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FM22: Rotherham United. Let's recover from Covid.


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Really happy we drew against Wolves.  Antony missed a great chance in the first half and out of nothing a ball through and Nketiah puts Wolves ahead.  Just after the break Nketiah gets himself a brace and we're not playing well enough.  Felix is set up by Jordao to get 1 back after 51 minutes and Kayode rescues a point after 73.  It was nearly heartbreak as Clarkson gave away a late penalty which Raya thankfully saved.

Felix but us ahead after 13 minutes but Prato gave away a penalty this time which Toney converted.  Antony with a smart finish secured all 3 points after 59 minutes.

(We battered Peterborough, finishing wasn't good enough and Suarez... gave away a penalty, 3 penaltys given away in 3 games)

Felix set up Jordao with a cracking curling ball into the box to put us ahead after 39 minutes and Jovic set up Jordao for his brace in the 91st minute.  Better.

I gotta figure out why my strikers are suffering so badly.  Felix and Jordao are absolutely carrying the side attacking 3 at the moment.

Felix has been a brilliant purchase and Raya is playing out of his skin.






Carabao Cup



What the heck was that Rotherham.

Next Month


Keep the form going!

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Good month.

We were very wasteful against Bournemouth but then again, so were Bournemouth.  They broke the deadlock just before the break and I made some subs at half time.  JCS headed in McAtees free kick to save us a point. 

Much better against Newcastle, we were amazing.  Newcastle had new signing Watkins leading the line as Isak is out injured.  We took the lead after Gundersen played a nice ball over to Del Prato who hits in, he's onside and bags his first Rotherham goal.  The rest of the game belonged to Joveljic, I'm not sure why Manning wasn't credited with an assist but Joveljic hits in the saved shot to put us 2 - 0 ahead.  Watkins pulled one back but it was ruled offside, he scored again, this time it was onside.  We then won a penalty of our own and Joveljic finished neatly.  Felix then set up Joveljic for another 2 goals in the space of 2 minutes :eek:.  It was brilliant.

3.67xG vs Newcastle! :lol:

We were without Bastoni and Gutierrez against Southampton and it really didn't work playing a LCB at LB.  We did take the lead early after Mengi headed in a corner after just 4 minutes.  They went level through a crackin' shot by Carlos Rodriguez after 11 minutes.  Southampton were the better side and we were struggling to attack but we went in level.  Mengi slid in to block a shot and scored an O.G after 59 minutes and then Ward-Prowse scored a brilliant freekick after 69 minutes.  Game over, Southampton were very good.

This was a shock.  Antony was injured just 4 minutes in and I decided to play Wiles in the AMR-IW role.  Oh my word, he set up 3 goals and scored himself, he was unplayable :eek:.

We're doing really well!  Proper buzzin' at that.



Scoring 0 and then 5 in 2 games, lovely :cool:.



Next Month


Hopefully pick up 6 points.

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We were perhaps the better side but it was Palace who led, a long ball over and Tyrese Campbell beats the offside trap and finishes.  We did alot of huffing and puffing and in a stacked box Joveljic found McAtee who equalised in the 78th minute and that was that.

We weren't great but we took the lead, a corner is swung in, Suarez flicks on and Felix hits in.  It was a very even game and a top curling atrike by Vlasic saw West Ham equalise in the 77th minute and that was game.

Spurs came on fighting, they were battering us and Raya was great and I was thinking maybe to rotate a couple of players in here was a bad idea.  All of a sudden before half time two of those players combined.  Clarksons corner is headed in by Ramons Mingo in the 44th minute and in the 45th(+2) we won a penalty which Joveljic put away.  Somehow we went into the break 2 - 0 up :D.  Two subs combined with Antony crossing in and Manning finishing for us to go 3 - 0 up but a poor pass from sub Ngakia saw a long ball over a very sweet volley by Son in the 89th minute but it was too late.

We're flying high but I do expect the wheels to come off next month, it's stacked.



Training Facilites



International Debut


Next Month


If I came out of December with zero points, I wouldn't be shocked.  That's as hard a month I could have asked for.  Alot of rotation and see how it goes.


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A really good month.  Better than I expected.  The Leeds game though :seagull:.

Fair enough we were well off the pace against Arsenal but their goal came from a very bad headed clearence from Ramos Mingo, they deserved their win but it sucked to lose like that.

He did make up for it though.  The Chelsea game was a good match.  Mount scoring a freekick to put them ahead.  Jovic of all people getting a goal either side of half time but Lukaku equalised from the penalty spot.  Clarkson hit in a freekick, Ramons Mingo headed, it was saved by Pedro Mendes was there to hit in.  We won in the 95th minute!!!

Mendes has then been out for 6 weeks.

We were class against Fulham.  Bastoni and Felix ran the show.  Jovic, Joveljic, Jordao and a Felix Brace for a nice victory.

We were unlucky against Liverpool.  We took the lead after Kayode headed in Wiles' cross which turned out to be onside but Lucca equalised from Jotas cross just 2 minutes after.  Wiles set up Manning this time just a minute after that and we were looking good.  Antony was sent off in the 62nd minute for a reckless tackle and we lost our momentum.  Szoboszlai equalised in the 89th minute :(.   Still a good effort.

Everton played well and deserved to win but we were clinical.  Wiles headed in Bastoni's freekick and JCS put us ahead heading in Bastoni's corner after 83 minutes.  Just a minute later Everton pulled one back but Clarkson sent up Jovic to kill the game off.

We battere Leeds.  Jordao finally put us ahead after 60 minutes but from a corner Koch equalised for Leeds in the 77th minute.  I went all out attack, McAtee and Kayode has golden chances to win us the game.  Yet we found ourselves conceding two goals both in the 92nd minute.  We should have never lost that!

Still, all the games have been caught up and we're looking great.  We're still trying to stay clear of being dragged into a relegation battle so this really is going well.



Youth Facilities





Keep improving :cool:

Youth intake.


After zero good prospects last season, I'm really hoping those two midfielders are decent.

FA Cup Draw


Let's not lose to a lower league team again like we did in the Carabao Cup please.

Next Month


If I can get 9 points I'd be buzzing, 6/7 would be amazing.

I'm not looking to sign anyone but never say never.

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Not a bad month.

We tried vs City but the difference?  They have the best player in the world on my save and it was that man Haaland who found the space to give City the win.

A draw was probably the right result against Leicester.  Felix set up Manning to put us ahead but Cantwell scored his first Leciester goal in the 85th minute for a point each.

We were very clinical against Brighton.  Gundersen with a quality strike after Clarksons quality ball within the first minute saw us ahead but Sessengnon equalised in the 5th minute.  Joveljic put us ahead after 10 and then got himself a hat-trick.  Clarkson gave away a silly penaly in the 89th minute which Toney scored but the damage was done.

Nketiah scored after just 28 seconds against us, he loves scoring against us :lol: and we had no answer.  We don't do well against Wolves.

Much better against Wolves.  Kayode put us ahead and Mendes doubled our lead.  After 74 minutes Ben Davies pulled one back but Suarez killed the game off for us.

Still looking good in the table.



FA Cup


Good win.


I'll be playing fringe players so let's see how they do.


Two in and two our on deadline day.



To bring Iheanacho in I had to let Mendes go which was fine.  Mendes did well in cups but he's been out a big this season and a new striker could really help us.

Kelechi is more in the Smith mould than anyone else we can bring in.


Palace wanted Ngakia so I let him leave and replaced him with another young Mexican


Before Deadline Day finished


Wages are mental in the Prem.  Nearly 6mil a week at Man Utd!


Next Month


Really could do with getting atleast 6 points.

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Joveljic got a first half brace against Villa and it looked to be over.  They pulled one back in the 89th minute but Simone Bastoni my left back smashed in a cracking goal from outsix the box just a minute later to seal the points.

This felt like a game we should have won,  Bastoni scored again with a great strike after Gundersen layed him off but Sanches scored an event better goal for Newcastle after 34 minutes.  It was mostly us but we couldn't find a 2nd.

The second time we've battered QPR 4 - 0.  Manning scoring within the first minute, Iheanacho scoring a pen for his first Rotherham goal after 23 minutes.  Clarkson with a freekick in the 53rd and Kayode scoring after 84 minutes.  Complete control.

We're really over performing but it's very close between 5th and 8th.





FA Cup


Red card cost us, oh well.

Next Month


Could really do with 9 points because April is a very tough month.  I'd be happy with 4.

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6 points is good but it should have been 7! :seagull:

Anthony of all people got us off to an early start against Palace.  Mengi and Jordao both scored just before the break.  We weren't great the in the 2nd half and Palace pulled one back but we did enough to win.

Pretty happy to beat Southampton because they were much better than us.  Suarez heading in after just a minute and Jordao scoring after 13 looked like we might have a good day but we struggled.  It wasn't even a cracking Raya performance, they just couldn't finish at all.  They did pull one back before the break but they should have scored 2 or 3 more.

Vlasic scored another great hit against us after just 8 minutes but we were the better side and Jovic equalised in the 75th minute.  93rd minute, corner comes in and Antony gives away a needless penalty.  He's so gone in the summer, he was a terrible buy :lol:.

We'll see how next month goes but we might make it to Europa here :eek:.





Suarez is 2nd :eek:.  And we have two in the top 10!  Looking good for us.

Youth intake


Not as good as it looks.  We'll see how they play.  Not sure why everyone has such poor physical stats though.


Not sure what position he should play, he's not a winger, he's not a ball winner.


We'll see here.  Has some okay stats, he could be decent.


Not too shabby.

Next Month


I'd be happy with a point :D.

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Better than expected but we should have drawn both our losses.

Kane continued his streak of scoring against us after just 12 minutes.  We equalised through our new young RB Huitron!  He's headed in Bastoni's corner.  Raya I think made a mistake for Spurs to go back ahead, corner swung in and it's headed at goal.  It looks like Raya drops it, he could have just saved but it looks like a drop.  Fontan is waiting to tap it in.  Kayode should have equalised though, I can't believe he's missed it and we go home with zero points.

Defense wasn't good enough here.  Jovic gave away a penalty after 28 minutes that Turnbull blasted in.  Antony equalised just a minute after and then was the creator just before the break when Jordao put us 2 - 1 up.  Arsenal equalised after 45+3 though a cracking curling cross found Dembele to hit in.  It was their 3rd goal was made me rage :seagull::lol:.  Huirtron passes to Clarkson, he dwells on the ball, Smith Rowe steals the ball, plays a one-two with Dembele and finishes.  It doesn't seem to count as a Clarkson mistake but visually it was.  Such a silly point to lose.

Jordao set up Antony for the second game in a row but Antony did all the work to score a class goal and that's all it vs Chelsea.  Considering we were away, Chelsea were poor.

This was class.  We destroyed Fulham, 0 shots.


We have a tough month ahead and I reckon we'll finish 7th which is still better than 8th!  We do have to play Everton though so who knows, we could finish 8th.




Huitron is having playing pretty decent already that I can't drop him for my normal RB.


Next Month



Last 7 games of the season have included 5 of the big 6 :lol:.

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What a season, absolutely buzzing we've finished 5th!  Hopefully can keep the good times rolling.


One day hopefully we'll see us finishing 1st :cool:


Youth Facilities






Going into next season.

With Europa ahead of us there's a chance I'll be keeping Kayode and Wiles now.  Wiles wants a new challenge and Kayode isn't good enough.

I don't plan to bring in that many players.  Just sell a couple of fringe players and bring in English/HG players.

I do already have a 18 year old left back on the way.


Born in London, part English and part Colombian.  That's a new one for me.

Woah, I mean they've just given me money :eek:


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I do love overachieving :D and nice to see I have 3 of the top 5 signings :D

Even though in season summary we have another in there


They want alot from us these days :(


And I have no idea who to bring in.  We're still stuck due to rep and I'm not paying 30+mil on players.

We also lost Klug to retirement so I've taken a punt on my HOYD.  Not the best stats but his formation and personality fit.



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Season 2027/2028

Compared to normal this is a short opening.

Pre-season has gone well.


We've improved our coaching staff to the best we can attract.


Apart from Goalkeeper Distrubution we have the best coaches in the league.  We've also got better staff in for our recruitment and medical teams.



Alot going out!  Two records broken, in and out. 





I had no plans to sell Raya but I can't down 30mil from Real and he wanted to go.

Kayode isn't good enough

Mingo only had a year left so needed to leave.

Birks is a youth player that is no way near good enough in my opinion.  If he makes it, I'll bring him back, those physicals though :(.


Bynoe-Gittens didn't improve at all and had a terrible loan, any money was great.

Owen didn't get better sadly.

Owens didn't get better either.



Watkins replaces Kayode


Former Miller Iversen replaces Raya



Chalobah replaces Mingo


I needed HG players so they all fit for me.

My Colombian-Englishman has arrived


And it isn't over...

Arriving in Janaury for 17mil.


I think he's going to be an absolute world class player.  Really glad we could bring him in.

Season Start


Really hope we can get atleast 6 points on the board.  We've been known to struggle against West Ham and Southampton.

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What a start :eek:

The first 15 minutes we were easily 2nd best against West Ham but Antony found himself in and Rogerio full on dropkicked him and earnt himself a red card.  We were still pretty awful in the 1st half so I gave them a bloody good telling.  We scored just two minutes into the second half with Suarez heading in Bastonis corner but it still wasn't good enough.  3 subs and a couple of tactic tweaks and we cruised.  Clarkson with a freekick, Gunderon brace, Jordao and Iheanacho all getting on the scoresheet.

We were very lucky here!  Southampton again were the better team but we found ourselves ahead through Manning after 2 minutes.  Katompa equalised after 22 and it was deserved, they just know how to get the better of us.  We managed to get back ahead through Joveljic in the 79th minute but Ward-Prowse hit a sweet freekick in just a minute later.  91st minute, Mengi heads in Bastonis freekick to seal the victory :cool:.

If Brentford play like this, they're going down.  Joveljic gave us the lead and in the second half sub Iheanacho scored a brace with fellow sub Martinez settings up both goals.

Top of the league :cool:



I've only 15 players registered because we have that many youth players :lol: we might be winning this award often.  Manning was robbed by Gundersen :lol:.



Cup Draws


Should be an easy win.  Should.


That's a tough group and we'll do well to qualify.  Celtic and Benfica are good sides.



Turns out I needed some depth so I brought in 3 players my scouts love.


Looks pretty good to be honest, especially at 18.  We'll see what we can do with him.


Midfielder named Juninho already peaked my interest :D.  Not too shabby and hopefully can make the grade here.


Another Brazilian, needs to work on some of his game but may have a future.

In 3 years or so, we'll have a goalkeeper coming in... :lol: costing 1mil.


Deadline Day:




What makes me chuckle is how good I feel my side is and the money other teams are throwing about, especially wages!


We're 19th in the wage table with even Burnley paying more :lol:

Next Month


This will be a test, especially with all the games we have.  It's different for us, no throwing in the odd friendly anymore!

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We've been great in the cups, not great in the league.

I mean we did beat Newcastle 3 - 0 with some very good attacking football.  Gundersen scoring just before the break, Jordao in the 71st minute and a cheeky backheel from Watkins gave all the space in the world for Manning to score in the 89th minute.  Newcastle battered us for a good 30 minutes to start with and really should have been out of side.  Iversen and the woodwork kept us in it.

We were easily the better side against Villa but we could not put the ball in the net.  Their only shot on target was a very sweet strike from just outside the box after 18 minutes.  We just could not score, our day was summed up when Watkins missed a glorious chance.

We struggled again against Brighton, we just could not put the ball into the back of the net.  Thankfully we won a penalty that Joveljic put away.

We're still doing very well overall.  Amazing that we can score freely in the cups but we're struggling in the league.



Carabao Cup


I'm glad it didn't go to pens, don't want a repeat of last year :lol:

Shame we've drawn a team I've yet to beat :(


Europa League


Youth and fringe were played in Bosnia and we were great


When Benfica equalised I thought we had a real game on our hands, we battered them :D.


Next Month


Games keep coming, let's see if we can keep up the form.

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What a month!  We've only conceded 4 goals in 10 games!!!

We weren't at our best against Leeds but Gundersen stole the ball after an awful pass and smashed it in to give us all 3 points.

Same can be said against Wolves but Joveljic hit in Del Prato's cross within the first minute and another clean sheet.

We were good against Arsenal and deserved our win.  Joveljic with a good finish after 15 minutes and a weak effort by Antony that somehow found its way into the net thanks to the Arsenal 'keeper.  Hamed Junior Traore scored another great goal against us just before the break but that was that.

We cruised against Leciester.  A brilliant cross by Antony found Joveljic to put us ahead after 5 minutes and after 53 minutes Jovic headed in Martinez' cross.

Only Man Utd are doing better!




Carabao Cup


Liverpool didn't have their first XI out and we took advantage of it.

A tough game is to come though.


Europa League



Easy :cool:.


That's some expensive tickets :lol:

International Debut


Really happy for him since he's been great for us.  He's only 19 and I can see him being here for a long time.

Facilities Improved


Very nice, hopefully it'll help fulfil players potential.

Had to argue again though.




I want the best players we can get in!

Next Month


Hopefully we can keep up this brilliant form 'cause December looks :eek:.

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Still a pretty good month.

Tottenham were pretty good, they were the better side and I have no complaints.  Kane hitting in after a good cross just 2 minutes in and Ricci with a great strike just before the half.

Watkins put us ahead against Fulham and it was a tight contest until Geertruida was sent off for a bad challenge on Manning.  A minute later Manning put us ahead but Ronaldo Vieria just two minutes after pulled one back.  Late in the day Watkins got himself a brace to seal all 3 points.

I love when we beat a team like Chelsea.  Suarez put us ahead after just 11 minutes but Lukaku equalised after the break.  We both made subs through injury and Iheanacho found himself space to hit home a good cross after 58 minutes and to slot cooly home after we won a penalty in the 77th minute to kill off the game.

Still looking great in the table!



Europa League


I know I made some changes but we started slow against Celtic and Balogun put them up, we equalised before the break but they found themselves ahead just after.  We played much better after and I've no idea how we didn't equalise, we had enough chances to win.


Atleast we were much better against Sarajevo.


And with a game to go, we enter the next round.


Next Month


What on earth is that fixture list.  9 games in 28 days, wtf :lol:.

Worst bit is Manning has alot of interest from top top teams and with a Champs League clause, we'll lose him for 47mil when he's worth about 70-80 :(.  He isn't interesting in a new contract here.

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Still pretty well considering the complete madness.

We battered Blackburn.  Jordao scoring within the first minute.  Iheanacho scoring a hat-trick and Wiles getting on the scoresheet, easy.

We battered Burnley but we fell alseep in the last 15 minutes.  Felix with a brace, JCS and Watkins all scoring.  Yiga and Nino scored in the 78th and 83rd minute but the damage was already done.

Not a great game against Everton, it really was tight and thankfully Mannings goal saw us take all 3 points.

The comeback against Liverpool was class!  Saelemaekers lobbed Iversen within the first minute and my reaction was basically oh dear.  Manning equalised in the 9th minute and we were great in the second half.  Felix, Jordao both scoring and Joveljic putting in a pen.  Really good football from us.

Manchester City had one difference as they weren't the better side.  My word there's a reason Haaland is the best player in the world.  He scored a beauty and assisted, not much you can do facing a player of that quality.

Not happy we lost to Manchester United though.  We were both not our best but Bastoni gave away a penalty which Bruno put away for all 3 points.

Last minute drama against West Ham!  We tried, we were so tired and in the 93rd minute Joveljic put away Jordaos low cross!

Still 2nd, even when we don't play well we get the points, this really is great.




Carabao Cup


Quality infront of goal mattered, oh and Iversen playing that damn well :cool:.


Good draw for us but our fixture list in January is also complete madness.

Europa League


Really good game.  Iversen with the penalty save and we had a couple of offside goals. 

FA Cup Draw


Can play some of my young players in this atleast.

New Contracts


I'm staying :cool:

AND SO IS MANNING! :cool:.  I changed his squad status to important player, next thing I know he wanted a new contract.

He's our highest earner but he's worth it.




Youth Intake


Strange to see we have a CAM coming in as we don't play CAMS and our HOYD favours our formation.  Hopefully we get some good CMs in.

Next Month


Another crazy month with alot of football to be played.  Some transfers may happen also.  I'm not really interested in selling many players and it's weird to see Leeds wanting Felix and Burnley wanting Clarkson.  Felix has no interest in moving and I have no interest in selling.  Clarkson has that 40% sell on clause still so I'd rather he stayed.

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Really good month.  Our first draws of the Premier League campaign.

The Southampton game was really fun.  Clarkson replaced Jovic early on after injury and it became a game of set pieces.  Southampton going ahead after Klarer headed in a JWP freekick.  Mengi equalised heading in a Clarkson corner.  Adli then put Southampton back up getting on the end of a JWP freekick and Gundersen equalised after Clarksons freekick hit the crossbar and Gundersen was there to follow up.  Thankfully the second half was different and we were the better team.  Joveljic put us ahead, Jordao put us 2 ahead and Joveljic then got a brace.  Omar Richards was sent off for Southampton after a bad tackle and Bednarek headed in a JWP corner to pull one back but it was over.

All that and the Brentford game was pure boredom.  We couldn't break them down, they couldn't get past us.

It was pretty much the same against Newcastle but Bastoni put in a sweet ball and Jordao in acres of space hit the post!  It was the type of chance you'd of bet your house on.  I've no idea how we didn't score.

A couple of changes saw us play much better against Villa.  I'm not sure why it isn't a goal for one of our players but a shot at Martinez that he only gets his tips on goes in and it's down as an O.G after 2 minutes.  Iheanacho put us 2 up in the 17th minute and Martinez after missing a good chance, made sure it was 3 in the 68th minute.

Leciester should have won this, we weren't great.  A very good worked goal go us ahead though.  Iheancaho chips it to Jordao who nods back into space for Ihenacho to finish after 13 minutes.  A poor pass from Jordao gave Leicester the chance to equalise which they took in the 69th minute.  Gundersen put us ahead with a fantastic 20 yard strike and Jordao set up Iheanacho again.  Basonti gave away a late penalty but thankfully we took all 3 points home.

Different sort of game, had to rotate but it worked.  Clarkson corners gave us a 2 - 0 lead in 22 minutes after JCS headed in both.  Clarkson made it 3 -0 after a hitting in a lovely freekick.  Toney did pull one back in the 2nd half but it was sheer luck to me.  Lira has hit a long shot and Toney is just there to nod in, wasn't aimed, just hit and hope.  Felix made is 4 in the 93rd minute with a very sweet strike from outside the box.

Still 2nd!



Carabao Cup




Can we stop Haaland?

FA Cup


Lots of youth played and did well, really happy with that.


Tough game for us.  Always is against Southampton.


We didn't make any more.  No one in and out except Mansur who we'd bought in the summer.




Watford are in the Championship!!! :eek:


Next Month


Hopefully keep this form going!  Nervous and exciting that we're in a Cup Final.

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It's Cup Final Day

We're in good form, City just lost in the FA Cup to Leicester.  It's going to be a very tough game.

Can we stop Haaland?


We've both got our first team very much on.  COME ON YOU MILLERS!

First half and City kick off.

19th minute:  City hit the bar!  A cross in and Haaland gets up high and heads it onto the crossbar.

30 minutes in and the xG is 0.07 vs 0.06.  We're cancelling each other out!

35th minute:  Iversen makes a brilliant dave to deny Haaland after another cross into the box.

45th minute:  A good block to deny Haaland and it's half time.


Give it another 20 minutes and I'll make subs and attack.

Second half and The Millers kick off.

49th minute: A good cross by Del Prato but Edersen saves Mannings header.

54th minute: Edersen denies Gundersen and we don't make anything from the corner.

57th minute: City win a penalty.  I can't tell what for?  Del Prato wins the ball for me!!!  Haaland blasts it in, it's 1 - 0.  That's robbery.

Time to attack.  Huirton, Martinez and Iheanacho replace Del Prato, Mansur and Joveljic.

Felix also replaces Jordao.  Now Jovic replaces Manning.

20 minutes to go.

71st minute: Haaland long shot that's well saved.

79th minute:  We block a Haaland shot.

It's over.  City win.

That was never a penalty but we failed to break City down.  They defended so well.

I never win this cup :lol:.  I went unbeaten in the league with York on FM21, won the Champs League etc and STILL didn't win this cup :lol:.


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Great in the league, not the cups :D.  It's alright, we'll win Europa :lol:.

We weren't great at all vs Leeds but our Suarez headed in early to give us the lead.  Iheanacho put us two up after 30 minutes.  Leeds pulled one back in the 51st minute and it was a tight contest which Leeds edged but Mengi headed in after 92 minutes to give us the win.

We battered wolves.  Suarez, Iheanacho, Mengi and Gundersen all scoring.

We're still 2nd.  I reckon we'll finish there.  It's going to take some form to catch United.  They've scored 20 more goals than the 2nd team which is Arsenal and us.



Carabao Cup


FA Cup


Europa League Draw


Very tough game!  Hopefully we can progress here.

Next Month


Very difficult month.  All we can do is try.

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An alright month.

Iversen was fantastic against Arsenal because it could have easily been a cricket score.  They won two penaltys, the first he saved but the second Lukaku scored.  It was like we were shook after the City cup loss.  Our games came in the 1st minute and a fluke own goal.  Lukaku scored a hat-trick and should of had more.  It was a bad day.  Arsenal had an xG of 5.61 and 7 CCCs.

I struggle against Spurs, or I feel like I do.  They always seem to find the net and they did when Kane found Son just before the break.  Joveljic played the role of super sub and equalised in the 90th minute.

We were much better against Chelsea with Huge Felix scoring an absolute beaut to put us ahead in the 31st minute.  Joveljic on a sub again put us 2 - 0 up in the 85th minute which is what we needed as Saliba headed one back in the 91st minute.

We're still nicely 2nd.



Europa League


We struggled away and I was so happy with Suarez got us an away goal.

Thankfully at home we were much better.


And another difficult draw!


Youth intake



Only two capable players come through.  Draper could be brilliant if his potential it to be believed.


I doubt Irving will make it here but he's best of a bad bunch.


Manning for England

New contract and now capped with a goal on his 2nd cap :cool:





Three Millers, that's pretty cool to see.  Mansur is already going to my starting RW next season.

Next Month


Alot of games to be played, let's see what we can do.  I'm more interested in the Europa League than the Prem, we can't win it and we should quality for the Champs League.

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We've come out of it pretty well!

Not great infront of goal against Blackburn but Joveljic finished his penalty after 39 minutes and Hugo Felix put us 2 ahead after 59 minutes.

Much better football against Fulham but at times it's like we couldn't score!  Watkins set up Joveljic after 20 minutes and a fluke goal after 48 minutes saw Watkins finally end his goal drought.

Jordao put us ahead after 20 minutes against Burnley and Iheanacho doubled after 39 minutes.  Dionisi gave a really silly penalty away which Jack Stacey put after in the 84th minute to give Burnley some hope until Kipre under no pressure, finished Joveljics cross for a brilliant own goal.  What he was doing I've no idea :lol:.

Liverpool have a new manager and they were just better than us.  Santos scoring early on, Jota with a brace until Antony pulled one back but it was too late.

A crazy game at the Etihad!  We were 2 - 0 up thanks to a Iheanacho brace but City pulled one back through a corner that Chris Mepham finished. Dionisi pulled up with an injury and on I brought my better LB Bastoni.  Bastoni had a horrible game.  It went 2 - 2, 3 - 2 to City, we pulled it back through Del Prato to 3 - 3, they scored again thanks to another mistake from Bastoni but Del Prato found Jordao in the 93rd minute to equalise.  Bastoni got a nice fine afterwards :lol:.

So, if we beat Manchester United in the last game of the season and if we beat Everton and somehow drop points to Burnley we can win the league? Wth :lol:.





And I've already spent some of that.

It must have been a bad month for me to win Manager of the Month :lol:



Europa League


How we didn't win this I'll never know!  We have to do better in these sorts of games.


So glad away goals aren't a thing or we'd be out!  Joveljic the hero in extra time.

Onto PSG it is... :eek:


A game we probably should have won and we're not great away so we'll need some luck.

Next Month


Let's see what happens.  We could do a double or nothing :lol:.

Oh before I forget!  Two new players who will be arriving in the summer!

CB i've been tracking for some time.  Needs to remove his play no throguh balls trait and jobs a good'un.  He's been worth around 60mil for some time, not sure why he's listed or for so cheaply but he's going to be a great player I reckon.


And we're spending 34mil on a striker.


Looks pretty damn good to me :eek:

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Europa League


Bastoni played poor against City and then cost us against PSG.  We absolutely crumbled when we were down to 10 men.  The pace of Moukoko and Oshimhen was too much.

See what the league holds for us...

Man Utd win the league on GD :D


Let's be honest, what a season it's been.

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I thought this was already higher but it's that's true, damn :eek:.

Some awards


He's class, he'll be here for years to come hopefully.




Bastoni is usually class, shame about those two bad games.  Was never expecting Ihenacho to be there.  I was thinking about selling but he'll stay around now.

I'm going to be using my budget this season.  I'll be selling some of the "deadwood" and trying to bring in class to try and win some trophies.  Problem is I really need HG players.


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Overachievers and Iversen and Chalobah in the top signings :cool:.  To be honest Chalobah has been alot better than I expected.

The transer window is going well, records are being broke.

Antony and Jovic have finally left the building, man did they underperform.


At 31 our left back has made his international debut :D


And talking about international...


:eek:.  Not for me though.  I've got too much work to do with The Millers to think about the international stage.

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Season 2028/2029

Well, we've bought well.  We've tied some players down to some mental contracts, our wage budget is a "tad" more :lol:.  We've recruited in more and better staff.  It's been really progressive.

We have the best coaching team in the Premiership now :cool:


The Recruitment team and Medical have been improved.

Everyone loves transfers so here they are!


94mil worth of sales :lol:


Bentivoglio - a youth player with basically no potential.  Found it odd he was bought, so were the board and the fans.

Antony - Glad I managed to get any money for him, he's been so poor.

Del Prato - Had a year left so I cashed in.  Part of me wishes I'd kept him.

Iheanacho - All of a sudden he just hit a sharp decline so I thought I'd better cash in.

Haughton - A youth player with no potential that Brentford kept coming back for.

Jordao - I'm a fan but I want to get my younger players playing every game they can now.  The squad has better ability now anyway.

Watkins - Just didn't really need him anymore.

Jovic - So glad someone bought this fraud of a footballer.  Not a fan at all.  Went missing far too often.

JCS - His time here was up.

Wiles - Same as JCS.


Oh, we've spent.  It's actually difficult to bring players in due to the change in the transfer system and player values.  I had to proper shop around and look for players that'll fit.  It's harder to find some youth to steal compared to last years FM :lol:.


Yeah like I've only spent 29mil :lol:

I had deals already in place.


I've been tracking Kalulu for years, he should be a good squad player here.


Piccoli.. hopefully the Italian Michael Smith :cool:


2.3mil for Kone is an absolute steal.  He's going to be World Class!


Santana can hopefully be the difference in leading the line along with Piccoli.  I do like the Portuguese players on this years FM.


Talking about Portguese players.  I've been tracking Soares for a few years also.  I have faith that he'll do the job that Jovic couldn't.


Jones is English and very versatile.  He'll get games purely because he can play everywhere!


Harvey Elliott was my favourite player of FM21.  He carried my team to an unbeaten Prem season which I'd never done before.  He isn't as good but I was always going to bring him in if I had the chance.


We have a pretty big squad.  I'm not sure whether to let a couple leave on loan because I'd prefer them to be trained at club.  Joveljic can leave if an offer comes in.



It's why I played so many pre-season games to get them all fit :lol:.  Pretty happy we didn't lose 'cause Iversen has been at the Olympics all summer and we've had Ruiz in net or even our 16 year old Draper :lol:.


And now it starts! 


I'd be happy with 4 points, can we get 9?

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Really good opening!

Any Rotherham fan would have loved the opening day.  It took just 3 minutes for Santana to score and just 6 minutes for Soares to score :cool:.  They both ended up with braces and Felix finished off the scoring.  All 5 goals by my Portuguese players :cool:.  They did pull one back later on after I made some defensive subs to give players game time, oh well.

We should have won!!! :seagull:.  I say that but Tomiyasu was allowed to dribble all the way down the right into the box where Soares has given a soft penalty away after just 2 minutes which Iversen thankfully saved.  Santana put us ahead after a poor ball from Matheus Nunes that went straight to Manning who threaded through to Santana. Santana had more chances that he didn't put away and late on we conceded but I'm not sure how.  As in I've brought off Kalulu playing at LB for Dionisi, we've taken a corner and Arsenal have countered.  Where is my LB?  He's supposed to be defending with my RB but for some reason he's up the field.  They have all the space in the world to run into and Nelson does just that and puts it past Iversen to equalise.  I was livid, I've no why he's so far out of position for the corner.

Atleast it got better against Chelsea.  Both teams had great chances and neither players put them away.  It was late on that sub Curtis Jones put a ball low across the box that found Manning who I'd just changed position to MCR instead of MCL who put us ahead in the 87th minute.  I actually put us more cautious to not concede but Piccoli plays it back to Felix who plays a quality ball to the charging Manning who slots in for his 2nd in the 93rd minute!  Maybe I should swap Felix and Manning positions :lol:.

Really happy we didn't lose atleast.  Chelsea did unsettle Manning but he said he'd stay for 105k a week, which was only 20k a week more than he was on, that was fine with me.



Manning :cool:



Cup Draws


Think we should win this one.


Barcelona are a tough side but we've battered Benfica twice already and we shouldn't have an issue with Feyenoord.  I reckon we'll finish 2nd in the group to Barcelona.


I was forced into one more transfer.  Atletico Madrid came in for my backup goalkeeper Ruiz who I wanted to keep for HG registration but he wanted to move because I wouldn't make him a star player.  Well, he isn't good enough for one :lol:.  So I had to sell for quite cheap and spent a bit too much on backup.

Ruiz went for 175k + 50% sell on.

We brought in Kelleher for 10mil.


Not something I'd normally do, especially for a backup but we needed a solid player and he's that.

So now the window has ended



Only 14mil net for the quality we've brought in is great.


And we're somehow only 16th in the wage table :lol:.

The Prem though :eek:.  Maybe this year I should try a save in a different country 'cause that's mad money!


Next Month


Back to proper football, alot of games.  Just play the best we can.  We overachieved last season and we're only expected to finish in the top half.  Europa qualification is the minimum I'd like to finish.

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Frustrating to lose to Manchetser United.  The xG lovers won't be liking it at all.  We were the better side but they had quality in their finishing.  Mbappe scored an absolute brilliant strike from outside the area after 26 minutes and I thought we were still in it.  After 56 minute Fofana headed in Fernandes' corner and that was game.

I cannot believe we drew against Everton :seagull:.  Better side that collapsed at the end of both halves!  Mengi gave us the lead after 32 minutes and Felix doubled after 44.  Toni Martinez headed home after 45+3.. and then again in the 90th minute!  We can't crumble like that if we want to win cups!

Much better against Newcastle.  They took the lead after 24 minutes through Zaniolo but Santana equalised in the 33rd.  He went off injured but sub Piccoli got his first league goal to give us the lead.  Soares went sent off for us after 59 minutes for a horrific challenge that looked like he won the ball in the ME :lol:.  We made a couple of subs and position changes and we played well.  Manning set up Jones in the 87th minute to kill off the game.

Former Miller Ineanacho is to thank for our victory against Wolves.  We had chances and didn't put them away.  He fouled Suarez in the box though to win us a penalty which Joveljic put away for all 3 points.

Still doing pretty well.  Like I said above, top half is what we're expecting.



Carabao Cup


Piccoli was brilliant :cool:

I'd love to get revenge next round.  It's going to be a tough game.


Champions League


Well, I do like a challenge :cool:.  150-1 :lol:.


It took far too long for us to take the lead against Benfica.  Thankfully we won.


Not good enough against Feyernoord.  We had all the chances yet we found ourselves 2 behind.  They had more chances when I stuck 2 upfront which was probably a bad decision but thankfully we'd pulled it back for a draw.


Next Month


I'd very much like 9 points in the league here.  7 at the very least.  Let's see what sort of challenge Barcelona are.

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Fantastic month!

We fell behind early against Villa, after just 5 minutes but 2 minutes later Manning found Mansur to equalise.  It was Manning in the 59th minute that put us ahead but 2 minutes after Vera scored a quality strike for Villa to restore parity.  It was Santana found by Jones who gave us the win!  Villa were the better side, 3 shots on target, 3 goals from us.

We kept the goals flowing.  Manning scoring after 15 minutes, Curtis Jones with a brace in the 59th and 61st and Mansur in the 63rd.  Bowen pulled one back with a quality assist from.. Jovic? :lol:.  They played well and very much attacked in the last 20 minutes and we had to defend but we held on.

All I can say is


He was brilliant :eek:.  Palace did pull it back to 2 - 1 but Santana was just too good.  Suarez finished the scoring off.

We're playing really well.  I'm so shocked how good Curtis Jones has been.  I mean, Manning has been amazing playing in the CM role this season, he usually plays at AML but I gotta give Curtis Jones a shout out.  He's been quality.

We've all caught up and we're sat in 3rd.



Manning again :cool:




Carabao Cup


My word, we missed so many chances.  They played fringe and youth players and we could not put the ball into the net.  We deserved to win though it was far too close that we didn't.

Haaland has been out injured but I'm sure he's going to be back for the game vs City.  Wish us luck!


Champions League


Barcelona weren't great but they created two clear chances from nothing.  Glad we managed to equalise, felt like we deserved it.


Goalscorer getting sent off late on but we did more than enough to hold on :cool:


Another record broke.


Hopefully this means we're through but Feyenoord could prove difficult.

Next Month


Difficult end to November.  Hopefully we can get a point or two from Spurs and Liverpool.

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What a month!!!  Couldn't have asked for anything better!

Our top scorer Santana had picked up a knock and wasn't available against Leeds so I changed formation slightly to suit Piccolia more.  Wow, did it work :eek:.  Leeds didn't manage to have a shot on target until the last 20 minutes.  Piccoli put us ahead after 13 minutes.  I brought on my youngster Castro who finished first time after a lovely ball from left back Dionisi after 88 minutes.  Kalulu then put in a peach of a cross for Piccoli to get himself a brace in the 91st minute.  Lovely football.

We took the same formation against Fulham but we couldn't score!  We missed clear chances, hit the woodwork 3 times!  It was through an 83rd minute own goal that we took the lead.  I'm not 100% sure what happened.  Gundersen is in a good spot close to goal, I think his shot may have full on bounced off of Christian into his own net.  I'll take whatever we need to win :lol:.

We beat Spurs! We did beat them twice in 2026 but we've struggled since.  Mbye scored the opening goal for Spurs after a great pass into space by Max Aarons.  Santana was found by Manning who equalised for us after 40 minute.  It was a very tight game, I changed back to the formation I'd used again Leeds, stuck Santana at AMR, Piccoli upfront and Kalulu was having to play LB due to injuries and suspensions.  Kalulu from the left wing on his right foot, put in a brilliant cross for Santana to hit in after 89 minutes!  So happy we beat Spurs!

And what a win away at Liverpool!  Lorenzo Lucca beat Suarez in the air and headed in after just 2 minutes but Mansur headed in after 16 minutes from a great cross by Bastoni to equalise.  Huirton found Curtis Jones who put us ahead after 33 minutes.  I always knew he'd score if I played him, it's what you do on FM against your old team.  He didn't celebrate which Liverpool were happy about :lol:.  Santana missed a good chance after his effort smashed against the post but made up for it after a weak pass by Vitinha back to Allison was stolen by Santana to put is 3 - 1 up!  We were the better side but Lucca was found in the box and headed back down to Szoboszlai who smashed it in to pull one back in the 83rd minute but we held on.

Absolutely brilliant but we still can't catch Manchester United.  Mbappe is just too good.





Cheers T :cool:.

Champions League


Feyenoord could still qualify, they face us next but we're at home.


Played quite a few youth players and thankfully we didn't crumble after Kalulu's silly sending off.  They picked up two injuries late on so we played about 10 minutes 10 v 9.


International Debut


We have alot of internationls now, it's great to see how far we've come :D.

Next Month


Just try our best, that's alot of football to be played!

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Another fantastic month!

City were without Haaland and Joao Felix and we took advantage of that.  Manning scoring after just 9 minutes, Clarkson scoring a belter after 15 minutes.  Suarez heading in after 47 minutes and Santana getting on the scoresheet after finishing a penalty.  Lovely.

West Ham was a strange game.  Alot of players went in nervous because the amount of Rotherham records we could break.  Manning missed a fantastic change early on and after 40 minutes we won a pen.  Usual takers Manning and Santana were nervous so I let Clarkson take it but it was saved.  He made it up for after a quality corner was swung in that Mengi finished just before the break.  Suarez headed in after 48 minutes but West Ham pulled one back after 76 minutes.  Manning with a quality strike from just inside the box after 82 minutes killed the game off.

Complete control against Brighton.  Santana getting us off to a great start after just 9 minutes.  Mansur doubled after 22 and Manning put us 3 up after 29 minutes.  Soares put us 4 up after 47 minutes and that was game.

Now Southampton are usually our bogey team and were struggling to make a break through.  Santana was found after a lovely ball from Gundersen to put us ahead in the 60th minute.  Santana killed the game off with a brace in the 91st minute.  Brilliant win.

I can't believe we only drew this!  We battered Leicester.  Two offside goals by literal cms and we didn't put our chances away.  Suarez headed in Bastonis corner but Diallo equalised from nothing in the 71st minute.  We just couldn't score, we hit the woodwork, had chances but could not win.

There's a reason Hull are bottom.  We went with the more control tactic and Piccoli returning from injury upfront.  Felix finally did something and scored after 11 minutes, he's been poor this season compared to the rest of the team.  Gundersen put us 2 up after 52 minutes and then Curtis Jones got himself a brace.  His 2nd goal was a 24 yard curling striker, absolutely wonderful hit.

We're playing superb.  We're such a good team but Manchester United are just too good.



Carabao Cup


Brilliant win, their xG came from this.. is this a bug or what? :lol:.  I've no idea what Mengi or Iversen ae doing!  Why does Iversen have his back to play ffs :lol:.



We should be beating Brighton to set up another final.

Champions League


We beat Feyenoord and Barcelona beat Benfica.


Tough draw next but I think we can win.


FA Cup Draw


Should win this, a good local game.




Really great runs.   We're still unbeaten but we drew against Leicester so hopefully we can start another winning run.

Youth intake


I'll take two good wide players :cool:.

Next Month


That's an incredibly difficult month.  Just play the best we can.  We could end up with 3 points or 15, it's gonna be tough.

Atleast the cup draws aren't bad. 

Not sure if I'll make any transfers.  Joveljic has just left and a couple of the youth I brought in are wanted and they might not make it here so cashing in isn't a bad thing.  We'll see what's offered.


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Overall a brilliant month.

Mansur gave us the lead against Arsenal and we were easily the better side but Reiss Nelson with a great strike yet again against us drew the game level.  Hugo Felix scored after a Curtis Jones through ball.  Felix owed us that against the first Barnsley game where he was terrible :lol:.

Everton went down to 10 men after just 16 minutes with Calegari being sent off for a second yellow.  Now I thought we were a bit of a thuggish team that liked to foul but we were soft compared to Everton.  I mean, they had 1 shot, 0 on target but it took 'til the 78th minute when Soares found Santana for us to take the lead.

It was an even game but Chelsea were just clinical, I wasn't happy with Chelseas third goal.  It was a great hit but Iversen could have done better, his awareness seems off at the moment, you'll see another instance below.  Havertz scored after a freekick came in, the ball was flicked on and he headed home but Manning equalised just a minute later.  Havertz put Chelsea back ahead with a header from a corner.  Manning equalised again after a good ball from Santana but Wirtz hit a 25 yarder off the post and in to give Chelsea the lead.  Iversen just wasn't in a position to save it.

I don't think the weather helped against Manchester United but we weren't great, I tried to change it later as we'd kept Mbappe and Greenwood quiet but Crook with his explosive pace was played through and gave United the win in the 87th minute.

Newcastle took the lead through this... another Iversen/Mengi mistake, what's going on?


Thankfully 6 minutes later we won a penalty which Piccoli put away.  Manning was found by Soares in the box who headed home the winner in the 50th minute.

Manchester United are flying.  Arsenal just beat them 4 - 1 but I can't see them slipping up.


My strikers have a bit quiet since the ME update.  Greenwood has scored 11 in 4 though :lol:.


I mean I was pretty proud of this, steam achievements popped etc.


A record will have to try and beat, it currently stands at 31.


Carabao Cup


Turns out I didn't screenshot the first leg but we won 3 - 0 with Gundersen, Piccoli and Jones all scoring in the 2nd half.


A game we can win and hopefully we don't lose in the final again this year :D.

FA Cup


We were nearly out!  I know I played some of my 18/19 year old youths I'd brought in but we were terrible infront of goal!  Manning was our saviour thankfully!


No clean sheet again for Kelleher but atleast we won.

Turns out we've drawn Wigan next, I missed that one :lol:.



I brought in a GK my scouts were raving about.  Joveljic was sold for 7mil and should be in here.  I'll recruit again in the summer, think I need a better DM.



Some money being spent in Germany! :eek:



Still love that we're 2nd in the league and 17th in the wage table :cool:

Next Month


Hoping February is a really good month, like a cup winning month :brock:.


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It's Cup Final Day

Attempt #2

After losing last years Carabao Cup final to Manchester City.  Today we face Arsenal.

Line ups:


Lukaku is guaranteed to score.

First half:

Arsenal kick off

1 minute: Corner in from Clarkson and Mengi heads just over!

4th minute: It's 1 - 0 to Arsenal.  Quick passing and Saka plays in Martinelli who slots in.

5th minute: Hopeful shot from Santana but it's an easy catch.

10th minute: Traore with a shot from outside the area that's easy for Iversen.

13th minute: Header by Martinelli that's easy for Iversen

19th minute: A great block to deny Manning, the corner comes to nothing.

34th minute: Freekick into the box and Tierney hits wide.

Martinella goes off injured and Smith-Rowe replaces.

45th minute: Bastoni with a freekick that's saved.

Half time, my word we gotta do better!


I'm bringing Jones and Piccoli on for Mansur and Soares and changing formation.

Second half:

Rotherham kick off.

50th minute: Felix comes on for Gundersen

58th minute: Corner in by Arsenal and we clear, it's back in and Iversen makes a great save to deny Traore.

62nd minute: Lukaku blasts over. 

We're doing terrible here.

Santana is injured and replaces by Elliott, so back to my normal formation.  Kalulu makes the last sub as he replaces Huitron.


73rd minute: Piccoli with a good chance but he smashes it against the bar!

74th minute: Elliot finds Piccoli but it's an easy save.

82nd minute: Arsenal hit the post this time.

It's over... another Carabao Cup final loss.  We just do not turn up when we get to Wembley. 


The M.E update does not like my strikers :lol:


Oh well, try again next year I guess :lol:.


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Good enough month I guess :(.

The Palace game was frustrating defensively.  A ball over the top from the palace GK and my players haven't even looked like they're going to defend it, it bounces for their attacker to put in to equalise.  We took the lead in the first minute after Manning set up Felix but Araujo equalised for Palace.  Felix scored again but that ball over the top.. Palace qualised.  Jones put us ahead again, Piccoli buried the game and Felix scored a 95th pen for his hat-trick.

2.19 xG vs 3.21 xG and it was 1 - 1.  Both teams had chances, we had more.  We were leading until the 89th minute when Toni Martinez, the ex-Everton striker who put two past us last season in both added times to equalise did it again.  Felix who'd scored a hat-trick last game including a brilliant pen had another pen to put away in the 81st minute but placed it this time and it was saved.  We threw two points.

Much better against Villa.  Manning with a brace and Gundersen with the other, all set up by midfielders.  Strikers were no where to be found in this game.  Still, a great win where Villa didn't manage a shot on target.

How good are United :lol:




Carabao Cup


Two finals, two losses, try again next time!

FA Cup



Hopefully we can make the FA Cup final this year.

Champions League


More of this please :cool:

Next Month


Hopefully keep the good form going and get a good opponent in the FA Cup.  We can still do the treble :lol:.

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I've just recently had surgery and I'm pretty much stuck in the house until next week which is why I'm playing so much FM :lol:

We crumbled against Bournemouth.  2 - 0 up and in control, a freekick is swung in and Huitron handballs and it sent off for a second yellow.  They convert the penalty and a big gap is left late on for Llyod to run into to put past Iversen.  Two points thrown.

Better against Leeds.  Went to my other tactic that we played against them last time.  Piccoli scored after 11 minutes and Mansur did score straight away but it's ruled offside, I still think he's on now!  But that was that, easy win for us.

Manning with the early brace really helped us along here.  Hojlund did pull one back and I'm thinking, not again.  Soares was found by Manning to put us 3 - 1 up and subs Bastoni found Santana for 4 - 1.  Lovely.

I'm hoping Arsenal don't catch us.



Magic Manning :cool:.  Spurs are very interesting in him but they've got no chance :lol:.



FA Cup


Arsenal had the best chances and controlled the first half but late on we came alive.  This is the goal.  Pure and utter "housery" :lol:


Zero care by Santana that their player went down injured


Tough draw but we can win.

Champions League


Lovely but come on... AGAIN?


We've drawn Arsenal in every competition we're in ffs :lol:.  They do have some key players out that were injured against us :lol:.  Hopefully we can get through.

Youth intake


Only one player that can make it but my word, what a player he looks like he could be :eek:


Best player I've ever had in a youth intake iirc.  Looks like Alan Smith to me :lol:.



I'm scouting the Turkish Mbappe but he doesn't look good to me.  Vlorsim Duriqi is #1.  Hes an incredible goalkeeper, probably going to be best in the world if he continues.

International Debut


Awesome to see both Bastoni and Piccoli have been capped now by Italy.  Just waiting on Mansur who is the best out of the three but he's only 19.

Next Month


Some tough games, hopefully we can get a final or two.

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Really good cup month!

Can't believe how we lost to Liverpool.  Low cross comes in, hits Kone and it's an own goal.  We had chances to equalise but our finishing was poor, as in clear chances.

Really proud of the team against West Ham.  Manning, Jones and Gundersen were all out so we had a different midfield.  Chalobah as the DM, Clarkson in CM with Felix.  It worked.  Soares got himself a brace with Mengi, Chalobah and Mansur all getting on the scoresheet.  Kone on a sub made a good block the ball was fortune for Kyle Walker-Peters to attack and slot past Iversen. 

What a come back against Southampton.  I rested some players as we're about to face Spurs in the 2nd leg.  Soares took the lead but a killer pass by Ward-Prowse set up Katompa to equalise.  Dionisi gave away a penalty which Adli put away to Soton to take the lead.  Santana who was onside from a cross restored parity and in the 90th minute Soares found Clarkson who hit home for the win!  Great comeback.

We can take 2nd back of Arsenal but Man Utd are too good.



FA Cup


Great win and we had proper chances to score more, we missed them and saw Liverpool pull one back but thankfully it was too late.


Tough final.  Can we get revenge on last seasons Carabao Cup?

Champions League


I full on defended away, if I could keep a clean sheet here then I could get through.


Phew.  Iversen made a crucial save at the very end to deny Nelson who was played in.  Mansur should have given us the lead early on but somehow missed.  His goal came form a weak header that looped over slowly, hit the inside of the post, rolled on the line a little and then went in, I wasn't expecting a goal :lol:.  But I'll take any goal :cool:.

Onto Spurs...


We kept them quiet but we should of scored a couple more.  Hope that doesn't come back to haunt us. It shouldn't at home.

Next Month


Hopefully we'll finish 2nd but I don't mind finishing 3rd aslong as we bring home atleast 1 trophy.  Let's see!

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End of Premiership Season


We finished 2nd so I'm happy.

We were clinical against Brighton and that's what mattered.  I had some backup/youth players on so it was great to see.  Santana scored after an amazing ball from Jones after 2 minutes.  Elliott doubled from a nice long range shot in the 46th minute and a great ball from youngster Juninho set up Gundersen to finish the game.

Great to see us beat Spurs, they had a couple of chances but we were the better side.  It was Huitron with a shot from outside the box who gave us the lead after 52 minutes, Santana doubled after 64 and that was that.

We played City just two days after so I had to put youth on.  We struggled and Joao Felix took the lead for City in the 68 minutes but Suarez headed in Clarksons corner with our only shot on target :lol: in the 79th minute.  Draw was a great result.

We were well beaten by Leicester and if it wasn't for Iversen it could have been a bigger scoreline.  Mengi gave away an early pen that Maddison finished after just 5 minutes.  Felix equalised after 9 but Leicester never stopped.  Cantwell putting them away just before the break.  Diallo made it 3 after 58 minutes.  One of the worst games I've seen us play.  We have to do alot better in our cup games.

Honestly, United are just incredible :eek:.  Look at that GD!!!


Greenwood is unreal!



That's a brilliant stat.  Still think we concede too many at times


We've scored the 2nd most.  Manchester United have scored 133 in 38 games, that's insane.


13 more than Arsenal, hopefully we can get a few less next season.



He's been missed recently.  He's superb.


2nd year in a row I've robbed OGS :cool::lol:



Not a shock to see Bastoni in again and then Manning in.  Nice to see Santana in, I thought Leicesters striker would be there.

Two big games coming up..


Surely I can win one of them? :lol:.  I can't make it 4 finals, 4 losses can I? :lol:.  I guess I won my first final, the JPT :brock:.

And we're without Suarez :seagull:


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FA Cup Final

It's final #2 of 3. 

Can we stop Haaland?  Suarez is a huge miss.



Going to try my 2nd formation.  When I go attacking at Wembley we lose.

First half:

Rotherham kick off.

1st minute: Manning with a powerful effort but it's wide.

3rd minute: There's a goal.. thankfully it's offside as it was scored by City!

6th minute: Great ball and Haaland is in, he should score but it's wide.

9th minute: Good ball in but Mannings header is saved by Ederson

23rd minute: We were carved apart too easily and Iversen makes a great save to deny Haaland.

26th minute: Lovely mistake at the back allows a goal.. to Rotherham!  Santana passes, Gvardiol slides in to block, the ball is straight at the feet of Manning to slot in! 1- 0!

27th minute: Instant reply and we're being done by balls in.  Soler with a great ball to Haaland who's onside slots in, it's 1 - 1.

41st minute: Great passing and it's a great save by Ederson to deny Santana, we win a corner but it's headed out and City clear.

It's a very tight game at half time!


Second half:

City kick off.

60th minute: Jones and Piccoli replace Mansur and Soares.

63rd minute:  What a save!  Devine is found in a great area but Iversen denies!

67th minute: A curling shot by Manning and it's just wide.

70th minute: Huge Felix is on for Gundersen.

72nd minute: What a block!  Gvardiol blocks Santanas shot that looked like it was destined for the back of the net!

73rd minute: Joao Felix tries an outragerous shot that's high and wide.

75th minute: City cross in and it's headed at Iversen but it's an easy catch.

82nd minute: Freekick in by Bastoni and it drops, no one can take control, it's out to us and we're passing about but City aren't allowing us any space!

87th minute: Jones crosses but City head out, Santana has it but hits high and wide.

It's going to extra time.


First half extra time:

Rotherham kick off.

90th minute:  What a sitter!!! Jones is played in, strong foot, clear chance.  That's closer to the corner flag!! :seagull:

95th minute: Another good chance!  Santana crosses, Piccoli meets but it's wide!

98th minute: Chalobah replaces Manning, only just back from injury and is very very tired.  Shame 'cause he's playing well.

102nd minute: Poor ball from Clarkson and City try and break, luckily we're still back in numbers and Suanes from outside the box hits a very poor effort.

Second half extra time:

City kick off.

114th minute: Demir hits a freekick that's just wide.

117th minute: I can't tell if it's a mishit by Huitron or what but it lands to Balogun who should score but misses a great chance.

It's penaltys.

My word, I don't like this.

We go first.

It's Piccoli.. smashed in the top corner.  1 - 0.

Joao Felix.. Iversen dives the right way but it's the bottom corner.  1- 1.

Huge Felix... Lucky!  It's in but looks like it goes under Ederson!  2 - 1.

Foden.. placed in the opposite corner.  2- 2.

Curtis Jones.. Ederson goes the right way but it's a good pen.  3 - 2.

Balogun.. makes up for his miss, good pen.  3- 3.

Santana.. Ederson goes the right way but it's top corner, good hit.  4 - 3.

Gvardiol steps up.. Iversen goes the right way but it's a good hit. 4 - 4.

Getting nervous :lol:

Clarkson... denied!  Ederson saves! 4 - 4.  City can win it

Demir steps up... saved!!!!! What a save!!!! Still 4 - 4.

Kone steps up... in!  5 - 4.

Ruben Dias... SAVED!!!








I've gotta replay the damn final! :(

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FA Cup Final #2

Well, since we crashed after we won!  We go again!

Same lineups.


First half:

Rotherham kick off.

6th minute: Good passing and football by The Millers but our shots are blocked.

21st minute: Good chance for Haaland but it's over.

24th minute: Cross in but Haaland heads well over.

27th minute: Great save to deny Haaland again. 

28th minute: Corner in, Haaland just heads wide.

We're not playing half as well as before :(.

45th minute: Penalty!?  No, it's just outside the box.  Bastoni takes the freekick but it comes to nothing.

End of the first half, we've been poor and I'm telling them.


Second half:

City kick off.

50th minute:  Goal...?  GOAL!  It's a goal to Rotherham!  Manning find Soares who slots in!  He's miles onside, go away VAR!

55th minute:  Haaland crosses, Felix shoots but it's blocked.  Devine volleys it well over.

60th minute: Goal? No VAR?  It's 2 -0!!!  Bastoni finds Mansur who slots past Ederson!!!  2 chances, 2 goals!

61st minute: Great passing and movement from The Millers and it somes great defending by City to deny us a 3rd.  We win a corner, Clarkson takes but it's headed out.

63rd minute:  It's 2 - 1.  Great football by City, Conceicao crosses in and finds Balogun to hit in.

65th minute: Hugo Felix replaces Gundersen.

67th minute: Loose ball and Santana hits it but it's wide.

74th minute: Poor cross by Soares, it's to Ederson.  They kick off poorly and it's a good save to deny Soares!  Corner comes in but Mengis shot is blocked.

80th minute: Piccoli replaces Santana and Chalobah replaces Clarkson.

87th minute:  Good pressing by Rotherham, Manning shoots but it's over.

92nd minute: A poor ball and Balogun is in.. it's a goal.  What the heck was that Chalobah!!!! It's 2 -2!!! I cannot believe it.  1 minute left and he does that!!!  I'm raging, I'm actually raging.


It's extra time.. again.  Chalobah can be sold for that if we don't win.


Extra time first half: 

Rotherham kick off.

94th minute: Freekick in, it drops and Iversen makes a great save to deny a 3rd.  Corner comes in but it's headed out.

101th minute:  Good save from Iversen to deny a shoot header.

Curtis Jones is replacing Manning.

Half time.

Extra time second half:

City kick off.

106th minute: Close!  Hugo bursts through, plays it back to Mansur, to Soares whos shot is blocked, Hugo follows up with a header but Ederson gets across to save.

118th: I'm shouting, Jones deny the cross!  Deny the cross!  The cross comes in and Iversen makes a great save to deny Balogun.

It's another penalty shoot out.

Rotherham to go first.

Hugo Felix... Ederson goes the right way but it's cooly slotted deep in the corner.  1- 0.

Soler steps up.. smashed in the corner.  1 - 1.

Picolli.. rockets that in!  2 - 1.

Foden steps ups.. Iversen close!  It's 2 - 2.

Curtis Jones.. well wide!  What was that!  2 - 2.

Balogun steps up... easy.  2 - 3.

Mansur steps up... in!  3 - 3.

Gvardiol.. Iversen close but it's 3 - 4!

Bastoni steps up... that's a rocket!  4 - 4.

It's all down to this penalty....

Demir steps up... saved!  Straight down the middle and Iversen says thank you very much!  4 - 4!

Kone is back.. Ederson close but well took!  5 - 4.





I think my save has broke?



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Just now, DefinitelyTaylor said:

Oh no... :( When was the save last saved to a separate file? You may need to go to it. That's gutting.

There's thankfully an auto-save from literally 2 minutes prior to my last save.  Here's hoping.

I'm gutted.  I'll be gutted if this save has ended.

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Clarkson just did a Chalobah, what the heck is my luck.

And now they've cleared off the line...

We've won a pen!!! Piccoli hits in, 88th minute!

98th minute, use my sub and then my RB gets injured so we're down to 10 men.  This is frustrating, it's 2 - 2 at 105 minutes...We hit the bar!  Iversen then becomes a hero again! It's penaltys for the third time :lol: but they go first :(.  I like that.

FFS.  We won the shoot out, post-game dressing room speech again and...


I'll reload and see if City wins helps?  Maybe it's the speech afterwards?  I've used the same one three times.

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Won again, used a different shout, crashed. 

This sucks.  I've gotta try and lose to see if it works.  This really really sucks.

Gonna try and validate steam files and see if it does anything, I have zero intention of using holiday to skip it, I'd rather lose the game and it work. 

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