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Can skins be transferred across games?


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Yes and no, like above unless the skin is overhauled, I thought I found a way to use older skins in the newer games by opening the settings file and just changing the version number to what ever the next game was, some panels didn't work like match engine ( was just a red screen and couldn't advance ) shame cause I really loved the Gunzo skins and they are just not the same as they once was 

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As others have said it depends on what the game changes and on what the skin changes.

For End-Users then skins aren't transferable. (As even the most basic skin will likely need more changes than just updating the version number).

For Skinners they can be however you'd still need to check to see what has changed in the new version - basically if the xml file you edited hasn't been touched by the new game then you should be able to just reuse your old file, sometimes the code may change a little and in that case you compare the base files for both versions to see what has changed and apply those changes to your file, and in other cases the file has been completely rewritten so you have to start again.

Also thankfully the Resource Tool again now retains the modified date for the extracted files which means you can easily see when a file was last updated by SI, for example plenty of xml files haven't been touched since 2017.


Though for FM22 we'll need to wait and see what changes might need making - when the screenshots come out we should have a rough idea of how much has changed, but it won't be until the full release when we'll get access to the actual game files to see if there has been any behind the scenes changes.

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