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FMM 22 must not have this Bug!


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There's this very small bug that still manages to make me angry everytime it's the awards system!

For some reason, the game just doesn't want to give my players the Balon D'or!

I signed Haaland, he was top scorer, best rated, won the Double Ucl & la liga! , is 20+, but still the game would rather give De light with only a serie a title, no international or continental trophy, not even top rated and 2nd & third? Sterling and Kimmich!

Bro what? 

The same has happened over and over but I felt it was cos of his age...

Even when messi scored 40+ goals and won a sextuple, he still didn't get the Balon D'or, in 2022, argentina won the UCL, and messi despite featuring and performing, didn't win the Balon D'or

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