all still at an age they could break into the squad

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It's been an amazing two months in charge of Internacional


As you can see I'm currently unbeaten and have picked up some great wins in the Copa Libertadores to get through to the Semi Finals where I'll play River Plate, If I win there I'll play Corinthians or my local Porto Alegre rival Gremio, who I also play in Quarter Final of the Copa do Brazil

Looking at who is left in that competition 


If I was to get by Gremio, I might just be favourites.

In terms of the league, well my unbeaten run has brought me right back into the Continental places mix


With just under half of the campaign to go I think the top two might be running away with it, but a top 3 place could well still be within reach.

In terms of transfers you may have noticed a few names in the goalscorers

3 more players came in (only 1 was mine)

34 year old Joao Pedro comes in on a free from Lazio, tbh despite his Important player status he is nothing more than backup for me as Brenner and Yuri have been immense.



 Second free transfer again on a free transfer from Borussia Monchengladbach, former Chelsea and Newcastle player Kenedy, again pretty much backup but has done well when coming on



And the last signing this time for a 2.8m fee an FM21 wonderkid Reiner



So the next two months of the season, sees a double against Gremio in the cup, plus some tough home games against Flamengo and Santos though I think that run in October could well be a chance to pick up some momentum in terms of points just like I did in my first few games.

I'd also say if I go through they'll be a Semi Final in there too somewhere perhaps even a final


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