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Future Regen EDT files in FM22 Beta

Darth Rob

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  • Darth Rob changed the title to Future Regen EDT files in FM22 Beta
On 29/10/2021 at 06:33, JohnWarrington said:

I used the Support Staff edt for my Retro Regens mod in FM21.  I've not tested it for FM22 yet though


On 29/10/2021 at 10:54, Wolf_pd said:

Can't say if this beta or FM22 related.

can confirm this isnt working in beta but dont think it did in beta previously, so we will find out on full game release

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1 hour ago, CoffeeFueledCurmudgeon said:

It was more of a discovery than a feature though. Being able to add people into the game is probably something they hardcoded for competition and prize purposes so as to maintain it's value internally.

Still a shame. 

yes mate some of us had found a workaround previously, I did it using the support staff edt file but it hasnt worked in FM22

I may try another idea when I get a chance but I doubt it will work

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56 minutes ago, Jamie Aubrey said:

Anyone know if this is still broken after the winter update, I tried addign a sugar daddy to a few clubs but nothing happened 

look at the bug report mate, and reply there is best option

no its not fixed

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