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Tactics - creating custom match plans WHAT A MESS


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Setting team tactics with match plans and team squad rotations and team/opposition instructions is a complete dogs breakfast. It would appear "almost" everything anyone would want is sort of there "somewhere" but finding and applying is so damn irritatingly convoluted and I would argue nonsense. 

SO we have Tactics Overview, in procession, in transition and out of procession in a nice sort of clear clean GUI, then we can choose formation and players/subs, cool. Some basic instructions and then you move to other Tactics sub menus. Why? Ok so your setting your various custom scenarios, I get it. BUT what the heck have they to do with your choices in Tactics Overview? 

So then we configure/create our Tactics Match Plans depending on numerous scenarios winning loosing drawing, then game time, subject to our teams formation mentality and finally the team instructions all in amateurish boring txt and drop down menus. the Match Plans GUI is plain horrible. Oh yeah then there is Tactics Player and Tactics Opposition Team Instructions when we have already tried to set them in our Tactics Match Plans? Have we not already set basic instructions in the Overview? Does our Tactics Match Plans override choices made in Tactics Overview screen or not what of the other sub menus? There are too many ifs and buts 

What is the logical path one would take in creating a custom formation/match plan? What are the dependencies we base our decisions on?

GAME - Home or Away Formation
Opposition - Stronger equal or Weaker Mentality 
Available players - Bans injuries and International duties etc - Players
Transition - Team Instructions
Score- potentially change all of above

I hear you when you ask, how do we make it look/work better? Wizards? Assistant Managers advice we can then customise to suit? More choices more buttons to press?

Remove the numerous duplications and make the setting your team tactics path logical. Like in the Tactics Overview GUI you have Marking Pressing Tackling??? Should that not be, is that not part of your custom Match Plan???  I get it, there basic instructions for those Managers who do not use Match Plans, fine, but if you do want to use Match Plans? Should the Tactics Overview GUI then give you the option to import your custom Match Plans?  But then Tactics Match Plans has no options for tackling? Why not? Tactics is a COMPLETE MESS with little if any foresight

SO you create your Match plans based on formation, score, time of game, etc COOL, this should all be in one GUI so a manager can understand what is going to happen and when based on what scenario

Oh yeah then you get set pieces, I am not even going to go there, I don't think the game developers go there much if ever either. IT looks like a GUI from the 1990s, probably is still the same one from Championship Manager


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  • SI Staff

Thanks for taking the time to raise this here. This is something which has already been flagged as a request within the community, so has already been documented and is part of our internal database of features for consideration. Like all features raised to us, it could end up rejected, or could after extensive design and development become a part of a future FM.

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