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How to play tiki taka with this squad?

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How are you looking to threaten the goal?

  • your players are discouraged from taking longshots or crossing the ball into the box (Work Ball into Box)
  • most likely noone is stretching the play vertically by making runs as everyone is either coming deep or looking to offer a supportive passing option (no attack duties in ST / AM strata)
  • your team is discouraged from stretching the play horizontally by playing fairly narrow (attacking width)
  • your players are discouraged from making risky passes by only playing it short and safe (shorter passing)
  • you encouraged your defensive line including the DM to play even shorter and therefore even safer (play out of defence)

You can add aspects here and there but you also need to create some threat towards the goals. Right now, your team is just trying to maintain possession without creating much.

I would properbly offset shorter passing at first to encourage your more creative players to play threatening passes as you already have 5 players trying to build up slowly with play out of defence enabled and generally asking your team to work the ball into the box. If you have high-flair players, you can add be more expressive to force more unexpected moves and therefore make your attacking patterns more unpredictable. 

Im also not quite sure with your WB-Roles. They tend to dribble down the line and cross. If you want your wide defenders more involved into the passing game, use fullback roles - maybe even with an attack duty, if you are looking for aggressive forward runs. PPM's like moves forward whenever possible comes in handy there.

A F9 excels at creating space behind the others team defensive line, think about who is looking to exploit that space. Maybe the right IF with an attack duty.

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12 hours ago, levo in da house said:

+%65-70 possession football is like to me.
please help.

If you want possession, you should look towards lower individual mentalities.

Here's how they look currently:


V. Attacking          V. Attacking

V. Attacking Positive


Positive Cautious Cautious Positive

The higher the player's individual mentality, the higher the likelihood he will attempt riskier passes (among other things), which can then lead to less possession. You want players to be less aggressive, so they prioritize keeping hold of the ball.

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I play this with Barcelona: good possesion and passing

                               F9 (su)

IF (su)                                             IW (su)

                    AP (A)      RPM (su)

                        DLP (De/Su) -> depends on the opposition

CWB (su)    D (de)    BPD (de)    CWB (su)

                             SK (A)


With following instructions: 

In possesion: work ball into the box, very short passing, much slower tempo, underlap left and right, low crosses, dribble less, be much more creative, play out of defence, wider play

Out of possesion: higher def line, much higer line of engagement, defend narrow, prevent short GK distribution, more urgent pressing, play offside trap

Mentality: attacking at home, positive on away.

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I'd change Garcia to a Stopper BPD. This way you can make full use of his ability on the ball.

Move Olmo to F9 and teach him the "Comes Deep To Get Ball" Trait.

Move Fati to the Left and teach him the "Likes to try to beat the offside trap" Trait.

Move De Jong to CM strata and change him to DLP/RPM (I don't think he is good enough defensively so use Busquets as your DM till you get a better replacement) . Plus, his attributes are sort of wasted in a DM strata.  

Switch Roberto to FB(Su) and Bernat to FB(At).

I'd also get rid of Slows Pace Down, and Roll It Out. Instead, use Takes Short Kicks, since Ter Stegen has the attributes for it.

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