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One of the biggest UI/UX things that I’m hoping might see a change is when swiping between screens during a match. The bars at the top and bottom are the same info on each screen, but I get visually confused when those bars swipe along with the center portion. 

it would be slick to see the bars stay put while the center section swipes, as if they are layered on top of the other screens. And then only the little dot on the top bar would change position. It would definitely feel like a little cleaner UX when navigating those during a match. Any chance that could happen? 


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100% agree with this, im already used to it, but it would be a nice upgrade to the interface, cause its a bit weird for example if you swipe while searching players the whole screen with the bars and buttons included swipe along just to be exactly the same on the next page, i think the game already is really nice to see and all the things are well placed to use, but it is true this would be a nice upgrade for next years.

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On 22/10/2021 at 21:25, Alari Naylor said:

This is something we've looked at a few times but surprisingly annoying to get right with the UI system we use. It's definitely on the radar but might be a longer term thing.

Thanks for the reply, nonetheless! I’ll keep my UI/UX notes for next season. ;)

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