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433DM tactic to win the Champions League

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Recently won Serie A with Lazio and on route to do it again. I got the best players in the world as my #1 Striker and the team should be Champions League finalist level. (We've been there twice with a worse team).



This is what I use to dominate the league and it got me trough the group easily.


With the MEZ we are able to overload the left flank and in stats the MEZ player creates much more key passes than any other. On the other hand right side is usually more slow build where the ball is worked into the right corner. WB either crosses it or works it with IW and BBM. Some goals also come from simple long ball over the defence to my Star striker.


Usually our campaign have ended against a superb Real Madrid team in the Semi's. 4-1 loss away and then we almost come back, but eventually succumb. So problem is playing against world class attacking teams.

All help and advice are appreciated.

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Have you tried changing the way you defend against top teams?  Switching to a split block with a standard DL and lower LOE with either standard or less urgent pressing for example?  Very good sides can take advantage of the gaps in your defence your pressing style creates and pop it around your counter press to keep the ball whilst advancing up field..  Obviously, you will need to score as well and if your attack isn't working either then you will need to make changes there, but not conceding 4 goals has to be your starting point.  Changing your defensive style is one option, but if you are getting done on the break constantly as well you may need to switch one or two roles to more conservative options, for example, you could make the left wing back a WB-D or FB-s (or even a IWB-d).  Alternatively, switching the BBM to a support player with hold position PI e.g. BWM or CM-s depending on your player could work.

Obviously, your tactic works so you shouldn't need a radical change, just a tweak to either roles, duties or defensive strategy will hopefully make you at least competitive against specific teams.

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