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Welcome to the Database and Research forums. Here you'll find some information on data in FM22 and some issues that come up frequently.

We cannot stress enough how important it is to follow the advice given in the opening post of every thread please. We are more than happy to engage in discussion but it needs to be valid and constructive; you're unlikely to get a reasoned response (or a response at all) if you're not willing to follow the suggested guidelines.

We'd also ask you to play the game and see how players perform before commenting on subjective attributes within their profile. Those attributes may or may not need revising but it's always much better to see the bigger picture with how the game plays out.

If errors are made, then they are made in good faith. We would love it to be 100% accurate but mistakes can be made. If some data is incorrect, please respect that this is not a deliberate slight against your club or you personally! Remember there is an Editor for you to make amendments should you wish to.


The database requires dates to be added for transfers, playing and non-playing histories and updated contract information amongst many other things. Please include those when logging your data issues.

Regarding short-term loans

FM22, like every one of our previous games, does not include any player movements where short-term ("emergency") loans are concerned. Any loan that starts after September 1, in England, is considered to be an emergency loan and is therefore not included in the game.* One month loans are too short to include and do not duly influence the game play.

We only include long-term loans in the data. In England, this is specifically any loan that starts in the transfer window and ends when the transfer window reopens in January. 

So the omission of any player on a short-term loan is not a data error.

* The only exceptions have been where a player has been loaned with a permanent move arranged.

Regarding youth players and inclusion of U16's

People have asked in threads 'why isn’t player X included?'

Players have to be least 16 years old as at 01/09/2021 (i.e. they have a date of birth no more recent than 31/08/2005) to be included in FM22.


Philip Rolfe said:
The rule we operate to is that a player who is 16 by September 1st of the starting game year in England can be in the game. This is when they can sign a scholarship and are no longer schoolboys. Anybody younger than that cut-off point will not be in the game because of child protection issues.

Breaking News

Please refrain from posting news articles that have just happened and articles about player "X" and his move that happened yesterday. These are not data issues, they will be picked up by researchers and updated through the correct channels. If posting about missing transfers that are not represented in the data, please include the date the player signed for a club (or left a club).

Star Ratings

A common misconception is that star ratings reflect a player's ability in the game. They do not, they reflect the player’s standing at your club. So if you own the player, he is judged by your Assistant Manager. If you do not own the player, he is judged by your Scout. Naturally the accuracy of these ratings can vary dependent on the quality of your Assistant Manager and Scout.

Attribute definitions/explanations

Jumping Reach - This is how good a player is at reaching a ball in the air. It is not how high the player gets his feet off the ground. it is linked to a player's height. As a guide our researchers have a table to use for players with varying heights. The taller the player the bigger the jumping attribute. The smaller the lower.

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Gabriel martinelli starts the game as Italian when he is brazilian he has dual nationalitys but he represented brazil in the Olympics fair to say his nationality will be brazilian 3 years running this oversite has been there it needs changing for mobile version and xbox version aswell.

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On 25/02/2022 at 22:26, lbowman6 said:

When was the data 'cut-off' for the new 22.3 update?

Why does this matter?

If you find a data error, please post it, regardless of whatever deadlines have happened in the past.


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