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[FM22] FC Famalicão - Gateway to Europe


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S2. Transfers - Out


First major transfer out. Luiz Junior was a good talent, but he had some weaknesses in his Goalkeeping abilities. Furthermore it seemed that he was close to full potential at this point.


S2. Transfers - In


Luiz Junior will be replaced by Gautier Larsonneur, who was tranfer listed by Brest.


Manuel Fintic is a talented two-footed winger who was bought for the future.



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S2. Matches Update

Due to progressing some games during work I wasn't able to update as much.


After the Sporting game it remained pretty bad during January, mostly due to transfer and contract complaints. Gustavo Assuncao was getting insulting transfer bids and got unsettled. Matias Arezo wants a new contract, but I cannot meet his demands. This kept having a major impact on team cohesion/morale.

Thankfully after the transfer window closed we got into the groove again. The last 4 games were all won quite convincingly and Arezo has started scoring again.

This also due to some minor changes in the tactic. The first team currently looks like this:


S2. Transfers

I made one more transfer. Jorge Gomez was signed for €195k. Seemed a decent gamble for the price and can play ST and on both wings.:



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S2. Liga Portugal -  Match 24 & 25


Fairly easy game. Whole team played well and were never in trouble.


What a game this was. I lost hope after the 2-0, but we came back magnificantly. The disallowed goal in the end completed the drama.

Also very happy with the possession and XG differences considering it is away at Benfica.

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S2. League Standings


After our recent form we have cemented our place in the European Qualifaction spots. Hopefully we can keep this up.


Matias Arezo is shared 1st in Goals and Pedro Ganchas and Arezo are both in the top 3 based on avg. rating. Pedro Ganchas has been incredible so far at leftback.

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S2. Youth Intake


Not great. Hopefully the top 3 players will become useful.


Flavio Dias looks like a good prospect for RB and has a determined personality.


Pedro Jorge looks like a decent enough striker with good finishing and decent pace and agility.


I don't really like Danny Chapman due to his poor determination, work rate and teamwork.

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S2. Matches Update


Some mixed results, but overall happy with the way we play.

We beat FC Porto over 2 games and are through to the Taca de Portugal final where we will meet Benfica.

S2. Current Squad


We have a talented young squad. Current Key players include:

Diogo Queiros22f6d6086c1cf51b31ef7c3f83747c31.png



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S2. Liga Standings & Final Fixtures



We have qualified for Europe but have some tough fixtures left in the final stage of the season. Worst case we will finish 5th, but if we can beat Porto in the upcoming game we have a chance of finishing 4th, which I believe is the realistic best case scenario.

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