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FM2022 - Xbox Touch or Stream?

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Hi All,

I have been an active FM player for circa 15 years, pausing between 2014-2019. I have a work laptop and iPad as my devices. I got back into the series in 2020 as I could use Stadia to stream FM2020 which I loved - as it is a work laptop, I cant download anything due to IT restrictions, so the ability to stream was amazing. In 2021 I didn't play and carried on with FM2020 on Stadia, hoping FM2021 would come onto the platform.

To get back into the latest edition I bought an Ipad this year with a view to play FM2022 Touch - was gutted to see this was discontinued. As far as I can see it, my only option now is to buy FM2021 Touch on the AppStore and play this.. Mobile just doesnt cut it for me. 

Anyone have any recommendations? XBOX edition on PC I dont believe will work as you need to download it as I understand? 

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My main device to play on is my iPad too, and I have FMT21 which is good. I also bought FM22 on Steam, but you need a computer actively running it to stream it to you iPad. Steam really needs to do the Stadia thing. Anyway, I’m pretty sure you could get it on Xcloud by subscribing to it for $15/month on top of purchasing the game I think. That can be streamed I do believe, just like Stadia did it. 

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19 minutes ago, Desmond Richardson said:

If you have a Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription you will be able to stream the Xbox Edition to your tablet using Microsoft's xCloud streaming services.

Hi do you have any idea how it will be to play on tablet? Have been told that it will be touch enabled, but with the controls appearing on screen, won't that cover text etc? 

Buying a wireless controller, just to play one game is a bit extreme, so not really looking to do that 

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