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I want to play in a nation with around 15 to 30+ games per season, is this too few for development?

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I have an Andorra DB with 14 leagues games, max 4 dom cup games and 1 super cup. with Europe involved it might reach 30+ but will ofc be hard for a couple of seasons. My question is, is this too few for development? Since I have read that players that are 20+ gets most of their developement from matches, will they stagnate around that age?

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On 11/10/2021 at 21:35, herne79 said:

Match time becomes more relevant for development for players aged 18+ not 20+, and more game time will always be useful, but so long as they are playing regularly it’ll still be beneficial.

Thank you. Someone asked this in the other thread I made

"Let me know what you find out. I’ve always been curious whether “game time” development is on more of a percentage basis in short leagues (e.g., playing half a season is the same everywhere, regardless of 14 or 38 games)"

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