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Relativity theory and mathematical asymmetry

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Good day to all

Because I am a new member of the forum I hope you will not blame me for the small mistakes I can make, Thank you in advance

Today I will show you some Retro tactics, but they will also be current

Let's start ...

The most chosen tactic is certainly Pep Guardiola, but did you find it, did you start playing on your FM identically or at least similarly to Pep's Manchester SITY ...
For starters Sity plays with asymmetric tactics
What is asymmtry

In the attachment I give you a little insight into the definition of asymmetry

So when you look at Pep's tactics you don't know if it's 4-4-2 or 3-6-1 or maybe 4-3-3
It all depends on what angle you look at
To better understand Pep's tactics, take a close look at his games and hear what the former players have to say.



So this is an asymmetry tactic that matches the game of Pep on FM 

We all know that Pep likes to play high defensive line possession of the ball and control the game
However, lately, almost all teams are playing to win the ball, so you will rarely get a percentage of ball possession of 70%

As you can see in the attached picture, it is done in 5 fields, there should be two players on each field so that each player has his task until the last third of the field.
And in the last third they have their freedom to play as they think is best.
However, not all but certain players with certain rules.
Due to the transition of the game, we realized that Pep's shape is structural

As you can see from this angle his tactics look 2-4-4 but don't be sure because it all depends on the rules of the players and the opposition tactics

Which brings us to the next one and that is that it can be both 3-1-4-1 and 3-3-3-1 however the most common positioning of players would be 2-4-3-1

As you can see in the picture Sterling plays wing back and Laporte plays left back
But that is only the case if you look at it from another angle

So when we think Aguero is the last third then you are wrong the left wing is the last third
So today we see Foden or De Bruyne at the top of the attack but it's just a hoax .... the main attacker is Grealish (Sane)
There are a lot of variations when it comes to player rules
We know that the structure of Pep's game does not change, so it is asymmetrical with ball control, a high defensive line and a lot of passes.
Only the rules of the players change in the last third

It all depends on the opponent whether he plays on the wings of the central counter or attack
Everything else is your team management skill and how good you are at leading it
Thank you and I hope I was not boring .... I apologize that the game is an old version of 2017 However, only it is available to me

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