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Set piece player positioning and transferring across tactics


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Creating se peices with the current set piece creator is very time consuming and isnt intuitive. To help improve this I have two suggestions. 

1. Tactics should be transferable across tactics. The way to achieve this is to choose set piece player positions by choosing player names (with a priority list for each position), rather than choosing set piece positions by the players tactical position (e.g. CB, CM, LW).

This would also solve the issue of set pieces being completely ruined because of a substitution of swapping of player positions.

2. Being able to place players anywhere on the pitch when making a tactic. Currently we are only able to place players in some arbitrarily predefined positions. This removes lots of flexibility in creating tactics and means I can't put the players where I want them to be

3. I should be able to create a suite of different set peices and be able to 'activate' via a checkbox the subset that I want to use for a given match, rather than the current system which makes the user have to load set peices from disk and delete set peices if they dont want to use a set peice during a match.

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