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More Details Added To International Management


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Add training for international managers. I don't know why training doesn't exist in international management. Even if we had a smaller/limited version of the training that's already in the game for club teams. Having a smaller/limited version of training designed for international teams is much more realistic than having no training at all. Players in real life don't stop training when they go on international duty.

The World Cup in real life is incredible. So playing in the biggest tournament in the world, should feel special and different. Yet there's nothing about the World Cup in the game that stands out from other tournaments. Backgrounds/wallpapers/fonts should change, the opening game of the World Cup should be a big deal, headlines like "WORLD CUP OFFICALLY KICKS OFF TOMORROW", world class players that are in their 30's should be asked if this is going to be their last time ever playing in a World Cup, media should be hectic, goals of the tournament highlights, more hype from fans and media when underdog teams are preforming well. Even when winning it, it's treated like you've just won an average trophy.

As a club manager I would like to be able to talk to international manager to express that one of my players has been in-form and should be called up to the squad to represent his country, and vice versa if you're playing as an international manager we should be allowed to talk to a club manager about a player you want to call up, but perhaps he's not fully fit, and you can have a conversation on whether it would be a good idea to call him up at this current time or his club can refuse to release him for international duty.

All of your staff should be on contracts. If I offer a role to a coach with my national team, he'll be there until he retires. This doesn't happen in real life. Most of them should be on the same contract length as the manager. When my contract is running out there should also be media speculation who might take over, or whether or not I'm going to sign a new contract with the national team, and club managers asked for their opinions or if they would take the job. 

Better relationships between international managers and players. Being able to contact a player and tell them if their form for club continues to impress you then you'll pick them in the next international squad, giving the player extra motivation to keep playing well. If you're giving a player his first cap, allow us to have a conversation with the player before the squad is announced to tell him that you're going to be pick him for the upcoming national team squad.

A revamp of the National Pool page. 

When international managers are sacked after a tournament, they're always sacked on the same day. This needs to be more random, it's unrealistic and doesn't happen in real life.


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Totally agree. International management feels really half-baked/half-arsed. Fairly basic features (such as training and contract negotiations) are missing which is a real shame as I'd love to do an International Journeyman save, but it's so basic and lacks the immersion of the club side of management. 

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