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[FM22] Welcome to Eigenschaften


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8 hours ago, TelcontarTargaryen said:

I was casually reading this topic, since I like academy/youth focused games, and then I see my.... self. :cool: Or my namesake, neither name nor surname are that rare in Serbia. Good to know there is alternative me who made it into the top tier football. :D

He’s the captain and likely to retire at the club, so the alt you is a club favourite!

And IRL, thank you for Aleksandar Mitrović 😍

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6 hours ago, Deisler26 said:

And IRL, thank you for Aleksandar Mitrović 😍

I always felt like he was even a bit underachieving, that he had more talent but somehow never rose to his full potential. Well this season he is devastating, and I hope he continues next season in the EPL as well. 

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August 2035 Transfer Window


Transfers IN:


  • AML Jannis Marcinkovic (£850k, 1860 München) Work Rate: 14, Pace 15, Technique: 14- DNA: PASSED

Again, a decent enough buy for our problem ML spot. It's a throwing-s***-at-a-blanket method


  • AMLC/ST Gaizka Bengoetxea (£100k, R. Club Victoria) Work Rate: 13, Pace 10, Technique: 14- DNA: FAILED

He's 16 and could become DNA-compliant within the next few years. If not, profit.


  • DRLC Axel Schaub (£850k, Schalke 04) Work Rate: 15, Pace 14, Technique: 14- DNA: PASSED

Never a bad thing to have cover at full back. Wouldn't be a full time player however.


  • M/AML Afonso Carvalho (£650k, Boavista F.C) Work Rate: 15, Pace 14, Technique: 13- DNA: PASSED

Gone a bit mad here. Think he'll be another Sascha Aachner...


  • DC Breno Andrade (£135k, Sport Club Corinthians Paulista) Work Rate: 14, Pace 14, Technique: 12- DNA: PASSED

Hoping for the same lightning in a bottle I got with Celinho..


Transfers OUT:

DC Mertin Dereli (£6m, 1.FC Heidenheim 1846 )


We've bought a lot of filler this season to help our squad, but I can't see us keeping any of them for too long.

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