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International management - players switching nationality after playing in WCQ


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I'm currently the manager of the Ghana senior team. I have three regen players who are eligible to play for Ghana and another nation (2 are German-Ghanaian and 1 is English-Ghanaian). All three have played in non-friendly senior matches for the Ghanaian senior team - all three have played in African Nations Qualifying matches and in World Cup Qualifying matches. But now I have gotten news items for all three, saying that they are considering an international switch.

My understanding is that playing in any senior non-friendly matches for Ghana should make it so that they are ineligible to switch to another nation. If someone can confirm that what I'm describing is a problem, I can go ahead and upload a game save file.

Thank you.

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FIFA rules


In September 2020, the 70th edition of the FIFA Congress approved a rule change that now allows players to switch if they have played no more than three competitive matches at senior level prior to them turning 21 including no appearances in FIFA World Cup finals matches or continental finals (e.g. the UEFA European Championship). However, appearing in a tournament qualifier would not.[30][31][32][33]


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