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dafuge's FM22 challenge

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The Aim

To take a small club who were previously unplayable in an unedited game from the Vanarama National League North/South to Premier League and Champions League glory.

The Rules

Start the game unemployed and choose the advanced setup. Like last year, you have the option of loading whatever leagues you like at the start and throughout the game. All of the boxes should be left unticked apart from 'do not add key staff' and 'prevent use of in-game editor'. It should look like this.

Just like previous years, the players for the newly playable clubs need to be added which can be done using the 'advanced' option on the database size. The players from the four feeder league have to be added, which looks like this (the other two are further down). You can also add anything else you like to increase the size of the database.

The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you.

Add yourself as an unemployed manager, the details are not important at all. I like to call mine 'Holiday Man'.

Go on holiday until 29th May (this is when the promoted clubs are decided), save the game then go on holiday until 25th June (this is when the promoted clubs are revealed). Repeating these steps will give you a new set of clubs to pick from.

Retire your 'Holiday Man' manager allowing him to finish his career unbeaten.

Add a new manager, the personal details are completely up to you but I would expect people to use their own true nationalities and languages spoken.

Choose one of the new clubs promoted to the Vanarama North or South to manage. A quick way to check the new teams is to find the 'England Overview' screen, then the 'season summary'. Just above the FA Cup summary you should find a list of the nine newly promoted teams.

Coaching badges must be set to 'None', with past playing experience set as 'Sunday League Footballer'. The coaching attributes are completely up to you.

They should appear in this list which shows the reputation of the possible clubs. The reputation should act as a difficulty level. The lower the reputation, the harder your game should be.

Reputations from FM21:

Isthmian League Premier Division

Bishop's Stortford     1850
Bognor Regis           2100
Bowers & Pitsea        1550
Brightlingsea          1700
Carshalton             2000
Cheshunt               1750
Corinthian-Casuals     1600
Cray                   1850
East Thurrock          2000
Enfield Town           2000
Folkstone              1950
Haringey Borough       1950
Hornchurch             2050
Horsham                1900
Kingstonian            2450
Leatherhead            1950
Lewes                  1900
Margate                2050
Merstham               1750
Potters Bar            1550
Wingate & Finchley     1650
Worthing               2050


Southern Football League Premier Division Central

AFC Rushden & Diamonds 1600
Alvechurch             1600
Banbury                1750
Barwell                1850
Biggleswade Town       1900
Bromsgrove Sporting    1500
Coalville              1800
Hednesford             2000
Hitchin                2000
Leiston                1800
Lowestoft              2100
Needham Market         1850
Nuneaton Borough       2350
Peterborough Sports    1600
Redditch               1900
Royston                1850
Rushall                1900
St. Ives               1750
Stourbridge            2000
Stratford              1750
Tamworth               2250


Southern Football League Premier Division South

Beaconsfield           1600
Chesham                2250
Dorchester             1950
Farnborough            2100
Gosport                2200
Harrow                 1850
Hartley Wintney        1500
Hayes & Yeading        1850
Hendon                 2200
Kings Langley          1850
Merthyr Town           
Met Police             1950
Poole                  2100
Salisbury              2250
Swindon Supermarine    1650
Taunton                1700
Tiverton               1850
Truro                  2300
Walton Casuals         1550
Weston-super-Mare      2100
Wimbourne              1650
Yate Town              1450


Northern Premier League Premier Division

Ashton United          2150
Atherton Collieries    1800
Bamber Bridge          1900
Basford                2000
Buxton                 2000
FC United              2250
Gainsborough Trinity   2100
Grantham               1900
Hyde Utd               2000
Lancaster              1950
Matlock                1900
Mickleover             1900
Morpeth                1950
Nantwich               2050
Radcliffe              1850
Scarborough Athletic   2100
South Shields          2150
Stafford               1900
Stalybridge            1950
Warrington             2150
Whitby                 1950
Witton                 2000


It is now up to you to manage this club all the way to the Premier League title and UEFA Champions League crown. The challenge is complete once you have won both competitions, this does not need to happen in the same season.

You may not move clubs unless you are sacked. If you get sacked, you can either take over a newly promoted club that satisfies the original criteria (check the club's league history), or just start again.

Any form of international management is not allowed, until you have completed the challenge.

Assigning parent clubs and loaning players is completely up to the player, although it should be noted that on occasions a parent club can lend players which will make the first season or two slightly less of a challenge. It is completely up to you how you play this one. Personally, I like to assign a parent club for financial benefits but never take any players on loan from them.

To sign a player, you must be able to scout them, this doesn't mean you have to, just he must be accessible to your scouts. If you have a foreign player on a free transfer who is willing to come on trial, you do not need to be able to scout them, as long as you have them at the club on trial so you can get a coach report on him. If an agent offers you a player, you can sign him without scouting him.

No external utilities such as scouting programs should be used and the database should be unedited (with the exception of cosmetic changes which cannot be discussed here). Should SI release a data update, this would be allowed but any other data updates are not.

Use of save game editors is strictly banned, whatever the reason. Ticking that box at the start should see to this.

Rules for this Thread

Player naming is allowed.

General discussion on tactics is allowed, although people should not refer to downloaded tactics. They are not banned, but I would expect the majority of people to avoid them.

When you join the challenge, post a screenshot of your manager's profile on the 25th June like this.

Progress of your club should be documented using this thread, we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing really badly.

At the end of every season, could everyone post some kind of season review, including at least a screenshot of a league table and the clubs transfer page. If you give this a title in bold it makes it a bit easier to pick out.

How to Post a Screenshot

While in FM, press Alt and S
A picture will be saved to a screenshots folder, in the FM22 folder in your documents
Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Imgur
Post the direct Url to the image here.

Enjoy :)

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15 hours ago, lola 10 said:

Has anyone managed to get Swindon supermarine yet?

Haven't seen Swindon Supermarine or Bowers and Pitsea.. up to about 50 attempts.

Most rare I have seen so far are Leiston and Coalville.

Most common Kingstorian, Tamworth, Nuneaton Borough, Chesham, FC United, South Shields, Scarborough, Warrington.

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Decided to go with Kings Langley this time (Thanks G_D_K for the saved files - you were getting clubs that I couldn't generate in my attempts).

Off we go with the Semi-Pro club from Northwest of London and Watford. I haven't played them in any previous versions, although I know they were played in the FM 21 Dafuge Challenge.

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2 minutes ago, Peter G said:

What is the rule on affiliates?


On 22/10/2021 at 08:21, dafuge said:

Assigning parent clubs and loaning players is completely up to the player, although it should be noted that on occasions a parent club can lend players which will make the first season or two slightly less of a challenge. It is completely up to you how you play this one. Personally, I like to assign a parent club for financial benefits but never take any players on loan from them.


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Season 1 Overview


Another great start to the challenge as for the first time ever i have breached the 100 point mark on my way to the VLN title. We signed a fair few players for free but with a wage which helped us to the title. We started off with a 4-5-1 system due to the amount of half decent wingers already in the squad. We had a dip in form slightly about 2 thirds into the season. To combat that we reverted to my favourite formation of 3-5-2 which i will be carrying forward into next season.


I will be letting a few players go that won't fit into the system and or have decided we are suddenly not good enough for them lol.


Here is the league table 




And my top scorer this year was a man named Cedric Main who will be leaving us for an overseas team who offered him 1.6K in wages a week which i couldn't even dare to offer at this stage of the game 




I'm hoping i can get enough decent players in to build on this seasons fantastic efforts and push for a play off position but it all depends on who i can attract to the club in this off season 


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Edit: My save bugged out. Unable to continue the save. In my first season, in 20th place halfway through season. 4wins, 3draws, 8lost. 


Looks like my time will be spent managing Tamworth, aka "The Lambs" for my first challenge in Football Manager! 



Edited by KaiokenDojo
Update about my save.
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Well, the good part in taking King's Langley is that the squad makeover was easier than usual. The best player in the squad, SC Harry Crawford, couldn't be re-signed and went to Finn Harps. I only kept a handful of players from the previous regime- mostly because they already had contracts through 2023- and I couldn't find any takers for them. Overall, I was pretty happy with the offseason signings. The key players I believe will be Aaron Maguire (GK Under-21 Capped Irish), Zach Awe (DC Under-21 Capped Nigerian, but English as well), Franklin Domi (DL Under-21 Capped Albanian, also English as well), Henry Jeffcoat (DR), Ossama Ashley (MC), Jordan James (MR), Tristan Abldeen-Goodridge (SC), Tyler Roberts (SC) and Yoane Zohore (SC).  This is a lot better group than I am used to having on a first season of the Challenge, but I will wager we struggle early on due to how many new players we brought on. Still, I expect us to do Ok in the VNS.  I fully expect to add at least one or two midfielders as we are weak there (after getting outbid for several choice MCs off the free list). 




Edited by Faramir
no reason for two pics of squad
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Start Up Stuff: Manager Profile ~ Leagues Loaded

Club: Overview ~ Facilities ~ Squad ~ Season Preview ~ Finances

So I've decided to run the Dafuge Challenge alongside the Ultimate FM Challenge this year, it is something I wanted to do last year but due to restrictions through work etc I wasn't able to give any of them a proper attempt. As I won't be working for the next 18 months or so I don't want saves to become stale so have decided to rotate between the two.

In terms of my attempt at this challenge I have only loaded UK & Ireland leagues for this challenge, I will only be able to sign UK & Irish players for this save. I've added all players with the nationality to this database to hopefully give me a fair shot at it as I go through my career. I think early on in this save it will be easy to only sign these nationalities but makes it more difficult towards the end of the challenge.

If there are any screenshots I've missed or any mistakes I've made in my start up feel free to point them out to me. Apart from that, good luck all!

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On 23/10/2021 at 05:24, G_D_K said:

Not entirely sure If I am going to run this again this year ---- I'm actually (relatively) close to finishing the challenge in FM21, and if I manage, I might look at something else....but, then again, I might come back with another team :D

Regardless, here is another batch of teams for those who do not want to holiday.  As usual, the goal is to find 75% of the playable teams, which means, of course, all of the high rep teams, many of the mid-rep (say, 1800-1900), and a few of the lower rep teams.  

(I'm pasting the saves below I have, and will slowly get them linked into the appropriate mediafire save file for you to download.  # in () at end of each line is number of distinct teams found.  Teams are listed in bold the first time they show up on the list.

Good luck, and have fun!  

PS --- if you find a save you like but with a setup you don't (too many players, too few players) you can always download the savefile, load it up, then use the Add/Edit league feature to add new leagues, make leagues playable that are view only, or make them view only if they are set playable.  This will tailor the size/speed of the sim to your liking.

FM22 Dafuge Holiday

Batch 1 52 leagues/16 nations 17k players

Save 1: Weston-Super-Mare, Lowestoft, Poole, Chesham, Worthing, Nuneaton Boro, Salisbury, Stalybridge, Hitchin (9)

Save 2: Gosport, Lowestoft, Tamworth, Farnborough, Enfield Town, Kingstonian, South Shields, Gainsborough, Merthyr (17)

Save 3: Truro, Salisbury, Tamworth, Barwell, East Thurrock, Chesham, Ashton Utd, South Shields, Poole (22)

Save 4: Truro, Salisbury, Tamworth, Chesham, Worthing, Nuneaton Boro, Basford, Ashton Utd, Folkestone (24)

Save 5: Merthyr, Poole, Tamworth, Lowestoft, Chesham, Margate, Warrington, Lancaster, Salisbury (27)

Save 6: Salisbury, Truro, Tamworth, Hendon, Hornchurch, Hednesford, Scarborough Athletic, Nuneaton Boro, Merthyr (31)

Save 7: Poole, Merthyr, Tamworth, Bognor Regis, Worthing, Nuneaton Boro, FC United, Ashton United, Lewes (34)

Save 8: Salisbury, Truro, Stourbridge, Tamworth, Kingstonian, Worthing, FC United, Scarborough Athletic, Stafford (36)

Save 9: Salisbury, King's Langley, Farnborough, Poole, Merthyr, FC United, Nuneaton Boro, Basford (37)

Save 10: Truro, Hednesford, Hendon, Merthyr, Kingstonian, East Thurrock, Poole, Nuneaton Boro, Dorchester (38)


Batch 2 91 leagues/31 nations 17k players  (Only UK&I leagues playable, all other loaded leagues view only -- this kept the # players loaded to 17K.  Feel free to add more leagues and or change some of the loaded leagues to viewable if you prefer a more robust European experience).

Save 21: Salisbury, Tamworth, Hendon, haringey, Farnborough, Stalybridge, Hyde, Kingstonian (40)

Save 22: Gosport, Kingstonian, Hitchin, Weston-super-Mare, Nuneaton Boro, Hyde, Warrington, Witton (41)

Save 23: Harrow, Hednesford, Whitby, Chesham, Leatherhead, Nuneaton Boro, East Thurrock, Warrington, Scarborough Athletic (44)

Save 24: Truro, Merthyr, Tamworth, Kingstonian, Carshalton, Nuneaton Boro, Farnborough, Buxton, Salisbury (46)

Save 25: Truro, Weston-super-Mare, Redditch, Needham Market, Worthing, Hendon, Warrington, Matlock, Kingstonian (49)

Save 27 Merthyr, Needham Market, Basford, Chesham, Enfield Town, Nuneaton Boro, Folkestone, Warrington, Gainsborough (50)



Batch 3 91 leagues/31 nations /125k players (all loaded leagues playable -- use if you are not in a hurry -- or change leagues to view only as desired) :)

Save 41 Truro, Weston-Super-Mare, Biggleswade Town, Stourbridge, Kingstonian, Bognor Regis, Morpeth, Worthing (52)

Save 42  Truro, Rushall, Hendon, Salisbury, Kingstonian, Nuneaton Boro, Bognor Regis, Warrington, Scarborough Athletic (53)

Save 43  Met. Police, Truro, Lowestoft, Redditch, Kingstonian, Hornchurch, Ashton Utd, Grantham, Dorchester (54)

Batch 4 29 leagues/14 Nations (65k players)

Save 51  Hayes & Yeading, Lowestoft, Worthing, Farnborough, Warrington, Nuneaton Boro, Folkestone, FC United, Nantwich

Save 44  Salisbury, Merthyr, Redditch, Coalsville, Chesham, Enfield Town, FC United, Gainsborough, Truro (55)

Save 45  Hendon, Lowestoft, Hednesford, Farnborough, Weston-super-Mare, Kingstonian, Bamber Bridge, Nantwich, Chesham (57)


Batch 4:  29 Leagues/14 Nations (top two leagues playable, lower leagues viewable from assorted countries) 65K players

Save 51  Hayes & Yeading, Lowestoft, Worthing, Farnborough, Warrington, Nuneaton Boro, Folkestone, FC United, Nantwich (58)


Batch 5  All UK&I + all continents (Players w/ international and continental rep) 56k players

Save 61  Gosport, Royston, South Shields, Hendon, Buxton, Nuneaton Boro, Kingstonian, FC United, Haringey (59)

Save 62  Tiverton, Redditch, Kingstonian, Hendon, FC United, Nuneaton Boro, Carshalton, Warrington, Leatherhead (60)

Save 63  Chesham, Lowestoft, Hendon, Salisbury, Hitchin, Merthyr, Mickelover, South Shields, FC United (61)

Save 64  Gosport, Merthyr, Hednesford, Kingstonian, Cray, Nuneaton Boro, Truro, Scarborough Athletic, Rushall (62)

Batch 6  21 Leagues/9 nations + continental/international rep players (70k player database)

Save 71  Truro, Harrow, Lowestoft, Hornchurch, Horsham, Nuneaton Boro, Tamworth, Basford, Gainsborough (63)



the #43 save here is only loaded to League 2 fyi. 

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6 hours ago, deadfncat said:



the #43 save here is only loaded to League 2 fyi. 

Thanks.  It looks like the entire batch was saved that way... I made a temporary fix for those that want those teams specifically, and I'll try to add more saves featuring those teams unique to that series for those that don't want to holiday another year.

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So with my youth academy challenge save ending prematurely, I am ready to try this again.

Club Introduction

Royston Town


The Manager

This is me.


Personal Coaching Data

Season     Reputation               Qualifications    Att   Def   Fit   GkD   GkH   GkS   Tac   Tec   Men   WWY   Ada   Det   PlK   YoK   LoD   MaM   Mot
At start   Minimal       (0.25*)    None                1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     1     4     1     1     1     4     1     1     1

Club Facilities

Season     Training Facilities  Youth Facilities  Youth Level  Corporate Facilities  Junior Coaching  Youth Recruitment  Club Reputation
At Start   Poor                 Poor                   0       Basic                 Basic            Basic              Local       (1.00*)

Season Record

Season     Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage

Overall Career Record

After Season   Played     Won     Drawn     Lost     Goals For     Goals Against     Goal Difference     Win Percentage     Time At Club

Transfer Sale Record

Date               Player                    Position               Club Sold To                 Country                   Transfer Fee

Trophy Haul

Season     Competition Won

Trophy Cabinet

League Titles

Cup Competition Victories

Career Overview

Season     Champions League    Europa League    Europa Conference League             League                             Position     F.A. Cup                    League Cup        Achievements






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A very successful season in many ways. We managed to finally gel roster and tactic-wise midseason and went on a blistering pace. That allowed us to clinch the top spot in the VNS with four matches remaining. It wasn't surprising that clubs came calling for DC Zach Awe in the January transfer window and the Chairman wasn't about to turn down the Watford offer, but they loaned him back to us for the remainder of the season and that gave us both the continued fine backline play (Awe was runner-up to SC Danny Mills for VNS Player of the Season and was Young Player of the Season) and some financial security. GK Aaron Maguire is an amazing keeper to have at this level and I see the dreaded WNT next to his name as the bigger clubs come sniffing around. Our consistent backline of Awe- Michael Forbes- Henry Jeffcott- Franklin Domi (with occasional appearances by Skipper Jorrell Johnson and Chris Forino-Joseph) was dominant in supporting Maguire. Our MC tandem of Charlie Cooper and Ossama Ashley was one of the best in VNS. We had difficulty getting our SC corps going early in the season (due to injuries and inconsistency), but Yoane Zohore wound up our leading scorer with 17 goals, supported by Tyler Roberts (13) and Tristan Abldeen-Goodridge (9). Late season signing Dylan Parker chipped in with a couple, but looks to be a key SC for us going forward. Our wingers were nothing to write home about, but Adam Wedd chipped in with 5 goals (mostly on headers) and Jordan James had 7 assists . Cooper had 9 goals, 13 assists and Ashley had 2 goals, 9 assists. We (well mostly Awe) was dangerous on corners as he potted 10 goals on the season. 


Concerns for next season as we move to the VNL are finding some impact help on the wings and more depth. Zohore was signed to a new contract, but we are almost sure to lose him on January 1st (as his WP was not approved)- it was still worth it to sign him for the first portion of the season.  I would love to loan Awe again, but haven't been able to explore that yet with Watford. Trying (desperately) to keep Maguire is a key item on the agenda, though Tom Smith is his backup and not half bad for this level.  The rest of the key players are all signed through next season- but would really like to get them under 2-year contracts, something not allowed to me yet. Overall, I  am encouraged about our chances in VNL and especially because we won't have to go through a half-season of both bedding the tactic and also bedding all the arriving players as happened for this first season. 











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Manager Profile: Crowy - 2023

Key Players: Ben Guy ~ Ben Kanida ~ David Robson ~ Jephte Tanga ~ Kit Elliott

Squad: Overview ~ Match Stats | Youth Intake



RESULTS: National League North I ~ National League North II | FA Cup | FA Trophy

Overall a good solid season we had a poor start as I was switching tactics every game and decided you know what, I like a 5-2-3 WB formation and haven't created one since Nuno took over at Wolves a few years ago and decided that is the foundation I'll be building this save on tactically. We added a good run in the FA Cup too which helped with finances very much otherwise we'd be in much more debt. So in to the play-offs we headed after a solid ending to our season, and then the unthinkable happened, I was 4-1 up with 15 minutes to go and lost 6-4!? Blyth have some how smashed us every time we've played this season they even beat me in the FA Trophy on top of that! As far as first seasons go though I'm happy with that showing and I have a good first team to potentially build upon if the right players are available, just before the end of the season too I signed Rob Harker, who still hadn't found a club on paper he looks decent hopefully he can perform next season.


(Click to View)



(Click to View)


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1 hour ago, Anti Spiral said:



Happy with my start to the season, sitting comfortable upper mid-table.    I'm playing possession heavy football which isn't always recommended down here but it seemed to be working.  

great start! for what it's worth, as a Buxton fan, we play on a 3G pitch and do actually try to play a passing game on the ground so that might be why it's working out so well for you - either that or you just have the golden touch 😉

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SEASON 2 Review 







Either this years FM is easier or I've done extremely well. We got home on the back of a 30 game unbeaten streak in the league with some great signings, had 4 players on 11 goals for top goalscorer and not one of them wanted to resign with us :(


We did nothing in the cups which helped us manage fitness levels. 


We turned pro as soon as we achieved promotion to league 2


Now i am not thinking we are gonna pull up any trees in league 2 but we have a bank balance of over 1M and i have been given a budget of 500K to strengthen in league two so hopefully we can bring in some players to fight to at least stay in the division  

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Season 2 Kings Langley- 1st season in VNL


Evan Khouri - loaned from Grimsby, no need for him this season
Josh Jenkins- loaned from Bristol Rovers, didn't impress
Kyle Connolly- free transfer
Jake Bunyan- free transfer
Khalid Simmo- free transfer
Chris Forino-Joseph- free transfer

Zach Awe!!  DC (Watford loaned him back this season)
Elian Quesada-Thorn D/WB/M/AML (free transfer from Arsenal)
Tim Iroegbunam MC (free transfer from Aston Villa)
Mauro Bandeira DM/MC (free transfer from Arsenal)
Danny Imray D/WB/M R (free transfer from Crystal Palace)
Taylor Foran DC (free transfer from Arsenal)
Levi Laing DRC,DM (free transfer from West Ham)
Sam Unwin AMR (free transfer from Burnley)
Jed Mair DC (superb looking 16 year old that hadn't played for a club yet- good job Scouts!)

We are overloaded in center defense, but Foran and Laing are breakthrough prospects so not due a lot of playing time to start. Our center midfield is very solid with Cooper, Ashley, Iroegbunam an Bandeira. We should get better wing play from Quesada-Thorn and Unwin, but our depth is spotty with Wedd and Jordan James. We didn't bring in a new SC, but I am happy to start with Parker, Zohore, Abldeen-Goodridge and Tyler Roberts. No worries on our keeper tandem of Aaron Maguire and Tom Smith.



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16 minutes ago, Gersdude123 said:

hey guy's is it worth starting this on the beta or wait till full game is out encase any bugs appear during it

I'm personally waiting til the full game is out cause I've spotted a few things on my beta save that would really annoy me in a long-term save, but lots of people start during the beta phase every year with great success so it's up to you really

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43 minutes ago, oohlala111 said:

I'm personally waiting til the full game is out cause I've spotted a few things on my beta save that would really annoy me in a long-term save, but lots of people start during the beta phase every year with great success so it's up to you really

was thinking that myself just not sure to start or wait will probably just start it, what is the bug you have found in it 

Edited by Gersdude123
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I'll be honest, the reason I like starting in Beta stage is the AI hasn't been tuned tightly yet (on keeping good players), so my squad at this point is a long ways ahead of where I expected it to  be.

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