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Help - Atribute analyser


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Hi guys,


I need some help because I'm trying to adapt the player/goalkeeper atribute analyser to my needs but I'm not capable of putting the hiden personality atributes in it:

This is the text I'm putting, it workd with normal atributes such as composure, etc., but it's not working with hidden ones as you can see in the image below:

        <record id="item">
        <string id="name" value="DEV"/> 
        <real id="max_value" value="20" />
        <integer id="angle" value="324" />
        <colour id="colour" name="grey" />
        <flags id="standard_spec" value="title" />
          <flags id="size" value="small" />

        <list id="attributes">

<integer value="Pamb" /> <!-- ambition-->
<integer value="Ppro" /> <!-- professionalism-->





Is it possible?


Thank you!

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Thank you @wkdsoul for your response.


As you can see in the image, I have it activated (I got the <integer value="Pamb" /> <!-- ambition--> & <integer value="Ppro" /> <!-- professionalism--> from the hidden attributes table:



Let me ask another question, is there a list with the integer value for all attributes? I may be getting the Professionalism and Ambition wrong...


Thanks again!

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Have a look at the hidden atrributes panel in the skinb you are using about , it'll be in the players folder most likely


Heres the list in the screen shot

                    <list id="viewed_property_ids">
                        <integer value="PCRP" />
                        <integer value="Pada" />
                        <integer value="Pamb" />
                        <integer value="Ploy" />
                        <integer value="Ppre" />
                        <integer value="Ppro" />
                        <integer value="Ptem" />
                        <integer value="Pcvy" />
                        <integer value="PCON" />
                        <integer value="Pdir" />
                        <integer value="pimp" />
                        <integer value="Pipr" />

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Thanks mate!


These are what I'm using for ambition (<integer value="Pamb" />) and professionalism (<integer value="Ppro" />). But it doesn't work. Maybe hidden attributes don't work for analyzer widget?


With my last question about the integer values for the attributes, I was wondering if there is a list somewhere for the normal attributes (technicals, mentals, physicals) to make sure that I'm using the correct ones:

I am using this, but not sure if they are ok. Is there any list so I can check?



Thank you for your help @wkdsoul! Your amazing personal skin served me as inspiration to make things at my own.

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You can also grab most of the game ids from the various properties xml files extracted from the properties fmf file.

Though the game can be particular about what stuff will show where and in some cases you may need to tweak the code to match up with the existing code used in that panel.

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