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Coach report screens - Player comparison by position problem

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Hello everyone! I really enjoy FM 22 so far. The only "big" problem I am addressing compared to older versions is players comparisons of the same team. I'll give an example. Let's say I have a player that is natural in two positions (DR, DL). In the comparison sheet (star reports) you can see how the player stands in comparison to his team mates only in one of the positions (for example DR). When you click on the DL position, you only get the star review for the various roles (wing back, complete wing back etc) that he can be used, but not a comparison to other payers of the team that play in the DL position. This can be really annoying, especially when you get a new player that you want to use in several positions and want to compare him to his team mates, or if you have injury problems and want to see if one player can be used effectively in more than one positions. Maybe I am missing something, so I would be grateful for your help! 

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Ditto. I also don't like that they have removed the team report from the left hand side menu, and that when you click on 'coach report', you are not told how important your player is to your team. You have to compare the player to another player to be told if he is an important player, regular starter etc... Also, you are not shown how he fares against other players in your team in terms of ability and potential, in different positions (again, in the 'coach report' screen). Unless, like you, I am missing something, I really hope this is fixed in the full version of the game...

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