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[Danish] Issues in Danish Translation

Woodg SI

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  • SI Staff

Please post all issues relating to this language translation of this version of FM in this topic.

Please try to provide a screenshot by attaching it to your post (or if a saved game is needed please follow instructions here

Please refer to the sticky topic for Translation reporting Guidelines. This can be found here - ***-READ-BEFORE-POSTING-***-Posting-in-the-Translation-Forum

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This a wrong translation and really annoying to look at. It only happens some times and can't figure out why


But this is the right translation.

Can you please try and fix this. Thx

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When the game wants to abbreviate thousand  (e.g. 100.000) it uses "T" (100T) instead of "K" (100K). It doesn't make any sense. I've never in my life seen anyone use the letter "T" as a shortened version of thousand in Danish. I played a bit of FM17 recently and in that version "K" was used, which makes sense, as kilo is used a lot in the metric system, which is used in Denmark.

I definitely think you should change the abbreviation back to K asap. :)

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