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Mentalities and default settings

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In the "main" (PC) game I believe mentality is linked to other settings as well, such as defensive line and level of engagement. Meaning, if you set a defensive mentality, the default settings for defensive line and level of engagement will also drop a little lower. 

Does this also apply to FMM? I ran some matches yesterday, playing a defensive mentality but with a high defensive line. The reasoning behind it was that I wanted the defensive line to be higher than its default setting on defensive, which I believe would be fairly low. I wanted it more like how it would be if I used balanced mentality and normal defensive line, if this makes sense?

But I got hit with balls over the top time and again, so I had to drop it to normal. 

I then tried playing attacking mentality and high defensive line, and to be fair I didn't notice much of a difference with the defensive line compared to defensive / high.

Does FMM work differently than the PC game in this regard? Is defensive line (and pressing) not automatically linked to mentalities, so I should specify "low" defensive line even when playing defensively?  

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