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Venezia - The Modern Day Miracle

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At the beginning of the 2021 football season, I happened to come across a "best new jerseys of '21 season" article. One of those jerseys was that of Venezia, which I thought was absolutely stunning. Fast-forward to today, and I was again thinking of those gorgeous Venezia jerseys. I went online to look them up once again and started digging into the team behind this incredible art piece of a uniform. Low and behold, what a rich history I found! 

To keep things brief for my first post on this team (as I plan on telling the history of the team in the future), Venezia was founded in 1907. Over the years of continuous relegation and promotion, in 1970, their stadium (which housed about 20,000 at the time) was hit by a tornado and destroyed. It was eventually re-built to seat just over 7,000 and to this day has remained with that capacity. 

In 2002, the club owner took over Palermo, and with him essentially took the whole Venezia club, leaving the beautiful city of Venice in shambles. The club finished the season by barely surviving relegation in playoffs, but the financial situation was too dire. The team was relegated and declared bankrupt. 
In 2005, the club was reformed, but would become once again, bankrupt by 2008. 
In 2009, the mayor proposed and supervised the formation of a new Venice football club. They were promoted in their first year but in 2012, once again, became bankrupt. 

In 2015, the club was reformed for the final time, and since then, in the span of 5 years, they climbed 4 divisions (Serie D-A), and last year earned promotion to Serie A. Venezia, a club formed 6 years ago, with a stadium that holds 7,000, is now playing against the likes of Juve, Roma, Inter and A.C. Milan. 

Unfortunately, Italian football does not get nearly the same press coverage La Liga, Bundesliga, or especially the Premier League gets. In my opinion, I bring to you the story of a team that has been sorely undercelebrated and under-recognized (not even TIFO have posted about Venezia). 

I encourage you to join me on my journey, beginning Nov. 9th (the release of FM22) as I see if I can make Venezia the new powerhouse of Italian (and hopefully global) football. 

See the trailer here: https://youtu.be/tGky5bDbVQk


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