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fm 2022 black screen, wont run

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fm 2022 black screen, wont run
I can't run fm 2022 on my laptop, previous versions (fm20, fm21) worked fine.

I've got i7-8750, 16 gb ram, gtx 1060, win10 64 bit
it's look like gtx 1060 wont run the game and i see only black screen

i try manualy set fm.exe to go on gtx 1060, but i'ts don't change anything
my nvidia geforce expirience app see fm2022 as fm2021 which I also have installed - i know that because when i look at detalis i see this - C:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2022\
but when i try to launch (by nvidia expirence app) its starts fm2021 xd

i try:
instal latest drivers
Disable the NVIDIA GeForce Experience Overlay
Run the game as an Administrator
Set Launch Options
–config very_low
-small_screen -windowed
Verify Game Files
Delete the Preferences and Caches folder
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I had this issue with FM21 and I am having also this year too. I tried every solutions from here and from support ticket and nothing happened. Then I uninstall my latest graphic driver and installed an old one and it worked. I played FM21 last year and I am playing FM22 like this. 

My graphic card is nvidia gtx860m. The latest version is 472.12 but game doesn't run with it (black screen). I installed 441.080 (I tried versions at least 1 year old) and it works nicely. 

Therefore my opinion is it's about something between fm and nvidia driver upgrades for some laptops.

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I have an old geforce 740 and updating the driver last year caused me massive issues with FM21 and I ended up having to do a clean reinstall in the end.  I have since been running on an old driver and no issues since.

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Particularly when you're running very old graphics cards, it's worth checking to make sure that drivers are actually compatible with the card. It may well be that you're installing drivers that no longer support the card.

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