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Shots On Target vs Goals

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I am new to FM21 and just in my 2nd season but my team doesn't seem to score many goals. I have read some of the posts on the forum but I don't want to completely copy someone elses tactics.

I have tried to create a 4-3-3 Wide tactic and except for scoring, I dominate most games.  I tried using FMRTE to edit my players to make them all international class but still get the same kind of results.

I have to assume it is the tactic as I gave the front 3 players Finishing, Heading and Composure of 17 and they still can't score. They will blast the ball either over the bar or 5 yards wide from close range.

Like I said, I am new to FM21, so don't know what info to post here, but could someone tell from the pics below what is wrong.

My defence seems to be working as I only concede about one goal every three matches.

I don't know how much CA has to do with this but I checked HIbs and their avarage CA was 120, wheras my teams was 155.









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Thanks Carrera, I am still learning the game and had never looked at Team Reports in any detail.

I can't find a report that looks like the one you posted, but I did find these.

This was the last 5 games.



The last stat, 3 goals from 53 shots in last 5 matches is not very good. The team are creating plenty chances, just not converting. I checked the front 3's hidden player stats and they all seem to be okay. I will try the "shoot on sight" option and raise the Tempo to see what happens.


This is for season, only 11 matches so far, but 3 of the matches were against minnows and the team scored about half the goals in the 3 matches.




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This is one of my biggest gripes with the game. I have attempted to combat this problem but to no avail or at least not as good as I would like. I've started ticking to "shoot less often" for most of my players in the hopes that they will find better shot opportunities...of course this depends on their decision making ability and whatnot as well. 

One thing I might add is that you don't have to always have certain players on attack, they will still attack on support duty.  I feel that, for the way I like to play, the support duty works better and is a bit cleaner in terms of shot decisions and whatnot. 

The main issue in my opinion is that the AI is always far far more clinical than a human designed tactic ever seems to be. 

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I wouldn't add the Shoot on the Sight TI, it looks like you're creating lots of low quality chances so that will only help to increase that.  

I'd just try & vary up your attack a bit, have one of the wide attackers cutting in, like an IF on one side, then maybe one of your midfield 3 looking to break into the box, like a straight up CM(A) on the opposite side of the midfield 3 to the flank with the IF. Would help make you less predicable & get more bodies in the box looking to finish off chances

Your TI's look bit hectic to me, I always think you best off starting with 1 or  2 and adding as you go, but if you're doing alright with them, don't worry about those for now   

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29 shots and an XG of 3.44 tell me that your players are taking low quality shot.

A decent XG per shot is about 0.20. looking at this march alone, your average XG per shot is 0.12 (this is just to semplify it) and that's low 

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This is an interesting formation because the use of some team instructions are impacting on the style the user wants to achieve.

This tactic will create a lot of low quality chances because of the way the instructions have been lined up.

Pass into Space and Hit Early Cross, will almost take advantage of sides before they settle into a defensive shape.  The tactic also plays with a higher line of engagement which means the trio usually start pressing in the opponents half. 

The tactical formation is actually a very good one for dominating possession as it has been since FM16.  The real issue is the use of instructions like overlap.

The overlap instruction will increase the mentality of the WB(A) and reduce the mentality of the wingers on attack. The likelihood they hold up the ball is there and when they do we could see some lopsided action. As the winger holds up the ball he might give it to the BBM or the WB if he is close enough.

That mini pause allows someone to play the early cross, since overlaps/underlaps affect a flank at a time, the opposite flank’s Winger (A) will behave very much like a striker cutting in and advancing to goal.

What doesn’t help the situation is the CF(A) a jack of all trades attacker who could do any one of a number of things - hold up the ball, go wide, drop deep, attack.  His unpredictability make him a good choice for sides that want to camp and move a team around trying to exploit runs from midfield.

However this tactics team instructions make this an issue, since the emphasis is to hit a team before it has time to settle, which is an ideal way to play against a lot of teams, ie, hitting them in the transition. The CF might just complicate the situation in the final third.

The box to box midfielders act as shuttlers to that effect since the focus play will shift them to whichever side the action is happening on.  They may not be shuttlers like carrlieros but the BBM is one of the best link roles in midfield.

The low defensive line ensures a good solid defensive posture since we can safely expect the defense to stay well back. However the counterpress may become a problem if the tactic somehow manages to get everyone camping. In that case the defenders have a long recovery run ahead of them, and that could be an issue. Though at this point not one of the major ones.

We have several options:

Since you have 3 in midfield you actually have the option to go a bit more gungho. Maintain a low to standard defensive line and turn the wingbacks to fullbacks on attack. It may appear that with wingers on attack this could be an issue, however the overlap reduces the mentality of the fullbacks. 

You could also try playing one wingback on support and on the other flank play a fullback on attack with an IW(A), now you have a fullback that drives down the flank and an IW(A) who drives inside. Up top you could either play a PF(A), an AF or a DLF(S). All three give you different styles.

The PF(A) is good if you want to hit teams on the break, he sits on the shoulder of defenders keeps them occupied allowing other roles to attack the space pull defenders apart and then the PF gets on goalscoring duties. If he loves the offside trap then he could even run the channels supporting either flank. The AF is also likely to do that, now however that role tends to be the focal points of attacks, he could be one of the first to receive the ball and he can still link up with players because he is another role that runs the channels. Finally we have the DLF(S) a role that drops deep and brings others into play. Ideal for camping and working a team slowly looking for goal scoring chances.

I would consider removing the instruction of pass into space, as this instruction depends on space being available in the first place. Hit early crosses isn’t a bad instruction.

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