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FFP Wage Bill

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How does FFP work towards wage bill budgets?

When trying to buy a player for Spurs I had a wage bill of £146m and FFP of £120m. Yet revenue was £420m? How does that work??

In real life 50-60% wages to turnover is normal. There should be room for another £100m.

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Do you mean FFP is showing a profit of 120m? That means you do have another 120m to spend.

If your revenue is 420m then your expenditure would be 300m, giving a profit of 120m. FFP goes on profit, not just wages vs revenue. Plus not all revenue/expenditure sources are counted. Investment revenue for example is usually only counted up to a certain amount.

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14 minutes ago, andyt365 said:

Ah no sorry, it meant that my FFP wage bill was max 120

I found no consequences in ignoring that (you mean the message showing on the left when buying a player ?) and nothing is mentioned in the FFP section. Might be a visual issue ?

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