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Positions Roles and Duties


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I think it is time to change the way Positions/Roles/Duties (from now on PRD) should be applied to the players in the game.

For Example, a highly versatile Player with two good feet is a wing player, he should just know all the wing positions, since it his natural game to play these positions.
If you look at the Image, that i have attached, there is a player, that is a defender on the right wing back/fullback position, that is left footed. And that is a great thing, but he should also know as a idealposition (which he should not be able to loose) the left wing back/fullback, it would be okay though if he would not know the more offensive wing positions, since he is more defensive minded as a player.

Another Example is the central Midfielder and Defensive Midfielder Position, you should if you play at the 6 know the 8 and if you know the 8 you should know the 6, if you are a more defensive minded player.

If you are a offensive minded player on the 8 you should know the 10. If you play on the wide offensive Positions, you should know the wide midfielder positions.

Now to the Roles and duties of the PRD;

Player should be restricted from playing certain more advanced roles/duties if they are playing outside of those natural positions.
For for Example, if a player is a 6 and knows the 8 but not the 10 nor the 9, i can not just stick em there and play him as a shadow striker, since the player has no understanding of the spaces between the 10 and 9. I could only play him on the 10 as a generic attacking midfielder.
Or another Example, if a player is an 8, to play him as a Mez, he has to know the wing position. If he doesn't know it i could play him instead as a Box to Box.

Now more on the Duties; if a certain duty of a PRD includes an attribute that the player is not able to fulfill in a reasonable way, for his game, he should just be blocked from from playing that duty. So a Mez(su) would be playable but a Mez(at) would just be no option for a player that can't finish. If the level of play changes for the player, via transfer or promotion/relegation, the PRD should recalculate. For higher levels, it should be more restrictive, but for lower levels it should be more open, since the requirements are lower and therefore easier to fulfill.

If you look at the 2. Image i have uploaded to this report, there is a little hint of how Wingback/Fullbacks look from a positional point of view.
8/9 DM/CM
10 - Player depicted should not be able to play as a mez since he has no knowledge of the wings






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Thanks for taking the time to raise this here. This is something which has been documented and is part of our internal database of features for consideration. Like all features raised to us, it could end up rejected, or could after extensive design and development become a part of a future FM.

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