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Bruno fernandes/ pogba

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just asking for advice… i play man utd 4-3-3… with fernandes AP att, pogba MEZZ supp, and mctominay as CM def.

asking should i play bruno as roaming? 
and should i play pogba as cm att or supp. 

just eant more stable tactic. I think my tactic its just to att.


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8 hours ago, Dj-Voodoo said:

Post your entire tactic, nobody can help you if you only give part of the problem. 


Also if you don't take the time to review what you wrote and correct writing mistakes, don't expect other people to take their time to answer your question. 

First part was granted. 

Second however wasn't really needed.

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When I played as Man U I played a 4312/433 with Pogba ln RCM as a attacking mezzala then Bruno in the CAM as an SS. Seemed to get the best out of both with having the CM as a DLP and the LCM as a BBM to cover for them. Lost the wingers but the middle of the park was rock solid and was able to play 2 up top. 

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