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Linked Competition bug - linked competitions are selected, but no team available unless manually selected

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Everything works, just a weird bug in selection. Uploading DB (database_ICHA.zip), which uses the most recent PremierPivot as a base and has these added competitions/teams/players.

I created a fictitious college system, spanning 6 continents (using real life colleges and adding hockey programs internationally), combining many of the IRL university systems from Europe and Asia into the appropriate league and adding over 100 universities from other major cities)

NCAA (unchanged from PIvot, based in the US)

Canadian U Sports (league unchanged, reputation boosted, based in Canada)

European University Hockey League (Northwest, based in Great Britain)

European University Hockey (Southeast, based in Russia)

Liga Latinamerica de Hoque a Universidade (based in Mexico)

Babalonion Ascension Collegiate Association (based in Egypt)

Asia Pacific Collegiate Association (based in Japan)

I've created a Memorial Cup type tournament at the end of the Collegiate competitions (7 winners + 1 host, in an 8 team tournament) called the International Collegiate Hockey Association (ICHA based in Switzerland)). This all works the way I want it to. The issue is when you start the database. You need to select each league manually BEFORE clicking the ICHA, otherwise, no teams are selectable.

Example. Starting new game. Clicking International Collegiate Hockey Association, auto selects the 7 leagues listed above as enhanced (this is expected).

But when you go to the team selection screen, no collegiate teams are available when you select International Collegiate Hockey Association first and it auto selects the linked leagues, this is where all the enchanced leagues should be available)


If you go back and start a new game again. But select each of the leagues separately, THEN select the linked league last, all the countries and the appropriate leagues are available:


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