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Taking control of international youth teams

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Hey guys, sorry for the slightly out of place post, but I just started a save with Norway and I can't find any way I can actually take control of my U21 and U19 teams. I already took control of everything in the Responsibility menu, and several community posts as well as a message in my inbox on day 1 clearly state that this should be possible.

When I go into editing Tacticts, a line of text above the U21 and U19 squad says that I can't edit the tactics because someone else in my staff is in charge. Sacking that person simply gives that responsibility to another member of my staff. I'm kinda confused!

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It should be in Staff Responsibilities. From the drop down menu, select "Staff" and make sure you are in charge of "Handles team selection (team name here)" for the team you want to control.

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Il 27/9/2021 in 16:01 , BluebirdsCCFC ha scritto:

Do you need to sack the U21/U19 managers first?

I tried, but it only replaces them with the next best option - a coach, most typically.

By the way, now the game lets me edit U21's tactics, but not U19's, and even for the U21 team Team Selection still isn't there in the Staff Responsibility menu. 

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