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Now that PC FM22 beta is out...

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... can we, mobile players, get some attention? Yeah it's another eagerness to know more post 😁 I get that the pc version is you guys main focus but can we at least have a little more info of the new features for mobile now that everyone on pc is playing beta? Preferably not just a few days before release 🙄

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  • Hildor changed the title to Now that PC FM22 beta is out...

I'm actually surprised they don't just reveal the Mobile features when they announce the new version is coming out. Seeing as the mobile version is the least popular and less played out of the three. Just release the new features when you announce the new game maybe. The Mobile team better have big features up their sleeve or else them making us wait so long could literally backfire if they only announce its not just the colour pink but different shades of pink is what's new lol. Maybe a new feature where the fans call you out for playing a formation which ain't working or players not playing in their actual position as seen in the Mike Bassett England Manager film, Mike Bassett's response to the disgruntled fans ........... Oh F..k off lol. We can all hope right Lol. Not long to go now. Here's hoping there are some nice new features. 

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  • SI Staff
6 hours ago, Hildor said:

Considering every year is the same regarding new features, I'd say mobile players are quite patient 😁

We appreciate your patience and understand that where people are impatient it demonstrates that they love the game (which is a good thing) ... 

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