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Strange issue - City of Birth


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Afternoon all

I have just noticed a strange issue across multiple saves, and I'm trying to work out what is causing it.  After about 10-15 minutes of play on a new save, all players whose "City of Birth" is set to "Unknown" in the database is having their city of birth suddenly default to the capital city of the country they are from.  

I am wondering about the chances of this being an issue with my virus software?  If so, how do I stop it?

Anyone else come across this before?

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Update on this which feels especially weird;

Save Started in England.

Automatic Save.

Check "Unknown" city of birth - Everything fine.

Holiday for a month.

"Unknown" City of Birth has changed to "London".

Reload autosave.

"Unknown" City of Birth has changed to "London" even though it hadn't before.


Feels almost like a display issue?


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