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[FM 21] Wooden shoe like a sauce Hollandaise?


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Hey ladies and gents, I'm back! I know I abandoned Hajduk save/thread but that was just not enjoyable for me anymore with the domestic dominance. So, we're here. In an another FM 21 thread with a bad pun. This is the thread that I will keep updated throughout the final stretch of FM21 and when the Beta for FM22 comes out I will close it so that's a timeline for the thread's end cycle. 

Career has started with me simulating one season to start in May of 2021 so that I have full summer period to bring in players I want, drill in the tactic I want and get mentoring, staff and training sorted. This will be micromanaged to the tiniest bit. I have my own training schedules and will deploy them for all three squad that I have. Every month I will check mentoring groups and individual training for all players under 25. A month before the start of transfer window I will do an analysis of all three squads to see where we are lacking and if there are positions I need to address.

Last FM save, that was not shown here, was done as manager of Turkgucu Munchen where I played with atributeless skin. It was incredibly fun but after 10 seasons I became jaded and decided to jump ship. I have learned some amazing stuff without relying on attributes/stars and this is something that I will incorporate in this save and further ones.  

Long term goals for this career thread:

  • develop specific playing style and tactic
  • develop youngsters specific to my playing style and tactic
  • be a selling club - any offer that is 50% of my overall balance must be accepted
  • have a conveyor belt of players to plug in after selling players
  • overthrow Ajax as best academy in the Netherlands
  • have a strict wage budget structure

In next few posts I will post a formation from which I will not deviate this whole save and the philosophy that I want to incorporate as well as some key attributes for all players in the team regardless of their position. I will also post youngsters projected to step into first team in the next 2-5 years depending on their development. All players, as long as they perform, will be developed until they are 23 and not discarded before. After that they will be promoted to first team or sold. In my past saves I have seen a player develop until they are 24-25 and then be ready for the challenge in my team - even as a backup. Personality of a player will be one of the most important factors in deciding if they are suited for ADO Den Haag. Also, I will post first team players I decided to keep and the needs in the transfer window.

Laten we gaan!

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World in Summer 2021

So to get up to speed these are top 5 leagues, CL and EL and Eredivisie.

La Liga



Messi's last season with Barcelona and he was top scorer with 21 and 18 PoTM appearances. Not bad farewell gift to Socis. (I edited him to leave on Free Transfer at end of contract)



Liverpool with another title after a close fight against both Manchester clubs. Chelsea 6th a bit of a surprise.



Mickey Mouse league with Bayern winning another title with only 2 losses.

Serie A


Ronaldo led the league with 29 goals and Zebre  Juve with only 18 conceded. Spectacular season by Bianconeri.

Ligue 1


Another Mickey Mouse league. No surprise unlike in real life.

Champions League


Pep's finally done it! A CL win! And he barely got past by his former team Barca on pens.



ADO Den Haag barely avoided relegation last year and that's why I was brought in. Ajax with the win is unsurprising.

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This is something that will be a major point of this thread - philosophy of club that I want to instill in this club. Starting from the back I want to play out of defense and thus everyone has to be technically adept with ball in feet and has to be intelligent. Wide players are there to act as wingers going forward but track back so this will be the most demanding position in my system. So highly dynamic, modern wingers - think Dani Alves or Roberto Carlos. In the midfield 'pivot' I want one player to hold the position in midfield but still support the attack and the other to be marauding playmaker, like Luka Modrić. Star of the show is the attacking mid who has the liberty to do whatever they want. Roam, pass, assist, score, cross, go wide, stay in the middle - they can do whatever - hopefully someone like Messi. Up front one player will drop back to create overload on the right side with playmaker, attacking mid and wing back while the other will wait like a fox, like Pippo Inzaghi. As I already said, every player should and will be technically adept, intelligent and where needed dynamic. Holding mid can be slower, more stationary but most of the other positions will have to super modern version of prototypes I want them to be.


There isn't something I've settled on but few roles I will insist on is using Sweeper Keeper between the sticks, Libero in central defense and Trequartista in attacking midfield position. I will arrange more friendlies than needed and tweak tactics as needed. No instruction have been added so far.

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Meet the Men

Below are screenshots of players that I will enter the season with, grouped into categories and not in positions. These are the players that I'm starting Eredivisie 2021/22 season.



First choice is the more experienced Luuk Koopmans but anything can change.

Central Defense



As you can see I've got some traditional central defenders and then some who you'd never play in central defense but I want to nurture a specific kind of football and it is necessary that I have these players, Bakker and Zuiverloon, in one of the three central positions.

Wing Backs



As you can see I want wingers in my wing back position. Think Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Dani Alves, Jordi Alba.

Central Midfield



Looking to have dynamic, technically gifted players. After wingbacks the most demanding place to play in my squad.




Got more playmakers than finishers. Will need to sign a true goal scorer otherwise am gonna be in big trouble.

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New Striker!



He was at the team last year also on loan and scored 7 goals. He is physical, knows how to score goals and I decided to loan him in. Low wages, no compensation, can terminate deal. Perfect solution. I hope.

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