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What's your FM Save Back Story?


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Maybe its just me, but whenever I start a new save, I enjoy to create a backstory for my manager.


Why are they managing this club?

What are their long term aspirations?

What is their personality and media approach?

Are they loyal to their players or cut-throat and draconian in their approach?


For my most recent long term save I started out in South America at Central Espanyol in Uruguay. I wanted to have a fun journeyman save, starting in a continent that I hadn't played in before. But for my manager, a 30 year old inexperienced Englishman with no badges, why the hell was I in Uruguay?! The back story I created was that my manager had decided to take a sabbatical from work and, along with his partner, he had moved over to Uruguay as part of a year long touring holiday of South America. Whilst out there, he began volunteering for a local youth football team, running some coaching programs using his experience of working with a local Sunday league team back home. After a couple of months he began making connections within the local footballing community of Montevideo, which is home to over a dozen Semi-pro and Professional football clubs; the hub of Uruguayan football. One such connection put my manager in contact with the Managing Director of Central Espanyol who he was introduced to at a lavish party that my guy was invited to due to the great work he had been doing for the local youth football scene.

After getting talking, the clubs MD took to him and invited my manage to a training session at the club the following week and offered him the chance to work with the clubs reserve players for month or so to increase his experience! After the clubs manager inexplicably left, and with limited options available to him, the forward thinking MD invited my manager for an interview. The MD saw how well he had managed to build relationships with the players in such a short space of time and wanted to see how much further he could develop it. Offered a low wage, 1 year contract, my manager was appointed the new Manager of Central Espanyol, and the rest is history.


What stories have you created in your saves? I'm looking for some more creative inspiration before getting stuck into FM22! 

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