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[Suggestion] Improved set piece generator

Gooner Gary

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I know set pieces are a probable hot topic with various suggestions being made.  So apologies if this has already been suggested as a way of improving set pieces.

Have the ability to give players specific start positions and then instructions.  For instance, allowing multiple players attack from the edge of the box but making runs to different locations and allowing for diagonal runs.  Also allow for players who lurk outside the box to be better position eg one on the right side and the other on the left side.

Also, allow for an attacking player for a corner or wide free kick to come half way between the taker and near post to allow for a backward header and conversely a player on the far side to allow for a header or cross  back towards the goal or pull back to centre of the box.

For an AI point of view for defenders it will be a decision to either do man marking or zonal marking.  

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